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our presentation for the DIS.RUPT.ME game

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  1. 1. HTTP://DIS.RUPT.ME Gaming the Disrupt Conference
  2. 2. HTTP://DIS.RUPT.ME Location Aware Real World Scavenger Hunt for Mobile Browsers with an Amazing Prize
  3. 3. HTTP://DIS.RUPT.ME • You are an genius hacker whose project has been rejected by the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield Committee • Your new plan is to meet as many of the conference speakers as possible and try to convince them of your brilliance, but be careful, you have to approach these people in just the right way or you might scare them off.
  4. 4. Make Allies & Enemies
  5. 5. Make Allies & Enemies
  6. 6. Our Prize is Yours • If we win • Our slot in the Startup Battle becomes the grand prize in the DIS.RUPT.ME game
  7. 7. HTTP://DIS.RUPT.ME Hacking the Hackathon Hack