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Feda R. Al Hurani 1 (1)

  1. 1. FIDA RIZEQ AL-HOURANI PRESENT ADDRESS: PERMANENT ADDRESS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan P.O. Box 9102 Riyadh 11413 P.O. Box 520359 Amman Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Amman-Jordan E-mail: falhurani@yahoo.com E-mail: falhurani@yahoo.com Residence 00966 1 2160741 Residence 009626 4735844 Mobile 00966 504681590CAREER Extensive executive senior managerial skills and Excellent engineeringBACKGROUND background. relevant to the Real Estate sector including business & property development, asset & facilities management, development planning, mixed use project, feasibility assessment, project finance PE/Debt, ROI, construction and project management, retail property design, leasing, retail mix management, marketing and public relations, newly established shopping centers, residential compounds and resorts retailing divisions with shopping mall, mixed use development under construction and design stage located in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineer from The University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, Project Management, Contract Negotiations, Total Quality Management System (TQMs), Good Manufacture Process (GMP), ISO System, Manufacture Process Validation, and Business Development, Budgeting and Marketing. Experience: Almost 20 years Projects’ Portfolio: SR { 0.5B - 3.0B + } Project Delivery Method Analysis: Cost plus, Negotiated Lump sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Cost plus Guaranteed Maximum price, Lump sum design bid build contract (DBB), Construction Management (CM), Design and Construction (D&C) Management Style: Innovative, Proactive, Collaborative, Goal-oriented, Result-oriented, Analytical, Self-motivated, Problem solving and Excellent interpersonal communication. Leadership Style: Participative, Strong Team buildingPROFESSIONALEXPERIENCESeptember 2010 - General Manager, Samama Real Estate Development Co. P.O Box 2781Present Riyadh 11461, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Website: www.SAMAMA.com Unit 5 Alandalus Building Olaya Road SAMAMA Real Estate Development Company is a limited liability company based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over the years, the Company has developed many housing projects, shopping malls and commercial complexes in Saudi Arabia. The company has also acquired some real estate properties including land and buildings in key areas in the Kingdom, GCC and Europe.ACHIEVEMENT Successful developed and established the Samama Real Estate Development Page 1 of 11
  2. 2. Company ( SRED ) as subsidiary of Samama Holding. The goals are to develop 70% of land banks as properties and to enter the stocks market within five years.March 2007- May 2010 Property Operational Management Manager, Abdurrahman Saeed Al-Rashid & Sons Co. Ltd. ( Artar ), P.O. Box 9102 Riyadh 11413, Saudi Arabia, www.artar.com.sa. Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid Est. was incepted in 1992 in the activity of Real Estate, Agriculture and Industry. In 1996 it was turned to a limited liability company with the name of (Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid & Sons Co.). The back bone of the Al Rashid group success came from their accumulated expertise in construction, real estate development and investment management. ARTAR is classified as an “A” class contractor by the contractors’ classification agency. As a main contractor, ARTAR aims to be a leader in the construction sector. PROJECTS: mix-used commercial, residential and hotels developments and facility management, Portfolio { SR+2.8 B } Al-Rashid Mega Mall –A modern shopping mall, which includes all your shopping needs under one roof. Location: Al Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Built-up area: 145,000 m2 Duration: 22 months The project locates on King Abdullah Road – Second Ring Road – time about 10 minutes from the Holy Prophetic Mosque. It consists of four floors with total 400 shops and its built area 146000 m2 on land area 64000 m2 and covered and uncovered parking area with capacity of 2000 cars. The mall includes a variety of the most famous brands in addition to the hyper market (Carrefour) and the diverse entertainment halls (fun city, ice- skating, carting and bowling), and more than 30 restaurants to satisfy all tastes. Al Jawhara Village, Phase I Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Leasable Area: 13,000 m2 Duration: 16 months The project is located in the region of Al-Dereya, which distinguishes with calmness and the moderate temperature. It consists of 121 residential units with a variety of sizes on the area of 61000 m2. The project includes a number of facilities that serve the residents. On the area of 3000 m2, there is a special area for recreation which includes a number of playgrounds, swimming pools, landscaping, Jacuzzi rooms and many others which bring the joy and pleasure to visitors and residents of the Village. Besides, it contains a supermarket and mosque. Page 2 of 11
  3. 3. Al Rashid mall and Al-Rashid Marriot Location: Jizan Built-up area: 78,000 m2 Duration: 18 months The project is located on King Fahd Road, and overlooking on the Corniche Road. The mall consists of three floors with total 250 shops. The built-up area is 55000 m2and the land area is 40000 m2 in addition to parking area with capacity of 700 cars. In addition to the shops, there is a supermarket with area of 4500 m2 (the agreement signed with Al-Azizia Panda Co.), and the entertainment and ice-skating halls, and a group of restaurants. It contains also a hotel with 130 rooms and 50 residential furnished apartmentsRESPONSIBILITIES overlooking the Red Sea.  Reports directly to General Manager (Owner)  Determine the Organizations Mission and Vision, Strategy, Growth and Expansion  Meeting with Board of Directors, clients, consultants and contractors. Budget controlling.  Direct all aspects of Construction Stage.  Support and advise the technical and facility managements divisions.  Provide leadership and Strategic planning for Development property portfolio.  Enhance the organizations public image.  Creation of a professional shopping centre development & management team from near inception.  Market identification, Project Positioning, Design & specification review & assessment, design work progress assessments and reviews for the properties.  Significant improvements in functional design and building services design of the projects.  Improvements in design and rectification of master planning, concept and schematic plan designs - Hotels, Residential, Commercial and Retail projects.  Development and provision of best practice international standards for shopping centre management and development.  Develop Shopping Mall Standard Operating Procedures across the property department, Marketing & PR, sales and leasing department  Leasing documentation, letters of offer, lease contract and negotiate terms and conditions of lease.  Legal & issuing instructions to lawyers including drafting of Lease Contracts in compliance to Saudi Arabia Islamic law.Management Partner Property Sales & Management Co. P. O. Box 54354 Jeddah 21514 Saudi Arabia. Management Achievements: Tramonto Mall - Marketing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah La Terra – Mixed-Use & Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah Page 3 of 11
  4. 4. Teatro Mall – Mixed-Use & Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah Adex Tower - Mixed-Use , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah Rawdha Center - Mixed-Use , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah King Towers - Mixed-Use, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah Alahela Mall – Mixed-Use & Management , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Mecca Asdaf Mall – Mixed-Use & Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- AlKhamis New Town Center - Mixed-Use, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah Al dakheel Mall - Mixed-Use & Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- AlMaddina Al Mohamaddiya Plaza - Mixed-Use, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah N2 Mall – Mixed-Use & Management. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- JeddahMarch 2005-February2007 Property Management Director, Saqifat al Safa Development and Marketing Realtors, P. O. Box 22149 Jeddah 21495 Saudi Arabia, www. saqifatalsafa.com Project Involvement:  Red Sea Mall, a shopping mall attached with hotel and seven story office building, Portfolio SR +1.1 B Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia No. of stores and services: +500 Total retail floor: 242,000m² / 2.6 million square feet Parking: 4,000 spaces covered and uncovered. Number of Floors: 3  Tahliya Shopping Center - Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah  Tabuk Center - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Tabuk  Al-Mohamaddiya Plaza - Leasing & Management, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah  Al-Hassan Center - Leasing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- AlMadinah AlMonawarah.  Grenade Center - Leasing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Riyadh.RESPONSIBILITIES  Al-Sehili Center - Leasing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah. Reports directly to owner Financial Function – Responsible for the efficient and cost-effective operation of all properties. Oversees the completion of annual budgets for each property, tracks financial performance, and insures that financial goals and budgets are met. Insures that the properties are operated in a manner consistent with corporate goals, lender financial guidelines and procedures. Responsible for developing adequate systems to ensure property values are being maintained and the protection of the owner’s investment is adequate. Oversees and monitors the monthly financial performance of each property and ensures that lower level management anticipates and corrects deviations and problems. Planning Function – Develops an Annual Business Plan which includes goals for the management corporation. Uses this plan to guide and manage Page 4 of 11
  5. 5. the corporation. Reviews with support staff to insure compatibility withoverall goals and requirements. Supports the Regional Managers in theimplementation of their plans.Leadership Function – Sets and articulates the direction of the corporation,ensures that management practices and approaches are up to date, and in linewith industry standards, anticipates the need for change and moving themanagement team forward. Builds and maintains effective working relationsbetween affiliates and departments.Performance Reporting Function – Insures adequate reporting systems arein place and that Regional Managers are accountable for the properties theymanage. Is responsible for establishing and monitoring a formalmeasurement and reporting system to insure that the delegation level for eachRegional Manager is appropriate, performance standards are met andadequate written record of performance are maintained.Staff Development Function – Provides for a positive work environmentfor employees. Insures that two levels of management are involved in theselection of qualified staff using consistent selection criteria. Provides on-the-job and formal management training and coaching, where needed, toimprove skills. Participates in development of training plans consistent withthe corporation’s needs. Provides career development, makes decisionsconsistent with established career paths and insures that adequatereplacements are available to cover vacations, leaves, and job vacancies.Insures compliance with Affirmative Action goals. Insures that site andproperty office procedures are efficient, appropriate, automated wherepossible, and maximize computer resources. Insures onsite compensation isequitable, competitive and facilitates career growth.Communication Function – Establishes and maintains a formalcommunications program for the management corporation and insures aparallel plan for each region. Where clients are involved in the propertyassumes responsibility for and is actively involved in a proactive clientsatisfaction program. Encourages communication between properties and thecentral office departments. Provides formal written monthly reporting to theChief Operating Officer that summarizes the status of the properties, issues,and corrective actions. Conducts regular meetings with Property Managers,Regional Managers, and the Property Management CEO.Records Function – Insures that adequate records are maintained and up todate on all the properties. Insures that adequate records are kept ofcommunications with investors, owners, agencies and clients.Community And Client Relationships Function – Responsible fordeveloping good community and client relationships. Insures goodrelationships and communication with these groups.Other Function – Performs other assignments, special projects and workswith other departments as assigned. Oversees that adequate safety andsecurity programs exist where necessary. Page 5 of 11
  6. 6. March 2002- Feb. 2005 General Manager, Al-Dhiyafa Mall, P. O. Box 20828 Makkah Al-Mukarama Saudi Arabia. Commercial Center of Al-Dhiyafa Real Estate Development Company LTD, P. O. Box 5700 Jeddah ٢١٤32 Saudi Arabia, www. al- dhiyafa.com.RESPONSIBILITIES Mixed-Use Function :  To identifies the Mall Tenant Mix and implement the right business activities according to the Mall marketing plan.  To keep looking for new ideas and concepts to enhance the Mall popularity.  To maintain the Mall the right Mix of tenants and ensure they are offering the right products/services to the Mall visitors (Customers).  To monitors the performance of the tenants to make sure that they are operating profitably, because their success is part of the overall success of the Mall. Marketing Function :  To position the Mall as middle and up market shopping center in Makkah Al-Mukarama.  To promote the Mall by organizing special activities and highlights them in the print and electronic media.  To organize special promotion and public relation program with the community association and government authorities.  To build up professional business relation with marketing and communication agencies to assist the Mall management in doing effective communication. Finance Function :  Establishing the Mall first year budget (0 based budgets) and to project operational income and cost expense based on the Mall size, average rate per square meter, expected consumption of utilities, expected rental number of shops and anchor shops, and the expected purchasing power.  To control the cost by managing all expenses and to increase the Mall income through effective credit control.  To monitor Mall income and expenses on monthly basis against the approve budget.  Continuously document the useful remarks that can benefit the next year budget. Operation Function :  Responsible over mall cleanliness, Security, and maintenance.  To maintain for mall facilities like escalators, chillers in top condition and manage the maintenance contracts signed.ACHIEVEMENT Successful developed and implement the total quality management for all departments in Al-Dhiyafa Mall pursuing to achieve DIN ISO 9002 certification. Page 6 of 11
  7. 7. April ١٩٩٨ – Feb.2002 Operation & Maintenance Manager, Banawi Container Group, Corrugated Plant. One of the Banawi Industrial Group, P. O. Box ٤٧٢٠ Jeddah ٢١٤١٢ Saudi Arabia.  Maintain an accurate record of maintenance cost of machinery, facilities and identifies areas of cost reduction.  Prepare yearly maintenance budgets of machinery, facilities and secures approval.  Evaluate quarterly the maintenance budgets against actual.  Develop and motivate subordinates to achieve optimum performance and maintenance targets.  Maintain all plant facilities in excellent condition  Perform regular inspection and take actions to safeguard plant facilities.  Apply preventive maintenance to facilities.  Manage and keep updating the preventive maintenance program for each machine to insure effective preventive maintenance.  Schedule machines for preventive maintenance in coordination with manufacturing department.  Eliminate unscheduled down time of all machines and equipment.  Maintain accurate records of machines down time, to insure continuous follow-up to reduce it.  Identify the need for major repairs, overhauling of machines and schedule it. Prepare justification and obtain proper approval to implement it.  Qualify and recommend to purchasing department alternatives of spare parts suppliers and maintenance service providers, who offer lower cost and better or same quality.  Manage spare parts inventory of consumable items as per inventory policy and needs.  Lead the safety and risk management program in the plant.  Maintain fire-fighting system at optimum running condition.  Participate in the activities of Rick Management Committee and implement corrective safety and security measures.  Identify areas to implement security measure and develop security procedures for each area.  Coordinate and lead all activities related to approve plant expansions,TRAINING: modifications and/or installation of new machines. Martin Bobst Group, France, 04 July 2000-26 August 2000;  Installation & Operation of DRO-1628 Rotary Die Cutter machines. Martin Bobst Group, France, 8th –12th January 2001;  Basis on electrical principles on the different Martin elements.  Reading electrical drawings.  Basis on Martin electronic elements MPC  Troubleshooting on several exampleOct.١٩٩2 – March 1998  Presentation of Transline 1228 & DRO.  Presentation of 924 and the new machine 618. Page 7 of 11
  8. 8. Technical & Maintenance Manager, Dar ATAJMIL Industrial CO. ,CosmoDar (under license from Wella A.G. - Germany and Johnson &Johnson - USA) Amman Jordan, P.O Box ٤٨٨ a sister company Dar AlDawa Pharmaceuticals & Investment Co, Amman Jordan. Controls and follows up closely the performance of production machinery and equipment. Assists the Production Manager in the start-up of production machinery, and assures its optimal and correct yield. Controls and follows up closely the proper functioning of service utilities and equipment. Ensures and efficiently controls periodic preventive maintenance according to the charts provided by the manufacturer or supplier. Issues and controls all documents related to the maintenance of equipment and machinery. Implements the proper documentation of all activities set by the Quality Assurance Department, ensuring that it is in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO Regulations and similar systems. Reports in detail any malfunctioning or damage that may happen to machinery and equipment, stating the nature and causes of the damage, and consequently the corrective action to be taken. Maintains the good condition of the building, its facilities, its furniture and equipment, as well as assuring general security, and setting appropriate preventive procedures. Follows up the execution of maintenance jobs and/or repairs requested by other Departments, according to the “Maintenance Request Form”. Provides and maintains necessary quantities of all spare parts and consumable items needed by the Department to ensure its proper functioning. Prepares details and specifications of all spare parts needed for different machinery and equipment, which are to be referred to when purchasing such items. Controls the workshop and store in the Maintenance Department, and keeps accurate records of all stocks in the Department, using appropriate Entry and Issue Vouchers. Assures the safety of the Company’s personnel, and prepares the necessary regulations and procedures for emergencies. Undertakes appropriate measures to ensure that proper work procedures are followed within the Department plans, distributes and follows the daily work and duties of the Department employees; Delegate’s authority to subordinates to ensure proper work distribution, and adequate control procedures are respected; Works continually on raising the efficiency and performance levels of the Department employees; Defines training needs of the Department employees, and plans training sessions; Approves vacation requests of all Department employees according to Page 8 of 11
  9. 9. the work schedule and company regulations;  Evaluates subordinates, and submits annual reports to the Personnel Affairs Committee.  Defining a system for the protection of the premises against any misdeed, and supervising its implementation.  Setting the calendar for preventive and general maintenance periodic programs.  Specifying the duties and responsibilities of the Department employees.  Approvals of leave requests for the Department employees and planning their annual vacation.  Proposing annual salary increases and incentives for the Department employees.  Interviewing job applicants for the Department, and recommending appropriate candidates.  Interdepartmental Relations:  Coordinates with the Production Department Manager to execute general and preventive maintenance, according to production schedules and periodic maintenance programs.  Coordinates with the Production Department Manager to perform adjustments to and calibration of production machinery, in accordance with the product specifications and Good Manufacturing Process requirements (GMP).  Coordinating with the Administrative Department Manager to supervise the condition of the premises, building facilities and equipment.  Responds to all Departments for all required maintenance and repairs.  Periodically provides the Finance Department Manager with an update/status report on stock levels in the Department.  Reports monthly to the Managing Director on the performance levels andTRAINING: standards of the different activities within the Department.   ISO lectures; Dar Al Dawa Pharmaceuticals & Investment Co, Amman Jordan.  Processes Validation; Equipment Installation & Qualification Protocols, Dr. Omar Jawan Ph.D. Chemistry Birmingham – UK, Nutridar Technical Director, Dar Al Dawa Assist. M.D. for Quality Control, Cosmodar Quality Consultant.  Good Manufacturing Process (GMP); Pharmacist Hussam Eddin Musmar, Director of Registration & Documentation, Dar Al Dawa Pharmaceuticals & Investment CO, Amman JordanMembership in Groupsand Associations  MECSC - Middle East Council of Shopping Centres  International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC. Page 9 of 11
  10. 10.  MENA Real Estate Forum. MENA Private Equity. Saudi Council of Engineers. Jordan Engineers Association American-Jordanian Community BHRP Bahrain practitioners Network. Bond University Connections. Buro Happold - Middle East. CIOB (Chartered Institute Of Building). Sourcing Consultants & Sourcers. CXO (CEO, COO, CKO, CFO, CMO, CAO, CVO, CDO, CRO, CLO, CSO & CTO) Community. Compliance Officers - Saudi Arabia. Compliance Professionals - Saudi Arabia. Dubai & Abu Dhabi Real Estate Forum. Dynamic Services. FMCG Professionals (World Wide). Friends of Saudi Arabia. GCC Investors & Entrepreneurs Forum. Global Consulting / Global Retail Linking Professionals. Page 10 of 11
  11. 11.  Green Park Interim Management & Executive. Hikma Pharmaceutical. Intellectual Property Professionals. International Global Business. Jordan Business and Professional Network. Kuwait Business and Professional Network. Linking Saudi Arabia. Maars Resources. Moroccan Overseas. Multi-generational Knowledge Transfer Strategies. Oman Forum. Purdue Alumni. Retirement Communities World Australia ~ including Aged Care. Risk Analytics and Risk Management. SPHR/PHR of Jordan. The Savola Group. UK Contact Centre Forum. VENTURE CAPITAL ASIA. Page 11 of 11