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Octalysis Prime July SuperBetter Design Challenge


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In the Octalysis Prime community, we periodically give challenges to test members' skill level and help professionals level up in gamification and human-focused design.

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Octalysis Prime July SuperBetter Design Challenge

  1. 1. for SuperBetter Gamification Design Challenge
  2. 2. by Gamification Design Challenge
  3. 3. Challenge: Non Affiliated. Non Sponsored. Improving Onboarding Design for Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter
  4. 4. Take the July Octalysis Design Challenge What is at stake? SuperBetter could be even better. But it’s up to you… To use your Octalysis Glasses to improve SuperBetter’s Onboarding phase.
  5. 5. The Challenge • SuperBetter is a popular behavior-change app from Jane McGonigal (author of Reality is Broken) • Use the following template to improve SuperBetter’s Onboarding in the context of Octalysis • Present the slides however you’d like, including a short movie on YouTube or Loom (optional!) • Winner will be chosen for their understanding of the Octalysis Framework (and other behavioral design models), empathetic design, creativity, and effectiveness towards driving Desired Actions. • Winner will receive a 1on1 video review with Yu-kai Chou. Based on volume of submissions, we may not provide feedback to every submission outside the winners. However, we will showcase the winner’s work for all to review and learn from. • Send your submission to by July 30, 2017.
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