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Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint


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The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint solves many issues that still exist with Microsoft SharePoint data integration. It connects SharePoint on-premises lists to 100+ external data sources without any programming to keep the data in sync. All the great SharePoint features are supported for connected lists.

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Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint

  1. 1. Layer 2 GmbH ▪ Eiffestraße 664 b ▪ 20537 Hamburg ▪ Germany ▪ Tel.: +49 40 284112 - 30 ▪ Email: ▪ Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint SHAREPOINT INTEGRATION FEATURES & BENEFITS The Layer2 Business Data List Connector (BDLC) can integrate 100+ external data sources directly with native lists in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007/2010/2013/2016: A 100% SharePoint- and browser-based solution: the connection setup is rea- lized within minutes. Just click “Connect to external data source” in the Share- Point list settings dialog. No programming or additional tools required: use the SharePoint features you are already familiar with such as lists, secure store, and timer jobs. Trigger the data synchronization manually on demand, via API, or schedule it automatically in the background with flexible settings. Supported auto-created SharePoint list columns, auto-mapping, and field/ column mapping customizations. Data type conversions are included. 100+ external data sources supported: ODBC, OLEDB, OData, ADO.NET-based sources, data files (Excel, XML, CSV), SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, IBM Db2, IBM AS/400, Informix, PostgreSQL, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Navision, Lotus Notes, SAP, ERP/CRM/CMS systems, RSS Feed, XML Web Requests, OData/SOAP Web Services, etc. Additional opportunity to use and work with Microsoft Flow or PowerApps. The BDLC provides users with connectivity to external data sources from native SharePoint lists, with the ability for workflows to be triggered by external data changes. Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex 100+ apps and systems
  2. 2. 100+ apps and systems Layer 2 GmbH ▪ Eiffestraße 664 b ▪ 20537 Hamburg ▪ Germany ▪ Tel.: +49 40 284112 - 30 ▪ Email: ▪ LICENSING & PARTNER NETWORK Optional use of write-back from SharePoint to data-source feature in real-time with full CRUD (Create/Update/Delete) operations. All SharePoint list features are now available. Make use of views, filters, search, forms, and mobile/offline access for your external data. Possibility to add additional “SharePoint-only” columns for ranking, rating, tagging, comments, or file attachments. Many data providers are included in the download package with full support of vendor-specific and 3rd-party ADO.NET data providers. A free trial is available for download after registration (limited to 25 items per list). License: US$1,065 / €749 one-time fee per SharePoint Server (WFE and application servers). Optional annual software assurance for free updates and upgrades. Layer2 Partner Network: cost-free, 15–30% discount on licenses, free NFR editions, web site listing, lead transfer, priority support, joint development.