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Viafo‘s Services Gateway dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of integrating services (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, others) with native Mobile, Tablet and HTML5 apps. In addition to saving Publishers and Developers time and money, Viafo’s Services Gateway unifies popular actions, such as share, upload, check in, local search, and tags across the major services and enables value added services such as Twitter tag management, localization, brand protection and in-App user analytics.

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Viafo introduction

  1. 1. Viafo      
  2. 2. Introducing Viafo •  Focus: Reducing the cost and complexity of integrating Social Media & Location Services into connected Apps •  Customers: Brands, Enterprises & Media companies •  Distribution Partners: Agencies, Mobile Platforms & Mobile Services Firms •  Products: –  Services Gateway- Cloud based Social-Location App Integration, Management, Insight, Analytics & Localization –  Professional Services- App development strategy.
  3. 3. Integration Drives App Success Social Location Aware Local Interactive 30%  sharing  on   Facebook   2m+  Daily  Check  Ins   17%  sharing  on  Twi>er   700m+  Social  Networking  Users   600m+  local  deal  users  
  4. 4. Viafo Services Gateway •  Simplifies App-Service Integration •  Reduces up front App development costs •  Reduces ongoing App maintenance costs •  Reduces the frequency of required App updates •  Enables cloud based App provisioning & addition of new services (no App update required) •  Collects real time ‘in-App’ Social Media Insight
  5. 5. Viafo: Smarter Services Integration Future Services CONTROL   MANAGE   All  Apps   All  PLATFORMs   Future Services COMMUNICATE   Reduce  client  side  development:  With   Viafo’s  Service  Gateway  thousands  of   lines  of  custom  integraLon  code  are   replaced  with  our  simple  snippet  of  OS   specific  code  reference  code   Reduce  App  maintenance  cost:  Viafo’s   Service  Gateway  allows  you  to  add  and   manage  services  from  the  cloud  without   ever  having  to  update  your  apps.      
  6. 6. Additional Features •  Easy to integrate REST based API •  Supports both client and server O-Auth 1.0-2.0 •  ‘In app’ Social Media analytics and insight •  Cloud based service provisioning
  7. 7. Viafo: Better HTML5 •  Viafo enables HTML5-Service Integration –  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, RenRen, LinkedIn, Foursquare and More •  Viafo enables HTML5-Cloud Integration –  EC2, Azure, Google App Engine
  8. 8. The Viafo Team DAVID O’NEILL-CEO David has over a decade's experience building mobile start-ups and selling mobile solutions. As an early member of the mobile internet lab in London, David led the company's sales efforts leading to the eventual acquisition of the company to Argogroup.At Teleca David built up a string of new businesses, opening new key accounts like Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm, and turning green field ideas into multi-million dollar business streams. NICK DENNY- CTO Nick has worked his entire career in mobile and embedded systems engineering. As a specialist in embedded systems engineering Nick has worked on a wide range of mobile devices from OEMs including Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola and reference hardware from Texas Instruments. Nick was heavily involved in the development and integration of the first generation of mobile browsers and has worked on all mobile technologies from basic WAP enabled feature phones to the most recent generations of smartphones. JOHN COOPER: EMEA Prior to Viafo, John was the Managing Director of Teleca UK , responsible for an annual turnover of $16 million, and a staff of 150 people. John was responsible for the growth of Teleca’s business into significant new markets including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and Adobe Flash. Prior to his Managing Director role John led Teleca's Smartphones division, growing the unit to a $32 million per annum revenue business. John is also principal at Pyxis Ventures Ltd, a mobile consulting business. FRED CHIEUX: VP MARKETING F r e d i s a n e x p e r i e n c e d entrepreneur with a proven track of record of marketing & product development success in the mobile space. Prior to Viafo Fred was the Managing Partner at Duel Purpose, a boutique product marketing, and technology agency. Prior to Duel Purpose Fred was a Co-Founder and CEO of User Level Media, a video DRM company. Fred was also co-founded Neomar, developer of the first WAP browser and gateway for the Blackberry and Palm OS
  10. 10. Blood Sprint Leveraging deep Facebook and Location integration, Blood Sprint increases blood donation by giving potential donors real time location based information as to where blood is needed, and further incents donors with Facebook game rewards. PLATFORMS:  WINDOWS   PHONE,  S60,  S40     2011     INTEGRATED  SERVICES:     FACEBOOK,  NOKIA  LBS,   TWITTER     CLIENT:   NOKIA    
  11. 11. TV Pyx TV  Pyx    is  a  mulL  plaSorm  app  that  allows  users  to  share  Twi>er  stream  fshow   informaLon  and  acLvely  parLcipate  in  the  conversaLon.     Integrated  directly  with  TV  show  informaLon,  users  can  pull  up  the  Twi>er  stream  for  a   show,  and  interact  with  all  the  major  Twi>er  funcLons.    Powered  by  the  Viafo  Services   Gateway,  TV  Pyx  is  from  future  changes  by  Twi>er  or  Facbook  and  addiLonal  services  can   be  added  to  the  app  from  the  cloud  w/o  rewrites  or  requiring  user  updates.   CLIENT:   PYXIS  CONSULTING     PLATFORM:  WINDOWS   MOBILE:  NOKIA  S60     INTEGRATED  SERVICES:   TWITTER,  FACEBOOK    
  12. 12. THANK YOU Fred Chieux +1 512 577 4653