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World Religion Final


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Published in: News & Politics
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World Religion Final

  1. 1. By: Kurt YoungdahlandHeather Funai
  2. 2. How/Why does the medias portrayal ofattacks differ when done by Muslimpeople versus non Muslim people?Prompt:V.S.
  3. 3. Peoples views on terrorism“When multiple (explosive) devices go offthat‟s an act of terrorism”- Senior AdminOfficer"Anytime bombs are used to targetinnocent civilians, it is an act of terror" -President ObamaTerrorism vs. Criminal incident
  4. 4. Definition- The use of violence and threats to intimidateor coerce especially for political purposes.Terrorism?
  7. 7. Entertainment WorldV.S.
  8. 8. Anders Breivik = Al-Qaeda
  9. 9. Take a guess which person’s crime got labeleda terrorist attack?
  10. 10. • President Obama:"we will investigate anyassociations these terroristsmay have had"• "On Monday an act of terror wounded dozensand killed three people at the BostonMarathon.”• The point is before any information leading to apossible motives was known the media alongwith President Obama had already jump to theconclusion of terrorism.Boston Marathon Motive Do NotAlign with Terrorism
  11. 11. Muslims are the scapegoat of thesesituations.“The New York Post quickly claimed thatthe prime suspect was a Saudi national”-Glenn Greenwald, The GuardianPointing the Finger
  12. 12. FBI Statistics
  13. 13. CONCLUSION
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