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Febric Bursting Strength Test Machine


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We are the manufacturer of world class testing equipments

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Febric Bursting Strength Test Machine

  1. 1. FEC R World Class Filter Testing Equipments An ISO 9001 Certified Co. Catalogue of Bursting Machine
  2. 2. This Equipment under takes testing to establish burst strength characteristics particularly for papers/ boxs and others similar medias and the results and te results are shown in Kg/ Cm2 Bursting Strength Tester (Standard Model) ?Open & economical modal ?Change over from one gauge to the other by use of two needle valves fitted with the gauges. ?Maximum pointer for peak value recording. ?Accurate, realible and one of the oldest. To the bursting strength of the paper by applying hydrostatics pressure to produce repture of the material. Pressure Range : 7 Kg/ cm2*0.2 Kg/cm2 : 20 Kg/cm2 Least count : .1 k=Kg/cm2 or .01 Kg/cm2 : 35 Kgf/cm2 * 1Kg/cm2 Units of This : Kg/cm2 Sales Office: 9A, Gurudwara Road, Hari Vihar (Kakraula), Opp. Metro Poll No. 816, New Delhi 110043 (INDIA). Correspondence Address : Plot No. 35, K-1 Extn, Bank Wali Gali Gurudwara Road, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nager, Delhi -110059. Cell - 9811478874, 9811938703, 9212912990 E-mail - Website -