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Babushkas Beauty Secrets


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beauty using common household ingredients

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Babushkas Beauty Secrets

  1. 1. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Old World Tips for a Glamorous New You Raisa Ruder and Susan Campos NEW YORK BOSTON
  2. 2. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Create a Fab Five-Star Spa Bashbuka’s Beauty Index Eyes Oy, the Soy ~page96 Crow’s-Feet:Heard it Through the Grapevine~page92 Body Heat FineLines:Alomond Joy~page96 Sunburn:Burn out~page105 The Soother~page104 Self-tanner:Coffee tanner~page103 Skin is In BrownSpots:Summer Sour Cream~page119 Get rid of bad spray tan~page97 Spot Remover~page114 Body Glitter~page102 Agespots:Spot on~page113 Reducecellulite:Mustard Body Wrap~page101 DrySkin/Eczema:Honey, Honey~page118 Oilyskin:Oil Out~page110 Hair Removal Pimples:Acne Aches~page110 Pimples:MilkMustard~page67 Ingrownhairs:Soak it in Sugar ~ page85 Sweet Scrub~page86 Ingrownhairs:Ingrown Headache~page87 Shaving:Shaving Cream~page88 Hands and Feet Manicure:The 10-Minute Manicure~page92 DarkNails:The Yellowing Effect~page96 Eyelashes Calluses:Clear AwayCalluses ~page96 GrowyourLashes:Raya’s Revitalash~page59 Pedicure:The Perfect Pedicure ~page97 Eyemake-upremover:Take it All Off~page60 Hair Make your own Scent… Addbody:Volumize ~ page73 BathSalts:Aromatherapy Bath Salts~page37 Hairgrowth:Hair Sprout~page72 PerfumedOil:Orange Glow~page38 C-Squared ~page72 ScentedLotion:Scent of a Woman~page39 Dryhair:Help!~page76 Cider conditioner~page78 ~ viii ~ ~ ix ~
  3. 3. Chapter One My Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Name:RaisaRuder From:HailsfromUkraineandMoscow Occupation:Esthetician(withleaningstowardsthe GreenParty) Currently resides:LosAngeles,California Age:OnceyoubecomeaHollywoodcitizenthere’sno needtorevealyourtrueage. A bove are my vital statistics. For the past 15 years, LosAngeleshasbeenmyhomewhereIworkasan esthetician.IntheUkraine,mygrandmother(or,aswe say it back home, my babushka) taught me everything aboutbeinganaturalesthetician.Bytakingitemssuchas fruit,milk,herbs,teasandotheringredientswe’dwhip upfabulousfacials.Ratherthanusecreamsandlotions ~1~
  4. 4. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Create a Fab Five-Star Spa laced with preservatives, we preferred applying natural day products without the fancy names, pretty packag- products—itsavedourskinanditsavedusmoney! ing and preservatives. Decades later, I still believe my Whoknewseveraldecadeslatertherecipesmygrand- babushka’s beauty remedies can go head-to-head with mother concocted would become all the rage in Holly- anydepartmentstorebrands.Ratherthanpay$250for wood. In a city always on the cutting edge of beauty, it expensive labels, my grandmother’s recipes were fresh, seemsironicthemostfamousfacesinTinselTown.The fantasticandinexpensive!Thechartbelowrevealswhat recipes in this book are (mostly) all-natural remedies I wewerebrewinginourtinyvillageyearsagoandhowit usetomaintainHollywood’syouthfulglow—fromexfo- pricesoutagainstdepartmentstoreproductstoday. liatingscrubstovitaminCserumstohairtreatments. I’vemixedupmyfavoriteconcoctions—someofmy grandmother’s original Ukrainian recipes — as well as Department store = $250 vs. Babushka’s olive = $1.95! Vitamin C serum oil, orange lemon serum othersI’vedoctoredupsincemovingtotheUnitedStates. Here’smymotto:Whyspendhundredsatadepartment Revitalash = $150 vs. Babushka’s = under $1 storemakeupcounterwhenyoucancreateityourselffor castor oil concoction under$5?Afterwhippingupandtryingtheserecipes,I Eye moisturizer = $150 vs. Babushka’s = $0.50 promiseyou’llfeellikeyou’vespenthundreds!Justasthe apple/honey remedy weekly magazines show us how to get celebrity clothing Quick dry for nails = $28.59 vs. Babushka’s = $0.25 for less — Babushka’s Beauty Secrets creates glowing skin for sunflower oil under$5. Deep hair = $900 vs. Babushka’s = $2.00 My grandmother didn’t believe in be- conditioner mayonnaise mask ing wasteful. She saved everything. Alpha hydroxyl = $78 vs. Babushka’s = $3.50 My clients love hearing stories about cream strawberry mask howmygrandmotherwasvirtuallya The satisfaction of knowing you saved hundreds packrat.Herhousewassoneatand of dollars by using products that are just as good cleanbutshecouldn’thelpsavingev- (if not better) and preservative free = PRICELESS! eryitemorfindinganotherpurpose forit. Yousee,strictlyoutofnecessitywe The beauty business brings in 40 billion dollars a were making the equivalent of modern year.Mostofitiswrappedupinprettypackaging.This ~2~ ~3~
  5. 5. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Create a Fab Five-Star Spa blenders and food processors. We did everything by since moving to the States. She’d be proud of my new hand! We would try out different concoctions on one creationsaswell.Ioftenthinkmybabushkawouldsuffer anotherandfinetunetheendproduct.Theytaughtme stickershocktoseethepricesoflotionsandmaskstoday. howtowhipupanaturalbromideforjustaboutanyskin Todayweallhavestressinourlivesandthere’snothing problem. betterthanalittlepamperingtowashawayadifficultday -especiallywhenit’sinexpensiveandguilt-free.Trustme it’sfunandaddictive! £  aBushka’s top five ingredients £ B 1. Potatoes – I think it was because they were so avail- able. However they do serve multi-purposes. _ A FIHOW TORSET-up SpA _ V E-STA HOME 2. Vodka – Again, it was so available and a national treasure. Just know it is the best preservative. It’s actually quite easy. Make sure all your guests bring a comfy robe (or sweats) and slippers. Don’t forget the 3. Milk – She loved the vitamins in milk and how it act- ed as a sort of bleaching agent for the skin. I always weekliesandthefashionmagazinestocatchuponallthat frivolousreading.Justrelaxandforgetabouteverything £ think how she’d love those “Got Milk” commercials. elsegoingoninyourlife. 4. Olive oil – Olive oil was a luxury for my grandmoth- er. If it wasn’t so expensive back then we would have used it daily. Sunflower oil became the substitute. Step 1. Set the Mood The winters were so brutal that oil became a daily Designate a small area where everyone can gather, ingredient in all of her recipes. All over Europe women eat and hang out. Offer up everything from signature love olive oil for the skin. cocktailstofantasticfingerfoods!Definitelyhavesome 5. Eggs – Since she used every part of an egg my ba- mellow music playing in the background to set the bushka really got every penny out of it – from the mood. shell to the yolk. Don’t forget to… ImportingtheserecipestoAmericawasneverpartof £ Light unscented candles to create a tranquil and my grandmother’s master plan. Nor was it really mine. peaceful feel. I say unscented so you don’t offend She’dbeproudtoseesomeofheroriginalrecipesinthis yourguests. book,andwouldn’tmindthefactI’vedoctoredupothers £ Lavender spray – my favorite brand is called Aura ~6~ ~7~
  6. 6. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Create a Fab Five-Star Spa CaciaAromatherapy(availableatWholeFoodsorat varioussitesonline.) £  r u i t k e b a b s £ F I £ Waterwithflavoredicecubes–Don’tthrowawaythe mpress your guests with this fresh twist on the peels from the lemons, oranges, and limes! These traditional kebab! Set aside grapes and whole icecubesofferjustahintofflavorforalightertaste strawberries without the stems while you slice andthecolorfulpeelslookbeautifulinsideaglassof up fruit such as bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew water. and pineapple (it’s important pieces are thick enough £ Find the esthetician. Either hire a professional or so they don’t fall apart while putting the kebabs to- gether). decide who will take on that role. I’ve seen many Once all your fruit it teenagedaughtershappilyvolunteer.Ormaybethe sliced up, stick wooden hostess? skewers through the £ Youcanhireamassagetherapistforyourparty,but pieces. Get creative ifyou’reonabudget,simplytaketurnsgivingone and stack the fruit on anothermassages,facialsandpedicures. the skewers in differ- ent combinations and patterns (but make sure to leave enough space at the bottom £ for your guests to pick them up with). Then, put all the fruit kebabs Step 2. Create the Menu out on a tray (or even arrange them in a vase to make a colorful centerpiece!) Offer small bowls of yogurt as Food dipping sauce and let your guests enjoy this fun and Someofmypartyfavoritesinclude: healthy treat! Finger foods ~ small sandwiches, vegetable platters, Place green grapes (cut in half) in a separate bowl so your guests can apply them directly to the etc… skin. Just rub the green grape juice near crow’s feet. Smoothies ~ Some of these same ingredients will go Grapes are a good source for plumping skin and intoyourmasks reducing the look of wrinkles. Sweets ~ Howaboutstrawberriesandorangesdipped inchocolatesauce? ~8~ ~9~
  7. 7. Create a Fab Five-Star Spa Chapter Four andcandramaticallyreducestress.IngredientslikeEp- somsaltsarefantasticfordetoxificationbybringingout Rest and Relaxation thetoxinsintheskin. My babushka thought baths were the ultimate in luxury.Althoughshelivedinasmallhome,shecreated five-starbaths!Wheneverwewerestressedorupsetshe’d makeuptheperfectbubblebathwithabeautifulhome- madescent.I’dstepintothebathandfeellikeroyaltyand suddenlymytroublesseemedtovanish. Thischapteroffersupsomeamazingoldrecipesyou’ll love!Sopickarecipe,drawthewaterandrelax! Babushka’s Bubble Bath T here’s nothing better than a warm bath! The next severalpagesarededicatedtoalittleRRwithdif- ferentrecipesforeverythingfrommilksoakstobubble Try a little pampering with a luxurious bubble bath. We loved those evenings when my babushka would draw us a warm bath. To this day there is nothing more relaxing for me than a bubble bath, and I still baths to creating your own scented lotions. No need to consider them such a special treat. buy those expensive, drying, perfumed bath salts when Total time Ingredients: youcanwhipitupintheprivacyofyourhome. 15 Minutes 1 cupextravirginolive Beforegettinginabath,Ialwaysfilltheroomwith G cuphoney steamfromtheshowertoaddmoisturetotheskin.Some- Hcupliquidsoap(Mostofthebigchains times,I’lleventhrowalittleeucalyptusessentialoilon carryanumberofunscentedsoaps) theflooroftheshowertocreateahealthyscentedsteam. 1 Tablespoonofessentialoil InEasternEurope,wehavealwaysknownbathsand steams can be very good for one’s health. In Russia, Puttheoilintoablenderandslowlyputintheremain- peoplearefondofsomethingcalled“thebanya.”These ingingredients.Blendonhighforoneminute.Pourthe arebasicallysteamroomswhichhavebeenusedforcen- mixtureintoareusablebottleandputonthelid.Shake turies by the Russians. Baths are wonderfully healing wellbeforeusing.Nowaddsometothebath! ~ 12 ~ ~ 13 ~
  8. 8. Babushka’s Beauty Secrets Create a Fab Five-Star Spa which is brilliant for the skin. Not only does it nourish the skin but it will Milk Bath help with exfoliation. There’s an old legend about how Cleopatra loved to bath in milk. For Total time Ingredients centuries, women have indulged in milk baths because of the soothing 20 Minutes 1 CupGoat’smilk and moisturizing effects. Here is a milk bath that’s quite easy to make Afewdropsoflavender using ingredients from the kitchen. It isn’t Cleopatra’s exact recipe but 1 Tablespoonextravirginoliveoil it’s as close as it could get. Mix the goat’s milk, olive oil and lavender together in Ingredients Total time 10 Minutes a medium sized bowl and stir with a metal spoon since 1 cuppowderedmilk a wooden spoon will soak up all the fragrance. Then ½cupEpsomsalts placeitinacontainerofyourchoiceandshakeitupand ¾Tablespoonofbakingsoda add it to your bath. When you’re done throw it back in 1 teaspooncornstarch the refrigerator. You’ll love the feel of your skin while Afewdropsofessentialoil. bathinginit. Simplymixallingredientstogetherinamediumsized bowl.Addtoyourbathwaterandenjoy! Babushka’s Beauty Tip Goat’s milk is all the rage in Hollywood. S Many actresses believe in giving their small ince babushkas are famous for telling incredible children goat’s milk rather than whole stories, my grandmother would tell us about milk. Women love putting it on their faces how Cleopatra bathed in milk - an expensive as well, since it’s known to be extremely and rich skin treatment back in those days. We never gentle on the skin. realized why milk worked, only that it did! Now we know that the lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy which helps get rid of dead skin while moisturizing at the same time. Rosewood Scrub My babushka believed certain scents could change your mood. Lavender Lovely Lavender is known to be very calming. Have you ever noticed how it’s always a These days many people prefer goat’s milk to regular milk. So here’s relaxing and therapeutic for the tootsies. So relax, you’ve had a long day another luxurious recipe that takes advantage of this other kind of milk and deserve to get pampered in the privacy of your own home. ~ 14 ~ ~ 15 ~