Get the inside scoop straight from google: which three areas should you be focusing on


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What is Google saying about the most important areas you should be focusing in your online business? It seems they are content, video and... read the article to find out more

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Get the inside scoop straight from google: which three areas should you be focusing on

  1. 1. M.1 Get The Inside Scoop Straight From Google - Which Three Areas Should You Be Focusing On? 0:13 – Google Manager speaking about the future of SEO 1:01 – Get the inside scoop on where Google is focusing their innovation 2:04 – Working with the latest Facebook feature to get in touch with your database 2:54 – Analyzing SEO beyond keywords 4:54 – Next week’s news topics Hi my name is Fiona Lewis and welcome to the Super Savvy Business SEO weekly update. 0:13 – Google Manager speaking about the future of SEO This week I was very lucky – I was invited to go to the headquarters of Google Australia where I met Nick Leeder, the General Manager of Google in Australia. Nick and I had a conversation and we spoke about some really exciting things. One of the things we spoke about was that Australians have changed for good; they are using multiple devices at one time. No longer are they staying in front of a TV and just watching TV. More often than not, they also p. 1
  2. 2. M.1 have a laptop or a smartphone or an iPad – they are doing several things at one time. The other thing that Nick said was that by 2016 data flow is going to quadruple from now until then. That means that there are going to be a lot more people and a lot more traffic going through the internet. 1:01 – Get the inside scoop on where Google is focusing their innovation The three biggest innovations that Google is paying a lot of attention to right now are social media, video and mobile. And this is where they are throwing a lot of their time and energy into right now and they are looking at how they can innovate and work within those areas. One of the key things that stood out to me and one of the things I wanted to share with you as a business owner is: ‘Are you also paying attention to these 3 things?’. If not, then you really need to start doing so. Video, mobile and social media need to become a very core part of your strategy when it comes to developing a strong online presence. So make sure that’s on the list of things to start looking into. The team at Super Savvy SEO already do this for our clients. There’s one headache taken away for them. So if you’re not already doing it yourself, you either need to learn about it yourself or find a team that is already thinking about it and implementing these strategies into their online marketing campaigns. 2:04 – Working with the latest Facebook feature to get in touch with your database Another exciting development that has come through this week is that Facebook has released a new feature called “Custom Audience”. What it allows you to do is to upload names and e-mail addresses of people in your database into Facebook. Facebook will then cross-check those details according to who you already are connected with and then you can market just to those people. This is fantastic because what it now means is that you can not only market to your database through e-mail, you can now target to those people specifically through Facebook as well. And this has a lot of marketers salivating and looking at how they can use this. I’ll put the link on our page so you can have a look at it and see how you might be able to also implement this into your business as well. p. 2
  3. 3. M.1 2:54 – Analyzing SEO beyond keywords Finally in our video today - one thing I wanted to touch on is that SEO is not just about keywords. Gone are the days when you used to research a whole pile of keywords, stuff them onto your website and then hope for the best that you would start ranking for them. This is something I’m constantly trying to educate my clients about. Yes, it’s important to know which keywords you want to rank for and they shouldn’t be broad and general one-word keywords most of the time. Generally we are looking for keywords which are specific – specific to your industry and your niche. But it’s so much more than just having keywords on your page. It’s all about having a strong content marketing campaign setup so that you are driving traffic not just through one channel source but through multiple channel sources. It’s also about the design and navigation of your site. It’s incredibly important to make sure that your site is compliant with Google and if you’re not sure then you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and link that up to your website and you will very soon see if there are any errors on your site that need to get fixed. But also think about the navigation and how that navigation affects your SEO as well. The next really key thing when it comes to good SEO is proper implementation. There are so many people out there who classify themselves as ‘SEO experts’ it makes my skin creep, because there are so many people out there who are still using outdated techniques and tactics when it comes to SEO. And as a result of this what can happen is that business owners can end up with a whole pile of spammy and bad links connected to their website and this can really damage you in the long run. So it’s extremely important if you are going to go down the path of having a strong SEO campaign that it’s properly implemented by people that really do know what they are talking about like the team at Super Savvy SEO. p. 3
  4. 4. M.1 4:54 – Next week’s news topics So that’s all we have for our update here today for SS Business for your SEO news update. Stay tuned, and next week I’ll bring you the latest of what is happening in the online marketing world and how you can have some simple strategies to help your business online. My name is Fiona Lewis, and I’ll see you next week! p. 4