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Office 365 Document Backup


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You can backup your documents in Office 365 and SharePoint Online running a local Windows Service.

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Office 365 Document Backup

  1. 1. Microsoft Office 365 Document Backup Features & Benefits The Layer2 Cloud Connector closes many gaps that still exists with document backup in Microsoft Office 365: • The connector offers a general approach for data migration, backup, integration and synchronization on-premises-to-cloud but also cloud-to-cloud that includes structured data (e.g. from databases) and files (e.g. from local file server, NAS, or SharePoint). • One tool supports the whole Microsoft Cloud: Office 365, SharePoint, Office Groups, Microsoft Teams and others supported for data and file sync. • Ready to use in minutes: Just create your connections, manually or by PowerShell. • Secure connection: The connector runs locally as a Windows Service on a Windows server or client inside the corporate network with Internet connectivity to keep multiple connections in sync. • No 3rd party involved: No documents are exposed to any 3rd party or cloud. Direct connections between local server and Office 365 via SSL/HTTPS. • Several authentication methods: Microsoft Account, ADFS federated, local domain, and more. • Document versioning enabled: The Windows File History can be used to keep a history of older versions of Office 365 documents locally. • Any backup tool can be used: You can apply any backup software to backup your locally synced Office 365 files. • No limitations regarding number of files to backup: The SharePoint list view threshold issue (>5.000 / 20.000 files) is not an issue anymore. • Views can optionally be used on the SharePoint side to select specific document sets for backup. • Dynamic Columns are supported to add business logic in C#, if required. • Document backup is just one option: 100+ more data sources are supported for codeless data sync. Licensing & Partner Program Licensing per local installation. No user CALs required. One-time fee. No data-volume related costs. • Free Shareware Edition: Limited to 25 documents. • Free Evaluation: Limited to 14 days. • Personal Edition: US$ 499 / 399 € per server. • Professional Edition: US$ 1.407 / 995 € per server. • Annual Software Assurance: 20% per year. • Layer2 Partner Program for VARs and resellers: 15-30% discount on licenses, FREE NFR Edition, priority support, partner page, lead transfer. “Brilliant tool, e.g. for replicating local files to a Sharepoint Online library. The assistance I received from Layer2 was outstanding. We are signing up as a partner and deploying to other clients using SharePoint Online.” Melanie Cook, Data Fast Systems Pty. Ltd. Layer 2 GmbH | Eiffestr. 664b | D-20537 Hamburg | Germany +49 (0) 40 284112–30 | |