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for my thesis

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. LOOC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Homeroom PTA Looc, Salay Misamis Oriental November25,2015 LEM HRPTA ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Sir/Madam: Subject:SolicitationforSupport The Little Miss andMister Christmaswill be heldonDecember , 2015. Thisactivitywill puttoa testnot onlyto improve the talentsof Grade 1 pupilsbutalsoto helpthemlessentheirinferiority and letthemknowthateach one of themhasown skillsandtalents. Three sectionsof Grade 1 will have participantsandeachone of themwill be incurringexpencesfor theirgowns,formal attire andotherexpenses.Andwe alsoneedexpensesforprizesandawards. To alleviate thisfinancialburden.We the LEMGrade 1 HRPTA Officersand teachers appeal toyour generoussupportwhichwill benefitthe Grade 1 pupils/parentstowhomthe solicitorbelongs. Your generositywill certainlygoalongway indeveloping confidence,andtalentsinourGrade 1 pupils,the leadersof the nextgeneration. We lookforwardtoyour kindsupport. Sincerely, Mrs. Vergie A.Llano Mr. Joel M. Enerio Teacher President Ms. Nellie D.Barlisan Mr. ArningSaraus Teacher President Mrs. Frecy D. Bajao Mr. Malco Quiaman Teacher President