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Item Design Challenge for Octalysis Prime


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Will the item you design become a permanent item for all members to enjoy?

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Item Design Challenge for Octalysis Prime

  1. 1. OP Design Challenge
  2. 2. Create a Suite of Items for Octalysis Prime And Secure Your Everlasting OP Legacy
  3. 3. The OP Journey So Far Octalysis Prime Launched: 200+ Videos Powerups added to the Island Next Step: Item creation
  4. 4. OPVideos
  5. 5. The Design of OP Powerups
  6. 6. Your Challenge: And influence the shape & experience of OP Create New Items for Octalysis Prime
  7. 7. Gear Up! • Consider synergy with other items and powerups • Create a description of each item • Provide item Characteristics and/or Limitations • Give Price in Chou Coins • Design 3-5 screens demonstrating visual interaction • Items should use the 8 Core Drives to improve the experience on the Island • Your item or group of items can affect any phase of the player experience, from Discovery to Onboarding to Scaffolding to Endgame • Finalists will present their designs to Yu-kai, Tiago, Leo, and Erik • The winner’s item/s will be included on the Island!
  8. 8. Consider the Overall Experience of OP including…
  9. 9. Current Items Tab It is a little lonely here for the Geomon Album…
  10. 10. Octalysis Companion
  11. 11. Various Areas
  12. 12. The Overall Experience
  13. 13. To be Clear • Using the Power/Ease Feature List Process: the winner is going to be the Item that is not only the most Powerful, but also the Easiest to implement. If you can find an item that has a P = 10 and E = 10, you’re a legend! :) • The winner/s can also add their names to the items if they want, like “Erik’s potion”, to leave a permanent mark on the Island.
  14. 14. Prime On! • Upload your submission in the Challenge Section on the OP Island. • Deadline is October 5, 2018. • Members will get 5 points each in CD2/3/5 for every upvote they receive. • Good luck, have fun!