Devour Your Competition: Building the best (ecommerce) web site in 2013


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This is the slidedeck from my March 2013 Presentation of the same name at the ASD/IMA show.

Learn about these must have features to dominate in ecommerce in 2013.

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  • Introduce and declare the topic
  • We’re going to start with a high level view and work our way to specific items.This concept can be applied to websites as a whole or detailed items.Start asking yourself, “Does your [idea/solution/change] improve usability, utility, desirability”Jon Wiley, Lead Designer at Google, said“When I think of design and creating great user experiences, I generally think of it in terms of three things: usability, utility and desirability.”Image CreditsiPhone: Army Knife:
  • Expand each main item
  • Steve Jobs has said, “That's been one of my mantras -- focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”Image Source:
  • According to a study by Morgan Stanley Research (2010) – Mobile web browsing will pass desktop web browsing and continue to increaseMore Information: Credit:
  • Shopping is becomming more of a multi device taskImpulse Buys - Mobile purchases leads to more spontaneous shoppingO’Niel Case Study (6 Week Comparison)iPhone/iPod: Conversions: +65.71% , Transactions: +112.50%, Revenue: +101.25%Android Devices: Conversions: +407.32%, Transactions: +333.33%, Revenue: +591.42%Sources:
  • More Information:
  • Examples: & More Information:
  • Example:www.FirstPlaceParts.comMore Information:
  • 60% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. Why?“We recommend you first optimize your existing checkout process and create a clear and concise multi-step checkout for your customers BEFORE experimenting with a one page checkout.”“Users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people's attention for much longer” - Jakob Nielsen’s, from a Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting group: Nielsen Norman GroupDon’t stop with just the checkout. Contact forms, FAQs, and other important pages should be clear to navigateMore Information: Credit:
  • Image CreditsSwiss Army Knife:
  • Just want to be sure that you are aware of Miva’s newest improvements & features
  • Just want to be sure that you are aware of Miva’s newest improvements & features
  • Gather the Easy for You to use… Set it and forget it!Analyze your site’s performance, take the pain Others:SearchSpring -HummingBird – Real Time Traffic - Webstie Optimizer – Q/A & Multivariat testing Credit:
  • Easy for You to use… Set it and forget it!Image Credit:
  • Image Credit:
  • Without usability and utility, you can't really create desirability
  • Devour Your Competition: Building the best (ecommerce) web site in 2013

    1. 1. Devour Your Competition: Building the Best Web Site Rick Wilson President/COO Miva Merchant ASD/IMA March 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada
    2. 2. Devour Your Competition: Building The Best Web SiteNew Features That Are Must Haves In 2013
    3. 3. What is the New Normal?Usability Utility Desirability
    4. 4. Must Haves Concepts in 2013Usability Utility Desirability• Intuitive • Functional • Seductive• Focused • Easy to Use • Impressive• Effective • Helpful • Social Communication More Information:
    5. 5. What does this look like?Usability Utility Desirability• Intuitive • Functional • Seductive • Multi-Device Design • 2013 Must Have • Enhanced Product Features Pages• Focused • Navigation & Search • Easy to Use • Community • Analytics Tools • Social Media & SEO• Effective Communication • Helpful • Impressive • Optimized Checkouts • Product • Product Reviews & Page Direction Comparisons
    6. 6. USABILITY • Intuitive • Focused • Effective
    7. 7. Intuitive Usability: Multi-Device Design• Store interfaces need to be usable as a whole• Mobile vs. RWD• There is an increasing demand• *Mobile design is not for everyone.
    8. 8. Intuitive Usability:Multi-Device Design
    9. 9. Focused Usability:Navigation - Traits • Functionally Easy to Use • Understandable Hierarchy • Consistent Location Example:
    10. 10. Focused Usability: Navigation - FeaturesDrop Down, Fly-out, & Mega Menus Breadcrumbs “Speaking” Block Navigation
    11. 11. Focused Usability: Advanced Search• Emphasize Search• Auto-Complete• Search Facets• Searching Categories• Sorting & Pagination OptionsExample:
    12. 12. Effective Usability: Optimized Checkouts• Optimize the Checkout• Enhancing Checkout – Mini Basket – Shipping Estimator• Multiple Step vs. Don’t stop with just the checkout. Abbreviated Checkouts Contact forms, FAQs, and other important pages should be clear to navigate. Need Help?Recommended Reading:
    13. 13. UTILITY• Functional• Easy to Use• Helpful
    14. 14. Functional Utility: Key Features For 2013• Mini Basket• Shipping Estimator• Smart Breadcrumbs• Category Pagination & Sorting• Category & Product Page Templates
    15. 15. Functional Utility: Other Features To Consider• Facebook Connect• Social Networking Buttons• Social Commerce• Blog Integration
    16. 16. Easy to Use Utilities: For the Customer • Category Quickview • AJAX Add to Cart • Notifications after Actions
    17. 17. Easy to Use Utilities: For the Store Owners• Monitor Traffic• Track Sales & Conversion Rates• View Customer Checkout Flow• Track Searches• Test new features
    18. 18. Helpful Utility: Helping the Customer• Product Comparisons• Related Products• Detailed Category Pages
    19. 19. DESIRABILITY• Seductive• Community• Impressive
    20. 20. Seductive Desirability: Enhanced Product Pages- Show Alternate Colors & Views - Product Zoom - Large Image Lightbox
    21. 21. Seductive Desirability:Enhanced Product Pages
    22. 22. Community Desirability: Social Media & Marketing• Display your social networks• Be an active member in each social community• Integrate Social Media
    23. 23. Impressive Desirability: Product Reviews
    24. 24. ReviewUsability Utility Desirability• Intuitive • Functional • Seductive • Multi-Device Design • 2013 Keys • Enhancing Product • Mobile & Responsive • Mini Basket Pages • Shipping Estimator •• Focused Quality Images • Search • Easy to Use • Community • Facets • A/B Testing • Social Media • Autocompletes • AJAX Add to Cart • Follow on Contact• Effective • Helpful • Impressive Communication • Product • Product Reviews • Optimizing Checkouts Comparison
    25. 25. Questions ???Email Me:
    26. 26. Sources• PR8 Update 7 & 8 Overview -• Test Early, Test Often -• Usability, Utility, Desirability -• Multi-Screen World -• Top 100 Grossing E-Commerce Sites -• Essential E-Commerce Website Features - examples/• 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers - designers/• Mobile Websites vs. Responsive Websites - design.html