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PaperClipPlus for Carrier Invoices - Authorization


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Share files easily and securely for FREE. Know with certainty when someone has seen your file, or more importantly, if they have not.

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PaperClipPlus for Carrier Invoices - Authorization

  1. 1. for Carriers Send and manage your shipper invoices --Know they got them, and know if they didn’t!!
  2. 2. Why use PaperClipPlus™ to send your invoices?• How many times have you heard “I didn’t receive your invoice”? Probably several times a month.• Wouldn’t you like a service that sends your invoice, then shows you a log of who got it, and when?• Even better, we can show you that they didn’t get it, so you can follow up before it’s past due.• It’s easy – just login, upload, and start sharing.• Best of all, PaperClipPlus™ is FREE!!!
  3. 3. Log in to your PaperClipPlus™ account.
  4. 4. Click on New File to upload your invoice.
  5. 5. Begin by selecting a file ...
  6. 6. … from your file system.
  7. 7. Add a description that is meaningful to you.Change Authorization to be anyone at Acme Inc. (* – this means the recipient must enter an “” email address to access the file. Clear the Verified flag.
  8. 8. Add Tags that describe your file - we’ll see later how they are useful. Also, tags are very important when using a File Set, which we’ll see in the next presentation. Click upload.
  9. 9. File is uploaded. Click on My Files to share.
  10. 10. Click on the row to see the detail.
  11. 11. Click on the person icon, and you get 3 options for sharing.
  12. 12. The recipient receives your email and clicks the link.They are prompted to enter their email address for logging – that is how you know they got it.
  13. 13. They see the file and can either view or download it.
  14. 14. Back to your account. Click on the History icon of the file …
  15. 15. … and see that the recipient has seen the file set, and when.
  16. 16. Now we’ll discuss how tags are useful. You can search for one of your tags and get a list of matching entries. You can also search for words and partial words contained in your filenames and descriptions. Search for “acme” and get a list of items for Acme Inc.
  17. 17. PaperClipPlus™• PaperClipPlus™ is perfect for sending invoices.• You know with certainty when someone gets your invoice – and more importantly, if they have not.• The useful search function provides flexible filtering on filename, description, or tag.• PaperClipPlus™ is FREE – there is registration fee, no fee per file, no fee to the recipient.• Click the link for more information: