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  1. 1. Measure and optimize online branding advertsing
  2. 2. Our positioning Who are we ? Alenty's founders are the creators of Netratings measurement systems. Our observation Traditional performance metrics are not adapted to branding campaigns Our measurement A generic Javascript that measures effective ad-exposure A global approach Ad-Exposure KPI – Buying optimization - Post test Branding campaigns are key to increase the media value. A precise measure of ad-exposure will become the main KPI
  3. 3. Branding campaigns Why switch from CTR to duration
  4. 4. CTR: one of the reason of the value loss...
  5. 5. CTR: the wrong metrics for branding campaigns Only 16% of clickers in a march 2009 (32% in july 2007)
  6. 6. CTR: no correlation with branding effects
  7. 7. CTR: Clickers have a less « desirable » profile
  8. 8. A good CTR is not a guarantee for a good visibility rate Ad-Visibility rate Click rate Top of a web page Bottom of a web page * Data collected on sample pages
  9. 9. Alenty exposure KPIs
  10. 10. Visibility is N°1 KPI Ad visible on screen : considered as seen if the web surfer is active. Ad not visible on screen. <ul><li>Two criteria to define visibility: </li></ul><ul><li>Visibility on screen </li></ul><ul><li>mouse/keyboard activity </li></ul>
  11. 11. To go beyond visibility: exposure & engagement duration Level of engagement - + Brand website duration Interaction duration Exposure duration (weighted) Visibility duration Served banners Engagement duration
  12. 12. Exposure duration: taking into acccount the share of the screen Both ads are visible. One is bigger than the other, therefore the potential impact on the user might be higher. This ad covers 3% of screen. Its supposed potential impact should be 3 times lower than the other ad's. This ad covers 10% of screen. It has a 10%-chance to draw the user's attention.
  13. 13. Exposure duration for expand banners example For this ad, Exposure Duration is: 50% x 5 seconds (expanded) + 10% x 30 seconds (not expanded) = 2.5 + 3 Exposure Duration = 5.5 seconds The banner expands to cover 50% of the screen during 5 seconds. Then, it shrinks back to 10% of the screen and remains visible during 30 seconds.
  14. 14. Instream advertising measurement Flash API for easy integration into video players
  15. 15. Mobile and tablets Mobile web today, apps end d of 2011 Alenty's technology is compatible with mobile browsers Ad not viewed Because of the zoom
  16. 16. Branding campaigns Why effective ad exposure is so important ?
  17. 17. The Internet is lagging badly in capturing brand ad $ More & bigger budgets less price sensitive More value for all online players Traditional media measures (GRP) Branding ROI measurement What is missing ? Branding campaigns
  18. 18. Alenty Key metrics
  19. 19. The impact of each impression can be optimized 0% 100% 0s 60s Visibility duration Viewed area Creative duration (15 seconds) What advertisers want <30% of the impressions 0s-0% : 27% of the impressions Impressions distribution
  20. 20. Recall score uplift with respect to impression duration visibility duration / Creative duration Best recall score uplift: At least 80% of the creative duration has to be seen, more than 120% is useless 74% of the media plan of standard campaigns is not optimized for best recall
  21. 21. Recall score uplift with respect to frequency Effective frequency Best recall score obtained with a 4- impression repetition 85% of unique users are completely under exposed
  22. 22. The branding funnel: ad exposure is KPI N°1 100 impressions bought on target 10 impressions efficiently repeated 30 impressions efficiently seen 90% loss ! CPM: 3€ Eff-CPM: 9€ Eff-CPM: 30€
  23. 23. Branding campaigns challenges Eff-CPM calculation according to placements visibility Boost efficient repetition From impression buying to audience efficient exposure buying DSP integration to optimize the whole process Each individual (in the target) has to be efficiently exposed to the message with the right repetition (depending on the format) Recall post test Sales impact measurement Branding ROI measurement to prove the branding value
  24. 24. Branding ROI analysis
  25. 25. Branding ROI measurement is key Post tests based on effective exposure In stores sales Recall Users on-line Recruitment Access panel TNS MarketingScan Panel Nielsen Panel Reach & frequency Nielsen Homescan
  26. 26. Today, post tests based on served banners are biased 2 main biases Non exposed people Control group Profile comparability issue with the test group. If not recruited on the same sites at the same hours: different media profile & different behavior Exposed people Test group 30 to 50% are not really exposed -10 to 20% are not exposed at all - 20 to 30% are exposed Less than 3 s
  27. 27. The Alenty/TNS partnership for a far better branding ROI measurement (digital adeffect) AdServer Banner AL servers AL script Access Panel LSR AL script Panelists id Visibility measurement Panelists exposure Post-test based on exposure levels Campaign exposure Tracking & optimzation Control group based on people exposed <X s
  28. 28. Sales impact measurement with MarketingScan (Webscan) AdServer Banner AL servers AL script Panel AL script Panelists id Visibility measurement Panelists exposure WebScan Campaign visibility Tracking & optimzation
  29. 29. Real Reach & frequency with Nielsen AdServer Banner AL script AL servers Nielsen Audience panel AL script Visibility measurement Cookie Id Exposure Campaign visibility Tracking & optimzation Reach & frequency based on exposure levels Alenty cookie interception
  30. 30. Some of our clients
  31. 31. Some of our clients
  32. 32. Questions Thank you for your attention UK country manager Eric Merceron Phone : +44 07892 877 051 Mail : Web : S.V.P. Sales & Marketing Frank Durousset Phone : +33 6 76 80 37 69 Mail : Web : Germany country manager Milan Dolinar Phone : +49 176 633 10582 Mail : Web :