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FAFSA Completion Calendar 1/26 - 2/1


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FAFSA Completion Calendar 1/26 - 2/1

  1. 1. FAFSA Completion Social Media Content Calendar Sat, January 26, 2013 – Friday, February 1, 2013 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1/26/13 1/27/13 1/28/13 1/29/13 1/30/13 1/31/13 2/1/13Special Event Twitter 11:45 AM: 9:55 AM: 8:40 AM: 10:10 AM: 10:50 AM: 11:20 AM: 1:10 PM: When is your @FAFSA Does anyone know what The @FAFSA is Free. If you have questions about Remember, filling out the If you have questions along IRS Data Retrieval Tool has deadline? @FAFSA stands for? Make sure you go to completing the @FAFSA, @FAFSA is not a one-time the way, the @FAFSA Help made FAFSA much easier! http://1.usa.gov/TRTnhh http://www.fafsa.gov. Its go to www.studentaid.gov thing; you must complete section has a lot of great info Automatically populate not a .com website. or check with the financial the FAFSA every year you http://1.usa.gov/W2M2do @FAFSA with your 2012 tax aid office at your school attend school: info: http://www.fafsa.gov http://1.usa.gov/X5FkSQ 2:25 PM: 12:35 PM: 3:10 PM: 1:05 PM: 1:15 PM: 3:40 PM: 4:45 PM: Some financial aid is first- The average time to Am I a dependent or Want more green? The 1st Q: Whats the IRS Data Use FAFSA4caster to see You must complete the come, first-served, so youll complete a @FAFSA has independent student? step in getting money for Retrieval Tool? A: Lets you how federal student aid can @FAFSA each school year. want to complete your decreased to 23 minutes. These questions will help college starts with the transfer your tax info help you pay for college! If youve completed @FAFSA ASAP at Get started on yours at you determine your @FAFSA. Dont miss out directly from the IRS into http://1.usa.gov/12j2g5L @FAFSA in the past, some www.fafsa.gov http://www.fafsa.gov dependency status for http://www.fafsa.gov your @FAFSA: info rolls over: @FAFSA: http://1.usa.gov/X5PenH http://www.fafsa.gov 5:50 PM 4:20 PM: 6:00 PM: 7:30 PM: 3:45 PM: 7:10 PM: 8:20 PM: In order to complete your For a brief overview of the Federal Student Aid isn’t To access @FAFSA Apply for #financialaid for @FAFSA or access your @FAFSA, watch: just for undergrads. submission and completion #college or career school student loan info at http://bit.ly/WOBmhl Complete the @FAFSA & data for every high school, using The Free Application nslds.ed.gov, youll need a find out more about visit: http://1.usa.gov/U38hhG for Federal Student Aid PIN: pin.ed.gov #financialaid for grad (@FAFSA): school: http://www.fafsa.gov http://1.usa.gov/UzpUGG Facebook Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: 8:45 PM Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Image Video Image Image Image Image Image Image: Video: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: http://www.flickr.com/ http://www.flickr.com/ph photos/federalstudent http://www.flickr.com/p http://www.flickr.com/ http://www.flickr.com/ph http://www.flickr.com/p otos/federalstudentaid/ http://www.youtube.co aid/8262203504/in/se hotos/federalstudentai photos/federalstudent otos/federalstudentaid/8 hotos/federalstudentaid 8262203566/in/set- m/watch?v=c- t- d/8262203430/in/set- aid/8262203378/in/set-262203316/in/set- /8262203262/in/set- 72157632213407785 23SMf5DyQ 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Before you apply for Did you know that, on Not living with Its never too early—or Grants and The FAFSA is the Free 4 Myths About financial aid, learn how average, it now takes parents or not being too late—to explore scholarships are often Application for Federal Financial Aid to spot potential fraud, less than 30 minutes to claimed by them on your options for called "gift aid" Student Aid. Its the - My parent’s avoid paying for free complete the FAFSA? tax forms does not college or career because they are FREE form you fill out to make too much money services, and prevent Thats right! With new make you an school. Youll have to FREE get money for college or so I won’t qualify for identity theft: enhancements, like the independent student take the time to money—financial aid career school. aid. http://1.usa.gov/UQfEv ability to pull your tax for purposes of research and that doesnt have to - Only students N information directly applying for federal understand your be repaid. Grants are Did you know that the with good grades get from the IRS, you can student aid. Answer options, but you dont often need-based, FAFSA has gotten much financial aid. now complete the the questions on this have to do it alone. while scholarships are easier? On average, it - I’m too old to get FAFSA faster than it list to find out whether Were here to help! usually merit-based. now takes less than 30 financial aid. takes to watch your you are considered a http://1.usa.gov/RYE4 minutes to complete! - The form is too favorite T.V. show. Our dependent student or Ep Grants and You can even import hard to fill out. FAFSA Overview video an independent scholarships can your tax information http://1.usa.gov/U0qtrN will walk you through student: come from the federal directly from the IRS the process: http://1.usa.gov/UjLQ government, your into your FAFSA, saving http://bit.ly/Vzbfd0 mF state government, you a ton of time. your college or career school, or a private or Remember: The form is nonprofit FREE and easy to organization. Do your complete, so never pay research, apply for for help. When you visit any grants or the official FAFSA scholarships you website at might be eligible for, www.fafsa.gov (thats and be sure to meet .GOV!), there are help application deadlines! and hints along the way. Dont wait! Complete the http://1.usa.gov/Ubex FAFSA today: 6r www.fafsa.gov