How good is your business slogan


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If customers don't know what your business is all about, then you have a problem. Fiona Lewis interviews Lucinda Lions in an attempt to reveal the best tips for business slogans

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How good is your business slogan

  1. 1. 6 Shortcuts To Slogans That Sell (With Lucinda Lions) How good is your business slogan? Fe and Lucinda With an effective headline you get to tell your website visitors what your business is ALL about, without them having to read your “About Us” section. Having realized the importance of business taglines, I invited expert writer Lucinda Lions to give us a few tips and tricks on how we can write killer taglines in less than 10 words. p. 1
  2. 2. But the story of how this podcast is way more interesting than you’d expect, so here’s a short teaser to let you in on some background… Here’s a short overview of the things Nicole and I talk about during the interview… Do I stay or do I go? Having a business which deals only with slogan creation may be a very niche business. But Lucinda understands the VITAL importance of having a killer slogan for your business. Do you? Trust me, you absolutely HAVE to have a slogan or a tagline which tells people: “Okay, you are here now, and THIS is why you should stay on this website”. Because as soon as they arrive on your website, people will start asking: “So what?”. If you can’t answer the “So what?” question, chances are you will not be successful in your niche. So use your slogan to tell people why they should stay on your website, care about your website, buy from your website, sign up for your newsletter. I will be very honest with you… not many people read the About Us section. But with an effective headline (5-10 words) you can tell them all about yourself and your business. This is the best place for your slogan Top left corner or somewhere at the top of your website. The top left corner is not a rule. If you compare this website’s Home Page with Lucinda’s you will see that our slogans are different in size and place. But they do their job of telling people what these websites (and businesses) are all about. p. 2
  3. 3. The Super Savvy Business slogan is situated above the fold, in the middle. The Slogan Creator tagline is located right underneath their logo, on the top left corner or the website. If you are like me, you have probably seen a lot of websites which make it VERY difficult for you to figure out what they’re about. And you don’t have time for it. So if a website can’t pass the “So what?” factor, it is as good as dead. 6 Tips for coming up with a kick-a** slogan: 1. Include some elements of description If your business’ name doesn’t describe what you do people can’t connect with you and your business culture. So include some element of description in your tagline. p. 3
  4. 4. 2. Make the tagline persuasive Again, answer the “So what?” question. Be quick and be convincing in your slogan approach. Convince people to want to find out more about what it is you do. Here’s a tip: instead of including a feature of your products or services, include their benefit. Answer the question: What is different about your business as opposed to other businesses from your niche? For example: instead of “We sell boats” you can say “Safe, strong, fast, built to last”. 3. Make the slogan unique to your brand Include something, an element which can make your slogan recognizable. I love the example Lucinda came up with: “Beanz Meanz Heinz” (it’s from the Heinz Baked Beans, but I’m sure you’ve already figured it out). It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s catchy. Two words: brand recognizable. So make sure you have an amazing slogan that people know is yours. Make sure people remember BOTH your slogan AND link it to your business. You don’t want people saying: “Oh, that awesome tagline! I wonder what’s the business that has it…?”. 4. Creativity and its dangers Creativity is an element that can really make your slogan memorable, but it has its dangers. Unless you feel REALLY comfortable using creativity in your approach, we would suggest you leave it with the experts. Because… Attn! Your slogan can become easily memorable... for all the wrong reasons. - CLICK TO TWEET You can use:  alliterations  rhyme  puns  play on words p. 4
  5. 5. But be careful. You can have a spectacular slogan if you get it right, but sometimes you can be a little bit too creative for your own good. 5. Keep it nice’n’short’n’sweet 10 words. Or less. 6. Go positive You want people to feel good about your business. A slogan tells the story behind your brand. Don’t make your own brand story a negative one. Lucinda offers the example of a business whose slogan was something like, “It’s not about what we do…” Well, my dears, what IS it about then? Make sure you have a lovely and powerful slogan that SELLS your business. And remember… slogans? You write them once and have them forever. They’re also one of the most powerful marketing tools AND some of the most underused. The two lessons of today’s podcast are: 1. Think about doing direct mail marketing 2. Come up with a slogan that tells exactly what it is you do. Do you have a business slogan? What is it? Do you think your tagline is the perfect representation of your brand? Did you like what you’ve just read? Head over to now to find out even more FREE tips about online marketing and running a business online. p. 5