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DaaS/IaaS Forum Moscow - Rick Dehlinger


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DaaS/IaaS Forum Moscow - Rick Dehlinger

  2. 2. ‘DaaS’: Trials and Tribulations, Successes and Failures Session Goal • Share lessons learned, positive and negative, while driving the evolution of a mature DaaS provider in the USA. Agenda • Level set • “Who are you?” • “What do you guys do?” • “Why do I care?” • Wrap-up • Questions/Answers
  3. 3. Rick… who? Rick Dehlinger, aka @RickD4Real• Early adopter of Windows Server/Networking and Citrix (circa 1995)• @6 years at Citrix, Enterprise Architect/Engineer• (short „experiment‟ as Microsoft employee)• Built and sold consulting company to European cloud services provider (2008)• Built and sold second consulting company to nGenx Corp (2012) • Claros Systems - multi-tenant desktop/app delivery practice 3rd visit to Moscow!
  4. 4. nGen-a-who?nGenx Corporation• @13 year old, privately company with with telecomunications roots• Managed/hosted services initially, „re-born‟ < 2 years ago with focus, backing, momentum
  5. 5. nGen-a-who? nGenx Corporation • Primary product - White Label „DaaS‟ Service • Serve ISV’s, MSP’s, resellers
  6. 6. - WARNING - Multi-tenant, cloud hosted desktop/app delivery is not easy. • Market just starting to mature • Products/technologies just starting to mature • Vendors just starting to mature • „Classic‟ business models conflicting  Carefully consider options for entry.
  7. 7. What business are you/do you want to be in? „DaaS‟ is _not_ Enterprise VDI or pure consulting • Enterprise = complexity, one-off needs • …enemy of scale • Very different monetization model, business support systems • MUCH less control over the point of consumption Pick your market, keep your focus • Consumer? Pro-sumer? • Small/Medium business? • Enterprise? • White Label? • Telcos? ISV‟s?
  8. 8. Desktop = Worthless“What? Why would you say that?”• It‟s another application • Consumes resources • Settings/preferences to be managed• It‟s a FAT attack surface (more complex to secure)…or is it?• Market understands it • …easier entry point to selling• People understand the desktop The Desktop is a presentation option for applications
  9. 9. Applications = Life Blood“It‟s all about the applications”, but…• Applications suck• Line of business developers are clueless• Auto-updaters = enemyBIG challenge – app on-boarding,maintenance• Priority management• Multi-tenancy• Automation• Version management
  10. 10. Hey Microsoft: Friend or Foe?Friendly…• Service provider licensing• Tech evolution, product integration• Market development assistanceNot so friendly…?• Service provider licensing • Desktop OS‟s. “Use enterprise portability!”• Office 365• InTune• Azure
  11. 11. Who do I ‘dance’ with?Repeat after me: “„DaaS‟ is not Enterprise VDI”• Cost is a different kind of considerationWhat to look for then?• CSP friendly pricing/licensing models• Multi-tenant awareness• “Legs”• Risk of market consolidation/abandonment Choose wisely
  12. 12. Your Cloud or Mine?Do you „own‟ the infrastructure?• Start there, but think long term • Can I deliver cost-effectively? • Can I scale? Fast enough? • Can I provide a quality service (and still make money)?Don‟t own it? Consider…• Leveraging IaaS partnerships • Cost models? Service levels? Vendor lock-in? Build for virtual infrastructure agnostic-ness (challenging, especially time to market)
  13. 13. Wrap-UpWanna play DaaS?• „DaaS‟ is not Enterprise VDI• Desktops? Baaah – applications! • …so get very good at them• Microsoft: to love, or not to love• Infrastrucure: Own it? Use it. • …at least be thinking of IaaS • Infrastructure independence: build it (if you can) at least consider current trends  Consider partnering if time to market is critical
  14. 14. Q&A?THANK YOU!Rick Dehlinger, CTOnGenx Corporation (USA) / @nGenxCloud