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Octalysis Certification - Level 1 (Octalysis Prime)


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How To & Requirements

Published in: Design
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Octalysis Certification - Level 1 (Octalysis Prime)

  1. 1. May, 2020
  2. 2. Welcome Level 1 Hi Octalysis Primer, You have watched many videos on the Island, discussed your new knowledge on Slack and impressed your friends with your understanding of Octalysis. Now it is time for a Challenge, an Octchallengis! Here, you have the chance to apply your Octalysis knowledge and get official feedback from an expert to learn from and help you on your path to mastery. The best way to learn is to apply your knowledge and you can do that here. For a level 1 you must display competency in the usage of the fundamentals of the Octalysis Framework. It is not meant to be quick, nor easy. It is meant to be rare and prestigious. If you have any questions, reach out to
  3. 3. TheOctalysisCertificate The Octalysis Certificate is the official badge of honor by Yu-kai and his team to validate that someone has the proper understanding and skills to wield the Octalysis Framework. Instead of taking an easy multiple-choice quiz, like many other certificates require (sometimes after a $1000+ payment), the Octalysis Certificate is earned by submitting a free form design. Following the Octalysis Strategy Dashboard, an Octalysis Analysis and Brainstorming. This is the type of work and discipline that true experts and designers use in real life projects to improve the world.
  4. 4. WhatOthersSayAboutOctalysis "Octalysis is a powerful and pragmatic framework to understand human nature and positive motivators that encourage people to do their best work. It should be required reading for anyone building, managing, or collaborating with a team, community, or ecosystem.” Susie Wee, CTO of Networked Experiences at Cisco Systems “Yu-kai’s Insights were instrumental in helping Lucky Diem supercharge our client La Quinta’s bookings per user by 206% and incremental revenue per user by $157 (132% Lift) against the control group. Being able to achieve a viral coefficient of 530%, I would recommend any business to work with Yu-kai and learn his Octalysis Framework.” Andrew Landis, Founder & CEO of Lucky Diem "Yu-Kai’s Octalysis framework is a powerful addition to the tool kit of any creative professional." David Webster, Managing Director of IDEO ”Yu-kai is at the cutting edge of the field of behavioral design." Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  5. 5. HowtoStart • Buy the Certification Preparation on the Island and prepare yourself. • Make sure you are currently a Premium Member of Octalysis Prime. (If not, you can submit via email, along with a $100 [$200 incl. feedback] PayPal payment sent to • Pick an experience you are familiar with and want to improve. (This cannot be something that has already been covered in any level certificate, or was the subject of a Challenge.) • To guarantee good quality, in both submissions and given feedback, Members can resubmit twice. After this follows a 3 month waiting period to have time to get educated more, starting at the date of the last received feedback. • Read and follow the requirements on the next slide. Level 1
  6. 6. Requirements Level 1 • Shortly summarize the chosen experience. • Define the following aspects of the Strategy Dashboard: • Top 3 Business Metrics • Player Types, with an Octalysis graph for the main Player Type(s) • Desired Actions for the Scaffolding phase • Analyze the Current Experience (with Octalysis graph). • Brainstorm new features (come up with new ideas or use existing game techniques as inspiration). The Octalysis graphs made for the main Player Type(s) and the Analysis of the Current Experience are the main indicators for level 1 competency, but every requirement listed will determine the outcome. Submit your work as a PDF file of 8-20 slides to the Challenge Section. You can expect feedback within 3 weeks.
  7. 7. RewardsandBenefits Level 1 APPLYING • On the Island: EXP in Core Drives 235 for every upvote. • The opportunity to truly practice and apply your Octalysis knowledge. • Receive official feedback from an expert. • Help the community by letting them learn from your submission. • Learn new skills, like making human- focused presentations. * Yu-kai has been told by hiring managers that they saw applicants with an Octalysis Certificate and interviewed them because of that. ATTAINING • On the Island: 1500 EXP in all 8 Core Drives as well as 4000 Chou Coins. • Prestige and recognition in the Octalysis community and the outer world as bearer of a level 1 Certificate. • Job opportunities in Gamification, Behavioral Design and User Experience within many companies.*
  8. 8. WhatCertificateHoldersSay Level 1 “The Octalysis Framework has changed my vision for life and human behavior. It made me see the world from a whole new perspective. Attaining my Level 1 Octalysis Certificate is my the first step in becoming a better teacher with powerful engagement techniques.” Sameh Ibrahim Emam, Teaching Assistant at Future University in Egypt “The Octalysis Framework is for engagement and gamification, what HTML is for the World Wide Web. On Octalysis Prime anyone can learn to understand and improve real-life and digital experiences. Certification is the evidence that you are ready to make school, workplace, events and life in general, more engaging and effective. Sergio Ligato, Learning Designer, Blogger at
  9. 9. PRIMEON! 1 2 3 4 5 Unlocked when 40 people attain Level 2. View the Hall of Fame for Octalysis Certificate Holders View the Hall of Fame for Octalysis Certificate Holders