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Hsma The HSA killer


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Health savings matching account is the HSA killer. HSMA can be sold by agents and brokers without a financial license, provides a powerful impact on your business's bottom line, and is a brand new enrollment product for employees and seniors, and exclusively protected by a proprietary patent. Take a look at this quick presentation, then head over to HTTP:// or call (541) 390-0811 for more information and to sign up.

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Hsma The HSA killer

  1. 1. HSMA - The HSA Killer If you are an insurance agency or broker, we invite you to make a profound impact on people’s lives and the profitability of your business by offering a product that beats the HSA and allows YOU to sell to clients, group enrollments, and seniors.
  2. 2. The problem HDHPs High deductible health insurance plans are a budget buster for most Americans. The worst off are those with children and seniors for whom there is just Medigap insurance. HSA’s Government controlled Health Savings Plans allow a finite contribution, and are so limited on the use of the money, that consumers have grown to hate them. They are not available to seniors. Flex Plans Flex Plans are risky as they provide only a “use- it-or-lose-it” option, no chance for investment growth, and also a limited number of medical services allowed.
  3. 3. A Six-Step challenge to the healthcare industry Challenge 1 Reduce out of pockets Cut out of pocket expenses in half? Challenge 2 Broader Medical Services Allowed Allow all medical procedures to be allowed: maternity, fertility treatments, hair transplants, acupuncture, implants, counseling, etc. Challenge 3 Better ROI Double the amount of money in the health savings matching account over three years, using the same principles as annuities.
  4. 4. A Six-Step challenge to the healthcare industry Challenge 4 Put money in agents pocket Allow agents to enroll clients without a financial license, as required by HSA. Challenge 5 Anyone can use it Create a savings program anyone can use, regardless of age, less hassle (using a debit card), no paperwork. Challenge 6 Easier setup Set up as group plan or individual. Signup form is two page, and time is five minutes or less. Self sign up is possible.
  5. 5. Solution The HSA KILLER! A health savings matching account that doubles in value with matching contributions from the insurance company, in just three years.
  6. 6. Implementation
  7. 7. Present to the client Client presentation is easy because of the obvious selling propositions Select 3- year savings goal Help clients determine the three year savings goal needed Fill out 4 minute form Fill out a two-page form: contact info and banking info Contribute monthly Client contributes monthly to FDIC insured medical account Watch money double Insurance company doubles money by month 35.
  8. 8. How does the client money grow?
  9. 9. How much can the target savings be? Savings plan can be as small as $2,500 ($40/mo). ● Client contributes $1,400 at 35 months. Matched by insurance company with $1,100 for a 78% gain. Savings can be as large as $60,000 ( $725/mo). Or larger. ● Client contributes $25,375 at 35 months. Matched by insurance company with $34,625 for a 136% gain. The Average plan is $10,000 ( $140/mo). ● Client contributes $4,900 at 35 months. Matched by insurance company with $5,100 for a 104% gain. (double money)
  10. 10. How much commission for the agent/broker? Commission on the $2,500 plan ($40/mo): ● $4.40 each month to month 12 ($52.80/year) + 4% for trailing years Commission on the $60,000 plan ( $725/mo): ● $79.75 each month to month 12 ($975/year) + 4% trailing years Commission on average $10,000 ( $140/mo): ● $15.40 each month to month 12 ($184/year) + 4% trailing years 500 sign ups per month at month 12 (average plan): $92,400 in commissions! 1000 sign ups per month, 12 months: $184,800!
  11. 11. How would that revenue change your business? Whether you are looking to backsell into your database of employees or seniors, or start to sell the HSMA during open enrollment, the value of this business is profound and must not be overlooked. This is the HSA/flex-plan of the future. Simply converting anyone from contributing to their HSA and into their HSMA will have a significant impact on your business revenue, and effectively cutting your client’s healthcare costs in half, or more.
  12. 12. Where do we see low hanging fruit? Certainly, if you have a database of seniors, or choose to do webinars or in-person presentations to seniors, it is a no-brainer for those who have the money and will spend the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses anyway, to invest in this high return health savings matching account plan.
  13. 13. Impact How will the HSMA affect your business and the quality of life for your customers? Learn more: Or call Mike at (541) 390-0811 at