Co operation agreement


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Co operation agreement

  1. 1. SPECIFIC AGREEMENT OF MUTUAL CO-OPERATION BETWEEN THE KULTURHISTORISK MUSEUM (NORWAY) AND THE ADVANCED SCHOOL OF CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION OF CULTURAL PROPERTIES OF GALICIA (SPAIN)On behalf of the Director of THE ADVANCED SCHOOL OF CONSERVATION ANDRESTORATION OF CULTURAL PROPERTIES OF GALICIA, Mrs ADELAIDALORENZO SUEIROOn behalf of the Head of the Conservation Department of THE KULTURHISTORISKMUSEUM, Mrs ANNE SOMMER-LARSEN PreliminaryWith this agreement The Advanced School of Conservation and Restoration of CulturalProperties of Galicia tries to establish some action principles with The KulturhistoriskMuseum (Norway) to make the students carry out practical work to complete theirstudies.These principles are based on the co-operation between The Kulturhistorisk Museum asan institution of cultural investigation and popularization and The Advanced School ofConservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties of Galicia as a professional trainingcentre on the field of cultural properties conservation. Considering thatBoth institutions share some interests on the field of cultural popularization andhistorical and artistic memory preservation of universal heritage.Both institutions are suitable to establish a cultural, research and artistic communicationbecause of their purposes.Due to that, both institutions want to specify this co-operation agreement with thefollowing clauses.
  2. 2. ClausesFIRST. This compromise establishes an Educational Co-operation Program betweenThe Advanced School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties of Galiciaand The Kulturhistorisk Museum (Norway) to make students carry out practical work tocomplete their studies.SECOND. The agreement includes an attached document with personal informationabout the student and his qualification, place and duration of practical work, personalinformation about The Advanced School of Conservation and Restoration of CulturalProperties of Galicia and The Kulturhistorisk Museum tutors, and activities to carry outduring the stay.THIRD. The practical work will be developed in the field of conservation andrestoration of cultural properties.FOURTH. The Kulturhistorisk Museum (Norway) will receive the student for a three-month period, extendable if the museum finds it convenient. Also, the museum mustdesignate a tutor who will supervise any conservation and restoration proposal made bythe student about different works. This tutor must advice the student about carrying outof works, and must assess the work after its ending as well.FIFTH. The student must follow all these clauses, keep in touch with tutors, and keepprofessional secret about any work during his stay and after its end.SIXTH. The Advanced School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Propertiesof Galicia and The Kulturhistorisk Museum will not undertake any responsibility that isnot included in this agreement. The museum will not have any commitment aboutstudent safety because the school has a student insurance. Anyway, the student couldcontract his/her own insurance against accident if he/she wants.SEVENTH. When the practices period ends, the museum will issue a certificate withinformation about the speciality and performance of the student during his stay.Also, within a fifteen-day period the student has to submit a report (to the museum andto the school) about activities developed during the practices time (maximum 5 sheets).EIGHTH. In any case the student will work in an employer position during thepractices period.NINTH. The students who take part in this agreement have to follow the running andsafety rules of the museum. Also, the museum can ask for the replacement of thestudent who fails to fulfill with these rules. The practices period can be interrupted forany justified reason; this decision must be informed within a five-day period.
  3. 3. TENTH. The present co-operation agreement will be in force during the academic year2010 / 2011 and could be extended unless the renunciation of any of the parts, whatmust be informed and put it in writing four months in advance.The Advanced School of Conservation and The Kulturhistorisk Museum (Oslo, Norway)Restoration of Cultural Properties of GaliciaSign: Mrs Adelaida Lorenzo Sueiro Sign: Mrs Anne Sommer-Larsen
  4. 4. ATTACHED DOCUMENT OF CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT● The Advanced School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties ofGalicia● The Kulturhistorisk Museum (Oslo, Norway)Academic year 2010 / 2011Student:Place of carry out work practices:Period:School tutor:Museum tutor:Activities to carry out: