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El Catador - DG Case Study


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El Catador - DG Case Study

  1. 1. El Catador Streamlines its Sales Processes andImplements Plans to Increase its Customer Base CUSTOMER CHALLENGES:EMPLOYEES Lack of tracking customer retail store201- 400 cash purchases No formal lead generation programINDUSTRY Lack of proactive sales tacticsWine import and distributionCUSTOMER With over 30 years of experience in the According to Hank Perea, CFO of ElCREDENTIALS import and distribution of wines and other drinks from Catador,“We wanted a CRM that would changeLocated in Santo Domingo, around the world, El Catador is the Dominican and have a fundamental impact on the way weDominican Republic Republic’s leading wine distributor. Its main retail sell, and many American-designed systems store in Santo Domingo is the only shop in the don’t jive with the Latin American culture. DobleOperated by the Bonarelli Dominican Republic to receive Wine Spectator’s Group has cross-border experience, whichfamily Award of Excellence for three consecutive years. reduced the culture gap, and we value the technology experience of Mariano J. Doble, CEOLeading distributor of wine in Though the company continues to be of Doble Group.”the Dominican Republic successful and grow its business, El Catador wanted to find a method to improve contact with past To begin the project, Doble Group customers, especially those who buy from the reviewed the business processes of El Catador to company’s retail store and use cash to do so. The see how they would fit with Salesforce.com. They company’s management noticed that those cash generated a comprehensive document called a sales were not being tracked and that little to no business process review which described how El upselling was being done. Once El Catador decided Catador could go about changing some of its that implementing a CRM system was the best course internal policies and procedures. These new policies of action, its management reached out to and procedures allowed El Catador to better capture Salesforce.com and was put in contact with Bianka and generate sales leads and increase their client O’Kelly of Doble Group.The Miami-based consulting base. Salesforce CRM has also allowed the El firm, combines sales performance improvement Catador sales team to be more proactive in its sales consulting with cloud computing technologies to processes. improve business results for companies throughout the U.S., Central America, the Caribbean and Latin America. sales performance c ons ulting
  2. 2. Solution Delivered & Results Solution delivered: Salesforce Enterprise Edition Integration with existing ERP system Salesforce Administration Training Ongoing support program – performance management Results: Online tracking of sales leads Introduction of proactive sales processes Enhanced generation of sales leads Formal tracking of cash-based retail store customer purchases Improved communication between sales team members “We needed a solution to help usimprove our sales in the future, especially withbelow average economic conditions,” explainedPerea. “The cost for both the Salesforce.comsoftware and consulting from Doble Group madesense for us. We’re happy with what Doble Grouphas done for us, especially at the cost for which itwas done!” Since its Salesforce CRM has beenimplemented, El Catador has been busy cleansing itssales database, adding customer e-mail addressesand performing other updates. Perea and his teamhope to capture more clients to make more money inthe future. El Catador has been utilizing Doble Groupexpert technical support to help the companymaximize its investment. 15715 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 202 Miami, FL 33157 Phone 877-362-5348 Email: info@doblegroup.com