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Megatrend survey sample report


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How to use megatrend assessment in a corporate innovation and strategy exercise

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Megatrend survey sample report

  1. 1. Megatrend internal survey -Get your team’s input on the threats and opportunities of key long-term trends for your company- Sample report @fdemeyer Instituteforfutureinsights fdemeyer
  2. 2. •  The aim of this document is to provide an example of the outcome of an internal survey about the impact of megatrends on a specific company. •  The survey intends to highlight the respondent’s opinions on the threats and opportunities specific megatrends have on the company, as well as the company’s preparedness to respond to these. •  The results serve as valuable discussion points in a meeting or workshop, to uncover new innovation potential, or sharpen the long-term corporate strategy.
  3. 3. Conduct a preliminary survey to generate insights and discussion points Step 1: select 20-25 trends Step 2: send the survey 4 questions for each trend (score 1-5): •  Disruptive impact on your industry •  Threat level on your company •  Opportunity level for your company •  How prepared is your company for these threats & opportunities? Step 3: analyze results Step 4: Discuss the findings •  What does it mean for us? •  How can we prepare for future threats? •  How to catch new opportunities? •  How do competitors prepare? We can help you with designing the survey and producing a world-class document of the findings! Contact for more information
  4. 4. 1. Preparation •  59 megatrend fact sheets to be sent to participants to educate them on the megatrends that will be assessed 2. Survey •  Agree on selection of megatrends to include in the assessment •  Design survey (i4fi uses Typeform and Surveymonkey as survey tool, both can be customized to include your logo, or you use your own survey tool) •  (max) 5 business days after all responses are collected, you will receive an assessment pack with world-class analysis of the results, ready to be discussed internally! 3. Discuss •  Discuss the findings in a meeting or workshop. Need facilitation in the discussion? We can help as well… The different steps are optional! Feel free to ask for a customized offer: helping you anticipate the future
  6. 6. Get the most value out of the megatrend exercise, the Institute for Future Insights is here to help you! •  Ask for more information at •  Or ask for a tailor made quote using this form: helping you anticipate the future NAME: _________________________________ EMAIL: _________________________________ COMPANY: _______________________________ COUNTRY: _______________________________ I’m interested in: Megatrend survey Estimated number of respondents: __________ Estimated number of trends: __________ Estimated month of the survey: __________ 59 Megatrend Fact Sheets (Powerpoint) Survey discussion session Estimated location of the session (country): ______________ Estimated timing of the session (month): ______________ Estimated number of participants: ______________ Send this form to for a personalized quote
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