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How Fast Is The Arduino Pinoccio LightWeight Mesh Radio Network?


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While working on Votsh Waves using Pinoccio technology and Atmel's LightWeight Mesh (LWM) radio network technology we found technology choices that improved network transfer speeds.

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How Fast Is The Arduino Pinoccio LightWeight Mesh Radio Network?

  1. 1. VOTSH Increasing Pinoccio Network Speed How Fast Is The LightWeight Mesh Radio Network? August 5, 2014
  2. 2. • The Arduino Mesh Operating Environment • First Software Developer Focused Prototyping System • Open Source Software and Hardware
  3. 3. Votsh Waves Network Transfer Rates Are Important LightWeight Mesh Radio Network
  4. 4. LWM Network Speed K Bits Per Second Issue 0.6 Acknolwedgements “on”, 250 K bits/sec rate, sending messages > 1000 milliseconds, 50 character messages 5,200 Acknolwedgements “off”, 75 character messages,
 Sending messages > 250 milliseconds 90,000 Acknolwedgements “off”, 100 character messages, 
 1,000 K bits/second rate, send as often as possible 1 Megabyte Audio File in 1.6 Minutes
  5. 5. VOTSH Solutions • Hit the LWM Send as often as possible • Turn off acknowledgements • Crank up the transfer rate from the default 250kb/sec to 2Mb/sec • EEPROM_writeAnything(8126, transferRate ); • Use unicast or broadcast, not multicast Thanks Eric, Blathijs, Geoff
  6. 6. Votsh Waves and Pinoccio • Waves is a table top wireless computing platform that uses color, light, and animation to entertain and bring meaning to people's lives. • Kickstarter In September 2014 •
  7. 7. VOTSH Pinoccio