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D.Herriau sur Devops - CA Technologies


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Présentation de l'offre DevOps de CA

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D.Herriau sur Devops - CA Technologies

  1. 1. 1 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CA World 2014 @ Gartner IT Expo: Inventing Tomorrow - DevOps Delivering Innovation and Differentiation in the Application Economy Denis Herriau, Director Solution Sales #ApplicationEconomy #CAWorld
  2. 2. 2 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. RAPID Execution AUTOMATED Processes The products and services you need to build, deliver and manage applications that consistently provide exceptional customer value and experience. KEEP PACE WITH THE VELOCITY OF BUSINESS CHANGE IN THE APPLICATION ECONOMY market leading flexible, open world-class service QUALITY Services [speed] [Cost/productivity] [quality] DevOps Portfolio from CA
  3. 3. 3 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DevOps Portfolio from CA Key capabilities that enable a DevOps approach Agile Parallel Build manageable, reliable, scalable apps faster Development Continuous Deploy to production with less effort and fewer errors Delivery Agile Assure good business user and customer experience Operations
  4. 4. 4 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Build and publish APIs securely; simplify the creation of enterprise and mobile applications • Publish usable API prototypes via developer portal so application build can begin and be done in parallel work stream as API is completed KEY CAPABILITIES • Accelerate time-to-market • Create higher quality, more resilient apps that are easier to deploy and manage • ‘Shift left’ to find defects earlier so the person who knows the app best can fix - quickly and reliably KEY BENEFITS Agile Parallel Development Overview Market leading service virtualization, API management and test automation combine to accelerate development and test of connected enterprise mainframe and mobile apps and APIs across the enterprise. Key Products: CA Service Virtualization, CA API Developer Portal, CA Mobile API Gateway
  5. 5. 5 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Connect to existing open-source or commercial DevOps tools with 100+ integrations or quickly create custom integrations • Automate release promotion • Reuse automation flows across apps, teams and environments KEY CAPABILITIES • Accelerate release deployment • Reduce manual effort and cost • Protect investment in existing tools • Scale across large enterprise environments securely and reliably • Eliminate manual errors KEY BENEFITS Continuous Delivery Overview Key Products: CA Release Automation, CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test Enterprise-class release orchestration and automation for building continuous delivery tool chains to accelerate complex, multi-tiered deployments.
  6. 6. 6 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Manage application performance from mobile to mainframe with business KPIs, usage and crash analytics, deep transaction tracing • Unified management of apps, infrastructure, services and user experience from the data center to the cloud KEY CAPABILITIES • Quickly identify and resolve issues to reduce MTTR and deliver optimal customer experience • Accelerate delivery of high-quality mobile apps • Enable fast feedback for continuous improvement KEY BENEFITS Agile Operations Overview Monitor and manage applications and infrastructure to enable fast feedback of data and assure optimal customer experience. Key Products: CA Application Performance Management, CA Unified Infrastructure Management New Product: CA Mobile App Analytics
  7. 7. 7 © 2014 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. New market leading service virtualization, API management and test automation capabilities unleash dev velocity New Mobile App Analytics provides deeper application performance analytics for a higher quality user-experience—extends CA’s performance management from mobile to mainframe New release automation capabilities accelerate multi-tiered deployments; connects with any open-source or commercial DevOps tools and creates custom integrations in minutes Agile Parallel Development Continuous Delivery Agile Operations DevOps Accelerating Innovation for Business Growth New DevOps practice includes strong network of partners that offers training, assessment and other key services to accelerate and implementation of DevOps strategy Rapid Execution Automated Process New Application Lifecycle Conductor automates and manages modern, high quality development from mainframe to mobile. Quality Services Application Lifecycle Management DevOps Services