Fostering Global Understanding


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ACTFL 2006, Nashville, 16-19 November 2006

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Fostering Global Understanding

  1. 1. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Nashville, USA November 17, 2006 11/27/2006 1 Fostering Global Understanding 1
  2. 2. Fostering Global Understanding Ralph Annina, Bradford HS, Kenosha, Wisconsin Fiorenza Congedo, G. Marconi Technical HS, Verona, Italy 11/27/2006 2 Fostering Global Understanding 2
  3. 3. E-Learning Project Goals Motivate and engage students to learn Facilitate student writing in Italian Cultural awareness High-level computer literacy skills 11/27/2006 3 Fostering Global Understanding 3
  4. 4. E-Learning Description Students use E-Learning without Borders, an interactive web-site and bulletin board system, to share ideas, links, e-mails, multi-media materials and chat Students use MagazineFactory to write and publish articles in Italian Use school e-mail services FOR MORE INFO... 11/27/2006 4 Fostering Global Understanding 4
  5. 5. E-Learning without Borders Collaborative Virtual Classroom You need to reach Magazine Factory through this web-site: 11/27/2006 5 Fostering Global Understanding 5
  6. 6. Title: Teaching a Foreign Language Without Borders Pupil age group: anni 16 - 18 Language of the project: Italiano, English Summary: Il progetto nasce dalla collaborazione tra l’Istituto “G. Marconi” di Verona e scuole straniere in cui l’Italiano è studiato come lingua straniera. Gli studenti scrivono degli articoli in inglese (gli studenti dell’istituto “G. Marconi” di Verona) e in italiano (gli studenti delle altre scuole che partecipano al progetto). 11/27/2006 6 Fostering Global Understanding 6
  7. 7. Summary of benefits and transferability: La partecipazione a questo progetto si pone l’obiettivo di promuovere la conoscenza delle lingue attraverso l’innovazione tecnologica. Gli studenti studiano una lingua straniera utilizzando le nuove tecnologie per imparare a pubblicare nel loro giornale virtuale articoli di argomenti diversi. 11/27/2006 7 Fostering Global Understanding 7
  8. 8. I vantaggi sono evidentemente legati alla maggiore motivazione all'apprendimento di una lingua straniera da parte delle classi coinvolte e il miglioramento delle abilità linguistiche. La trasferibilità è legata alla possibilità di inserire nuove classi in qualsiasi momento dell’anno scolastico. nes/2669_1440/ 11/27/2006 8 Fostering Global Understanding 8
  9. 9. MagazineFactory MagazineFactory collaborative features suitable for international cooperation. MagazineFactory is an easy and enjoyable publishing tool which provides the teachers and the pupils an opportunity to work as editorial staff in the class and to publish a web magazine of their own. 11/27/2006 9 Fostering Global Understanding 9
  10. 10. The teacher is the editor-in-chief, while the pupils are journalists. The web magazine may be a single project, or a magazine which is edited continuously throughout the school year. 11/27/2006 10 Fostering Global Understanding 10
  11. 11. Analysis Strengths – Students interact with peers in Italy – Learn technology tools – Become independent learners Weaknesses – Takes time to set-up – E-mail accounts needed – No video or voice function yet i.e. Skype 11/27/2006 11 Fostering Global Understanding 11
  12. 12. Technology Needed Computer Lab Server accounts Internet access E-mail accounts On-going, weekly computer access 11/27/2006 12 Fostering Global Understanding 12
  13. 13. Procedures Review in classroom before going to lab “What we will be doing in lab?” Activities e-mailed to students – Include review exercises of class topics – E-learning activity for Community and Magazine 11/27/2006 13 Fostering Global Understanding 13
  14. 14. Italian 201 Honors Class Procedures for using e-mail Access your email via User ID is student Use same password you are currently using Your email address will be first character of your first name followed by period and up to 7 letters of your last name, for example: The account will be monitored for appropriate use. 11/27/2006 14 Fostering Global Understanding 14
  15. 15. Schedule Need at least 1 ½ hours – 2 ½ hours per week on-line Blocks of time better Allow home access 11/27/2006 15 Fostering Global Understanding 15
  16. 16. Questions and Answers 11/27/2006 16 Fostering Global Understanding 16