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Swagger for startups


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Deck for presentation given for scala for startups meetup

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Swagger for startups

  1. 1. Swagger for Startups Tony Tam @fehguy
  2. 2. Why Swagger? The APIDevelopment Process is Broken!
  3. 3. API Consumers get short end of stickBuild a technologySlap on an API “Our APIMake clients suffer exposes back end resources” “Server doesn’t care how Client calls it”
  4. 4. Then what’s right?• Describe the API interface! • Methods • You Params, allowable values, ranges have • Models to commit• Set expectations! to your service!• Build from the interface
  5. 5. A Description-driven API Approach• Describe the API • How? Javadoc WADL s? WADL2 You need an ? Develope API r Docs? description format! WSDL?
  6. 6. Model, Iterate (then Code) No code! Just JSON
  7. 7. The Benefit of a Description API DeveloperOMG I can code w/owaiting for The clientback end! developer isn’t bugging me!Client-SideDeveloper
  8. 8. But…SHOW ME
  9. 9. Demo• See demo here: •
  10. 10. More Info• Wordnik Developer: • •• Swagger: • Questions? •• Scalatra: •• All of the above: •