4 ways to spot long term trends


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since so many people asked me...

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4 ways to spot long term trends

  1. 1. 4 ways to spot long-term trendsfrederic de meyerfounderinstitute for future insightsfrederic@i4fi.comwww.i4fi.comwww.fredericdemeyer.com@fdemeyer
  2. 2. Statistical certainties ways to spot long-term trendsaccuracy Gut feel… Frederic De Meyer @ i4fi sophistication
  3. 3. spotting long-term trends -extrapolate-
  4. 4. trend: locally grown vegetables inurban areas, sometimes managed in communities are these signs of a trend towards: urban farming
  5. 5. urban farmingNatural resources scarcity, oil Conscious consumer, focus on price volatility will increase Self-reliance, ‘Do it Yourself’ health, ethical buying(transport) cost of food in big cities
  6. 6. spotting long-term trends -transpose-
  7. 7. mass customization clothes candy education (?) healthcars shoes government (?) … care (?) food toys retail (?) … prints media utilities (?)
  8. 8. mass customizationautomation Self awareness, self-centricity, (pressure from) 3D printing choice
  9. 9. spotting long-term trends -synthesize-
  10. 10. press music banks
  11. 11. press music banks disintermediation
  12. 12. disintermediationDigitalization, ‘everything as a Personalization, personal New business models, platform’ branding, social media ‘creative destruction’
  13. 13. spotting long-term trends -connecting the dots-
  14. 14. patients now have limitless ways (mass) customization of health care to be as knowledgeable as the becomes the new paradigm doctor new market for DIY health open source pharma challenges the current (9000 Apple apps for personal business R&D model health care)
  15. 15. Patients now have limitless ways (mass) Customization of health care to be as knowledgeable as the becomes the new paradigm doctor health as a lifelong service New market for DIY health Open source pharma challenges the current (9000 Apple apps for personal business R&D model health care)
  16. 16. health as a lifelong serviceDigitalization, social networks Mass customization, Scientific advancements personalization
  17. 17. The future cannot be predicted …but it can be made ! (ancient African saying) www.i4fi.com www.fredericdemeyer.com additional questions: frederic@i4fi.com
  18. 18. discover our services Full assessment Long-term Thought- of the impact competitive provoking of megatrends benchmarks keynote on your based on 25 speeches and business metrics workshopswebsite www.i4fi.comblog www.fredericdemeyer.commail frederic@i4fi.comPhone +32 478 68 13 08for useful long-term planning tools: http://www.i4fi.com/useful_tools.html
  19. 19. are you prepared to make the maximum out of long-term trends? “Frederic offers a unique insight of how global changes translate into new business opportunities. This book is an essential tool for any future-oriented manager or entrepreneur and anyone involved in innovation strategies” Philippe De Ridder, co-founder, Board of Innovation “Designing and implementing a good strategy is quite a challenge. In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize the core from the noise. This book on megatrends will help you do this. It will give you the necessary insights to focus on the themes that are crucial to the future of your company. A must read!” Jeroen De Flander, co-founder, The Performance Factory, author of Strategy Execution HeroesIn English onclick here “This excellent book is a comprehensive overview of the major trends and also offers a methodology to better assess the future reality and master its consequences. The author provides an essential guide for any strategy exercise” In Dutch at Peter Corijn, Vice-President, Procter & Gamble click here