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Maker Culture & Academic Libraries


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Maker Culture & Academic Libraries

  1. 1. Maker Culture andAcademic Libraries
  2. 2. What is Maker Culture?DIY
  3. 3. DIY + Open
  4. 4. Innovation, Teaching& Learning Spaces
  5. 5. Community
  6. 6. "Our wildest dream was to empowerthe next generation of Makers“ - PeteLomas
  7. 7. How to give a presentation:
  8. 8. • Embedded systems• Sensors and home automation systems• Robots and near-space balloons• ?
  9. 9. 3D Printers• Universal connectors for LEGO, Erector Sets,etc.• Surgical prep based on CT scans of patients• Prototyping designs, visualizations, etc.• ?
  10. 10. Why should universities be involved?In 15 years, what will education &innovation look like?
  11. 11. • Go to Maker Faire Vancouver June 1-2– 20% code: MEM20• Send students to Maker Faire, VancouverHack Space, Vancouver Community Labs, etc.• Visit these spaces yourself and think abouthow we might adopt some of their practicesSmall, pragmatic steps forward:All images ©Emily Smith (Flikr: blue mollusc