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Fedobe Previous Next Navigation Installation Guide


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Complete Installation Guide Of Previous Next Navigation by Fedobe

Published in: Design
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Fedobe Previous Next Navigation Installation Guide

  1. 1. FEDOBE PREVIOUS NEXT NAVIGATION INSTALLATION GUIDE Fedobe Previous Next Navigation for Magento saves your time by navigating all products in a category by staying on the same page when you browse products. Following are the steps how you can install PREVIOUS NEXT NAVIGATION 1. Login to your magento admin panel & Go to System ->Magento Connect Manager 2. Upload Package & Install. 3. After Installation, Refresh & Return to admin. 4. Then Go to System -> Configuration -> Next Previous Navigation Setting. (If it shows 404 error, then logout & login to admin panel again and follow the step-4 again )
  2. 2. Below is screenshot of Next Previous Navigation Setting:- 5. Enable Different options. 6. Now check product page.