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OP Talent Triangle

The next challenge for OP members is to discover your strengths using the Talent Triangle Method by Yu-kai Chou

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OP Talent Triangle

  1. 1. OP Talent Triangle
  2. 2. 10,000 Hours of Play (10k HP) 10,000 Hours of Play is Yu-kai’s next major book project. You’ve probably seen the webinars and OP Island videos, beginning with Choosing Your Game. And the Talent Triangle is a big part of the puzzle, because you need to Know Your Attributes. You may not know this, but OP Members are already discovering what they are good at! For example, in the 10k HP Webinar, Yu-kai had conversations with Zdravko, JK, Kris, & Sarah about their Talents! These conversations can be quite eye-opening! Knowing thyself is a crucial step in deciding on a path forward in your life.
  3. 3. Now it is your turn...
  4. 4. Erik’s Strengths (I’m taking the journey, too) Active Listening Organizing People Problem - Puzzle Solving Interest in People Engagement with Abstract Ideas Making People Feel Safe and Comfortable Imagination Observation
  5. 5. The Talent Triangle takes shape...
  6. 6. Your Quest 1. Create your list of Strengths. (Use a Mind Map, a piece of paper, an Excel grid--your choice!) 2. Identify your Ring Strengths, and finally, your Edge Strength. 3. Upload and display your Talent Triangle here in the Challenge Section. 4. Bonus Points if you include a write-up about how you derived these were your top talents 5. Extra Bonus Points if you include an explanation on how you can make these talents applicable to your life.
  7. 7. If you need help: Ask a question in #04-i-need-help in the Slack Community! OR Email Good luck & Prime On!!! Stay tuned for the Silver Powerup Challenge!