National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Info Session Spring 2013


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  • Fatima : Introduction: thank you for coming---Would like to introduce the officers (people you need to know for this years NSCS)
  • All officers will come to the front introduce their name and position! Afterwards, social chairs will take over Mic and all officers sit back down in the front of the room still
  • Shahtaj/Brian to come up to discuss PACE
  • Fatima talks about induction ceremony and workshops Brianna and Ahmed talk a little bit about the social events Danielle talks about community service events that members can take part in Mike talks about the t shirt competition then hands over Mic to social chairs
  • Social Chairs
  • Social Chairs
  • Stephen
  • Stephen
  • Brianna and Ahmed ask if there are any questions; all officers should be available to answer questions
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Info Session Spring 2013

    1. 1. The National Society of CollegiateLoyola University Chicago Scholars January 30 , 2013 th
    2. 2. Meet Your Officers– President, Fatima Elahi– Executive Vice President, Madelaine LEsperance– Secretary, Astra Dabolins– Treasurer, Michael Russo– Vice President of Public Relations, Stephen Mathis– Vice President of Social Media, Sravani Lanka– Vice Presidents of PACE, Brian Opferman & Shahtaj Usmani– Vice Presidents of Community Service, Mary Simon & Danielle Balzano (Fall)– Star Status Coordinator, Jhanvi Shah– Social Chairs, Brianna McNamara & Ahmed Abdelhamid
    3. 3. What is NSCS?• NSCS is an honor society that exists to recognize and elevate high-achievers.• We invite high-achieving first- and second-year college students that rank in the top 20 percent of their class (3.4 GPA or above• NSCS serves as a growth opportunity, leadership training ground, and resource for its members.• As an NSCS member, you get access to a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships.
    4. 4. Why Join?• NSCS provides its members with more than $250,000 in SCHOLARSHIPS.• NSCS offers study abroad and career development opportunities.• NSCS is a great way to gain LEADERSHIP and SERVICE experience on campus, early on in your college career.• NSCS helps you build lifelong relationships and enhance your personal NETWORKS.• Self-Nomination
    5. 5. NSCS Mission Statement The National Society of Collegiate Scholars--- is an honors society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement among [first and second year] college students. Its foundation is built upon the three pillars: scholarship, leadership, service.
    6. 6. NSCS at LUCNSCS Spring Induction 2012
    7. 7. OrgFair 2012 NSCS Esummit
    8. 8. NSCS Leadership Workshop NSCS Book Drive
    9. 9. NSCS Induction Ceremony Fall 2012
    10. 10. NSCS Movie Night NSCS Book Drive
    11. 11. NSCS Project Medicine: Your NSCS Planning to Achieve Passion, Our Promise Collegiate Excellence (PACE)
    12. 12. NSCS Tie Dye for Hunger
    13. 13. NSCS Resume Writing NSCS Final Exam Workshop Workshop
    14. 14. NSCS Blood Drive OrgFair 2013!
    15. 15. PACE Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence • PACE is our national service initiative. – It counts to fulfill the community service requirement to stay an active member on NSCS • GOAL: Increase the awareness of collegiate opportunities amongst middle school students. • 3 Components: 1. Mentoring 2. Assemblies 3. March to College DayContact OR and BE SURE TOSIGN UP FOR PACE TODAY
    16. 16. Spring 2013 Overview– 4 General Body Meetings with Events-Fatima & Maddie • 2 GBMS • 2 Events: – Summer Internship Seminar – Student Leadership Conference– 2 Social Events- Brianna & Ahmed • Spelling Bee for Orphans • Movie Night– 6 Community Service Events/Projects- Mary • 4 Blood Drives • 2 Service Projects (Habitat for Humanity)– 2 Fundraisers (T-Shirt Competition)- • T-shirts: Jhavni & Mike • Graduation Cords: Astra & Mike– 9 weeks of PACE Tutoring (starts Feb 4th)-Brian & Shahtaj
    17. 17. Upcoming Chapter Activities• January 30 - General Body Meeting, Cuneo Hall 109 @ 7 pm• February 4-PACE Tutoring begins• February 12 - NSCS/MSA Spelling Bee for Orphans, Bremner Lounge @ 7 pm• February 18 to 21 - NSCS RUSH! Week, (TBA)• March 12 - General Body Meeting, Cuneo Hall 210 @ 4 pm• March 11- NSCS/LUC Refugee Outreach Hygiene Kit Packing, McCormick Lounge @6pm• March 14 - Summer Internship Seminar, Cudahy 202 @ 5:30 pm• March 20 - NSCS Movie Night, Cudahy 202 @ 7 pm• March 26 - March to College Day, Simpson MPR @ 9 am• April 10 - NSCS Blood Drive, McCormick Lounge @ 11am-6pm• April 11 - NSCS Blood Drive, Bremner Lounge (CFSU) @ 11am-6pmMore information provided in NSCS Weekly emails!
    18. 18. Member Star Status Requirements• To be an active member: 1. Attend 2 Community Service/PACE Events with NSCS 2. Attend 3 GBM/Social Events Make sure you always sign in!
    19. 19. How to Stay Updated• OrgSync ( )• Facebook (/nscs.loyolachicago)• Emails!
    20. 20. NSCS T-Shirts!• Orders will be taken until February 10th• Order here-->• Questions? Contact Jhanvi at
    21. 21. NSCS Partners Offers & Discounts• Accenture • City Year• GEICO • Teach For America• Liberty Mutual • Bank of America• New York Life • Princeton Review• Dream Careers • AVIS• International Scholar • Lenovo Laureate Program • NYU• KAPLAN
    22. 22. Questions?