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Why salesforce versus microsoft dynamics


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Why salesforce versus microsoft dynamics

  1. 1. Why Salesforce vs. Dynamics 4.0WHITE PAPER
  2. 2. Why Salesforce vs. DynamicsIntroduction: is the recognized enterprise cloud computing leader. With more than 72,500customers worldwide, more companies trust their critical business functions to than anyother cloud computing company in the world. We are proud to becontributing to the success of companies of all sizes, in all industries,around the globe. With over 30 releases of our application since 1999, Enterprise Cloud Computing Leader  72,500 paying is the most functionally rich cloud computing solutionavailable. continues to receive considerable recognition in  Recognized Leadership in CRMthe industry, including:  Fastest growing enterprise software company • Leader in Sales Force Automation, Gartner  First $1B revenue enterprise cloud computing company • Leader in CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, Gartner • Groundswell Award, Forrester • Fastest growing enterprise software company in the world, Barron’s • Technology of the Year, InfoWorld • # 3 fastest growing technology company, Forbes • Top 100 Innovative Companies, BusinessWeek • Top 10 Entrepreneurs & Cool Company, Fortune • Innovation Awards Computing Systems Winner, InformationWeek 500Here are some key considerations for evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus Time to Value, Higher Return on Investment The total forFaster Deployment with Fewer Dependencies customers typically deploy 2 to 3 times faster than MicrosoftCRM. With Microsoft, the complex interaction of moving parts such as comparable to theExchange Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Windows Server, etc. makes for first year costsa complex deployment for IT where cost overruns are typical. alone for the premise basedLower Ongoing Maintenance Costs and Real-time Upgrades system.It typically takes Microsoft over 2 years to develop a release of their CRM Ziff Davisapplication. During that development cycle, releases on dependent solutions “True Cost of Ownership of(e.g., Windows 7) create complications for Microsoft CRM administrators. In the Microsoft CRM”, 2007time it takes for Microsoft to deliver one release, customers cansee as many as eight new releases. Unlike the time and expense associated withupgrading to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, upgrades happen automaticallywith customizations and integrations preserved, and minimal – if any – work on the customers end.Proven Customer SuccessCustomers are the best source of information about any product. has a 95% customersatisfaction rate, with over 70% of our customers having already recommended us to someone else. We arehappy to introduce any prospect to one of our many successful customers as a reference. Salesforce.comhas customers of all sizes, from enterprise to SMB and single users in home offices. We can also providereferences for most verticals upon requests. When discussing references with Microsoft be sure to askthem for a reference call with a Line of Buisness owner, such as a VP of sales.WHITE PAPER
  3. 3. Why Salesforce vs. DynamicsLeveraging the Best of the WebThe AppExchangeThe platform allows both our customers and our partners to build custom applications on thesame secure, reliable infrastructure that is built on. TheAppExchange is a marketplace built on that makes it easy forpartners to build and market their custom apps, while also providing a central “AppExchange is thelocation for our customers to find these integrated apps. With over 400 iTunes of businessnative apps, our customers get additional value from the best-in- Software.”class AppExchange partners like Appirio, CA, and BMC. Microsoft does Forbes.comnot offer an AppExchange equivalent for Dynamics. Microsoft claims tooffer customers CRM accelerators, but they are not supported and it’sunclear how they are upgraded. This limits the value that Dynamics can provide, while our customers canget exactly what they need through our extensive library of AppExchange apps.Integration in the CloudWith the platform, enterprises can customize, integrate, and extend salesforce using standardsbased web services and market-leading development tools. offers a proven integrationplatform and a world-class API based on standards. More than 200 million API calls are made daily through the API, evidence of the extensive use of the API for integration. Partners such asCast Iron, Informatica, and Statera offer integrations to Microsoft technologies, including BizTalk,SharePoint, and Dynamics GP. Companiessuch as Cisco, Motorola and Minolta haveintegrated salesforce with internal systemssuch as Oracle and SAPEnterprise Social Collaboration: Chatter Changes EverythingMarket shifts happen in real time, deals are won and lost in real time, and data changes in real time. Yetsoftware like Microsoft Dynamics CRM anything but real time. Enterprise Social is about how companiesleverage real-time social features to work smarter. The social revolution that is currently underway meansbusiness must adapt to how people engage with each other and information. Faceboook showed us the way.Social features like feeds, profiles, and groups amplify Facebook’s stickiness. So does its functionality on amobile device like an iPhone—necessary to secure a service’s status as a “killer app.” Salesforce Chatterbrings social collaboration to the enterprise, allowing our customers to‘know more now’, all built on our secure and trusted platform.Microsoft Dynamics CRM has no such capability. “Jigsaw provides us with a fast, affordableCloudsourcing - Acquires Jigsaw way to build our salesGood business contact information is the key to CRM success. Jigsaw, pipeline”using a crowd-sourcing model, delivers the world’s most complete, NetIQaccurate and up-to-date business contact data. The acquisition,announced in April 2010, will combine the power of’s suite of CRM applications andleading enterprise cloud platform with Jigsaw’s cloud-based model for the automation of acquiring,completing and cleansing business contact data. Jigsaw’s data cloud platform also creates an enormousopportunity for developers and independent software vendors to deliver entirely new applications thatleverage the business contact data found in Jigsaw.WHITE PAPER
  4. 4. Why Salesforce vs. DynamicsSuperior User Adoption, Visibility and SecurityTailored User ExperienceOne of the essential tenants of a CRM system is the ability to control access to sensitive data at a granularlevel. Salesforce offers a flexible security model that allows customers to control data visibility and userpermissions separately. Administrators can use field-level locking to limit user access to specific fields,such as the phone number of an important client. Record Types provide a tailored user experience,depending on the situation, type of user, type of opportunity, and the like. We can deploy Salesforcesecurely across the globe in multiple languages and support all major currencies. Microsoft DynamicsCRM lacks the robust capabilities to support these critical functions, which impacts user adoption andsecurity of the data.Reporting and delivers 100 percent of forecasting, reporting, andanalytical dashboards in real time. Business users must have accurateinformation when making critical decisions. We deliver this data in acustomizable fashion that lets each user create reports and dashboardsrelevant to his or her business function. Analytics are no longerconfined to only a few expert users, but can now serve as a valuabledaily management and visibility tool. A lack of out-of-the-boxdashboards and limited end-user reporting means MicrosoftDynamics CRM limits visibility and end-user adoption.Forecasting and Territory has engineered our CRM forecasting and territory management to serve both simple andcomplex needs. Salesforce’s territory management capabilities are built with the business user in mind. Theinterface is designed so regional territory management can be delegated to the business user managing theregion. Territory management provides real-time integration directly into theforecasting module, an approach that lets executives make decisions basedon real-time data. Salesforce’s flexible forecasting module offers sales “Visual Processexecutives better insight into the health of the business. In comparison, Manager furthers theMicrosoft Dynamics CRM forecasting is batch based, manual, inflexible, andnot integrated with territory management. goal of consolidating our technologyEnd-User Productivity and Effectiveness architecture andCRM applications ultimately need to make end users’ lives easier. We design moving more of ourour applications to be as easy to use as the consumer web— a dramatic business processescontrast to the click-filled navigation associated with Microsoft DynamicsCRM. End users can work with Salesforce online, offline, on any mobile into the cloud.”device and integrate it with the email program of your choice. Capabilities Barry Newman, VP of IT Saveology.comsuch as Visual Process Manager, lead scoring, efficient lead distribution, andintegration with sales methodologies help automate sales processes andimprove effectiveness and adoption.WHITE PAPER
  5. 5. Why Salesforce vs. DynamicsReal-Time Performance and TransparencySalesforce boasts < 300ms response times,extremely high availability, and out of the boxglobal scalability. In contrast, Microsoft CRMhas a track record of severe scalability andperformance issues. Slow applicationperformance is the number one reason for lowuser adoption and poor ROI, according tocustomers who have swapped out MicrosoftCRM for Salesforce has set thebar for transparency with is Built for SuccessAs the enterprise cloud computing leader, drives more success than any other solutionprovider, offering more features, more powerful customization, easier integration, and a seamless end-userexperience. Best of all, our award-winning application can be deployed immediately worldwide. Getstarted with now!WHITE PAPER
  6. 6. Why Salesforce vs. Dynamics Functional Comparison: Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics 4.0WHITE PAPER
  7. 7. Functional Comparison: (continued)