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Alenty appnexus app


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Programmatic buying: avoid fraud and boost campaign viewability owing to the Alenty application inside Appnexus

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Alenty appnexus app

  1. 1. AlentyLeader in ad-viewability measurement
  2. 2. Who is Alenty ?French company, Paris based, leader in ad visibilitymeasurement and optimisation…since 2008…in France, UK, Germany and the USA…we measure Billions of impressions…in most markets…we focus solely on visibility2
  3. 3. Why viewability?This is not a specialist subject anymore: standardisationis coming from the US (1s, 50% of surface): Viewed CPMwill replace CPM…Viewability will become a currency if almost 100% of theinventory is measuredTo tackle the inefficiency of the media (30% of theinventory of campaigns is not seen at all)…and therefore makes this media as attractive as TV inorder to shift branding advertising budgets……and/or optimize conversion for direct responsecampaign3
  4. 4. Why choose Alenty ?The most advanced technology with a measurementrate (success rate) above 90%• All browsers• All OS• All Formats• All adserver/DSP (generic Javascript)• All type of Iframes: solutions for IE, Firefox andChromeMRC certification process (end Q2 2013)4
  5. 5. 5A generic Javascript(census measurement)
  6. 6. Buying efficienciesTrading DesksBid for efficient impressionson Ad ExchangesWhat for ?6V.CPMnegociation & controlV.CPMoptimizationPremium packpositioning
  7. 7. Some key figures
  8. 8. How many impressions are seen ?8Viewable impressions50% surface during 1s or moreViewability ratioPremium: 75%Ad-exchange: 50%
  9. 9. Trading desk Media agencyMedia buyingRTB: Audience buying9Confidential - Copyright 2011A 2 in 1 solution for media buying and RTB
  10. 10. Alenty – Appnexus AppCampaign viewability optimization
  11. 11. 11An actionable solution to boost viewabilityup to 50%Simple set-upSimple reportingActionable data
  12. 12. 12An easy set up
  13. 13. 13Simple & readable reporting bycreative/domain updated daily
  14. 14. 14Actionable data: export to black lists…
  15. 15. 15Viewability optimizationExport to black list at placement levelJust copy & paste in Appenexus black listsplacements with poor viewability ratioEnd of Q2 2013, this manual processwill be completely automitized
  16. 16. 16Check campaign viewability trend
  17. 17. 17Alenty agregated prebidvs syndicated URL PrebidAlenty : Proprietary “agregated” prebid at placement level• Same efficiency around 5 x cheaper (no server costs)• Your data belong to you and only to you• Automatic Prebid black lists based on your previous campaigns• Feasible on Appnexus today. Turn? Mediamath?InviteSyndicated URL prebid• Might be more accurate (no evidence yet)• Based on the others measurement• Big clients contribute to smaller ones• Nobody is incentived to measure• Harder to renew the data• High price due to high server costs
  18. 18. Alenty Appnexus AppTo go beyond Viewability…
  19. 19. Branding campaigns: duration is key…19Source: Temporis Digital (Canal Plus, Mediamento, Alenty)Ad not seen Ad seen a few seconds Ad seen more than 10seconds“If you do not see the message you will never remember it !”Recall score uplift
  20. 20. ...and the message needs to be « efficiently »repeated several timesEffective frequencyRecall scoreBest recall score obtained with a 4- impression repetition20Confidential - Copyright 2011
  21. 21. Ad-ViPer for Infectious Media – November 2012 21Extract from Infectious Media RTB Insight Report Summer 2012« Efficient » frequency has also an impact ondirect response campaign !
  22. 22. You can therefore take into accountad-exposure duration…
  23. 23. How many impressions are seen efficiently ?23Efficient impressions75% surface during 10s or moreEfficiency ratioPremium: 40%Ad-exchange: <30%
  24. 24. 24Just set up a new thresholdto take into account ad exposure durationIf your message last 10 s…. It will be more efficient if actually seen 10 s !
  25. 25. …And also improve viewable/efficientfrequency
  26. 26. 26Set up a call to a segment to dynamically pilotefficient/viewable frequencySegment can be created basedon viewability and or « efficiency » to boost viewable or efficient frequency
  27. 27. 27A flexible & global solutionto boost campaigns performanceAdpaceOptimizationContactsfrequency optimizationToday:<50% impressions seen<10% contacts ideally repeated (3+)Inventory cleanup:Boost Viewable impressionsPilot V-CPMExposed contacts:Reduce Fraud (Robot exclusion)Boost viewable frequencyMaximized impact:Branding,Conversions, clicks…Boost frequency of efficient impressions,Campaign optimizationBoost efficient impressionsPilot Eff-CPM
  28. 28. Main ContactsUK country managerEric MerceronPhone : +44 07892 877 051Mail : Eric.merceron@alenty.comCOOFrank DuroussetPhone : +33 6 76 80 37 69Mail : fdurousset@alenty.comNorth America ManagerAndré TalliercioPhone: 1-646-504-9414:Mail andre.talliercio@alenty.comCEOLaurent NicolasPhone : +33 1 77 37 27 65Mail : Laurent.nicolas@alenty.com28Germany country managerMilan DolinarPhone : ++49 176 633 10582Mail : milan.dolinar@alenty.comWeb : www.alenty.comAd Ops DirectorKevin ArnoultPhone : +33 1 42 00 94 86Mail :