20 Tweets1. Need to know what to expect at FAFSA filing time? Find out: http://1.usa.gov/UzDrhc2. Will 2013 be your 1st ti...
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20 Tweets for FAFSA Completion Campaign


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20 Tweets for FAFSA Completion Campaign

  1. 1. 20 Tweets1. Need to know what to expect at FAFSA filing time? Find out: http://1.usa.gov/UzDrhc2. Will 2013 be your 1st time completing the FAFSA? Get a head start - apply for a PIN now: www.pin.ed.gov(Your parents may need 1 too.)3. 10 tips to help you with your FAFSA: http://1.usa.gov/QNGQLs4. The new FAFSA for the 2013-14 school year is now available! Let the funds begin: www.fafsa.gov5. You can complete @FAFSA using income estimates and then update once you have filed your taxes: http://1.usa.gov/TMlD3T6. Federal student aid isnt just for undergrads. Theres financial aid for grad students too! http://1.usa.gov/UzpUGGJust complete the @FAFSA.7. $150B in aid available & everything starts with filling out the @FAFSA. Dont leave $ on the table. http://www.fafsa.gov8. Early bird gets the worm. Check your states #FAFSA deadline http://1.usa.gov/TRTnhh. Don’t leave money on the table!9. If you would like to estimate your eligibility for federal student aid, try the FAFSA4caster: http://1.usa.gov/XzO7S010. You must complete a new FAFSA each school year at www.fafsa.govWho can tell us when the 2013- 14 FAFSA will become available?11. VIDEO: How to Fill Out the @FAFSA http://bit.ly/UtjBSM12. Want to get a head start on your FAFSA? Apply for a PIN! If youre a dependent student, your parents will need one too: http://1.usa.gov/VQuKQK13. Theres NO income cut-off for federal student aid. Everyone should fill out FAFSA: http://www.fafsa.gov. Other myths: http://1.usa.gov/U0qtrN14. Did you already submit your FAFSA? Heres what to expect next: http://1.usa.gov/RlvNdJ15. PARENTS, your children may need your info on their FAFSA even if you dont support them. Find out why: http://1.usa.gov/SMhhKk16. Retweet if you completed your @FAFSA today at www.fafsa.gov!17. Need to add a school to your FAFSA? Here are the instructions: http://1.usa.gov/VAsN8A18. To stay eligible for federal student aid, fill out the FAFSA every year youre in school. Other rules to follow: http://1.usa.gov/T4qAUw19. The 1st "F" in FAFSA stands for FREE! Dont pay for assistance thats available for free! Find the official FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov20. You can make certain changes to your @FAFSA after its been processed. Find out what you can (or must) change & how: http://1.usa.gov/RIcawo