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Doble Group Case Study: Banco BHD


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Banco BHD Moves to a Pay-for-Performance Culture with SuccessFactors Solutions

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Doble Group Case Study: Banco BHD

  1. 1. Banco BHD Moves to a Pay-for-Performance Culture with SuccessFactors Solutions CUSTOMER CHALLENGES: Manual 360oemployee evaluationEMPLOYEES process900+ Evaluation backlog for Human Resources Department Lack of a thoroughand inclusiveINDUSTRY performance feedback system forBanking employeesCUSTOMER Banco BHD became the first multi-service SuccessFactors’ Performance & GoalsCREDENTIALS bank in the Dominican Republic in the early 1990s, a suite of solutions equips companies such as BancoLocated in Santo Domingo, model that has been adopted by most of the private BHD with the in-depth employee performanceDominican Republic banks in the country. The company continues to information it needs to decide who it wants to keep, develop its strategy of opening in new markets and reward or single out for targeted development.BancoFounded in 1972 expanding into new business, a process that BHD enlisted Doble Group to implement reinforces its customer service channels, expands its SuccessFactors 360 Reviews, which provides thePioneer in multiple banking network and strengthens its leading position in the company with full, 360 degree feedback whichservices in the Dominican Dominican financial market. provides its human resources department with aRepublic Although Banco BHD has a team of broad assessment of employee performance specialized executives and managers and strives to through self-ratings, peer review and upward ensure personalized service to its customers, it did assessments. not have a comprehensive tool for evaluating its employees’ performancewith feedback from a variety “Doble Group was with us throughout the of sources. The company performed its evaluations process, was very patient with us and explained manually, a process that was too time-consuming everything clearly,” remarked Jeannette Aquino, because of the company’s large number of Human Resources Manager for Banco BHD. employees. To solve this issue, Banco BHD’s Human “SuccessFactors 360 Reviews is a user-friendly Resource Department asked its IT department to tool, and working with Doble Group to get it set up research different tools that provide more in-depth was a totally satisfying experience.” employee evaluations. The company was introduced to SuccessFactors, the global leader in business execution software, by Doble Group, a consulting firm that focuses on improving business results through the implementation of CRM and Performance performance Management solutions and the alignment of its teams evaluation and processes for success. Suc c ess Fac tors Tec hnology
  2. 2. Solution Delivered & Results Solution delivered: SuccessFactors 360 Reviews Customized staff training Results: Comprehensive view of workforce Better approach to identify, reward and retain top performers Timely employee performance evaluations Elimination of employee evaluation backlog Improved employee morale through project collaboration Make more informed talent decisions After implementing SuccessFactors 360Reviews with the help of Doble Group, Banco BHDwas able to complete more than 100employeeevaluationsinvolving the collaboration of almost 900employees in one week. In addition, the tool isdesigned to let Banco BHD know if it is behind on anyof its evaluations and, if so, provides a timetable tocomplete those evaluations. “Our employee response has been veryfluid, and the process is much less time-consuming to our human resources departmentbecause they don’t have to follow up with eachemployee separately to complete theirevaluations,” explained Aquino. “Thanks to DobleGroup, SuccessFactors 360 Reviews provides uswith a tool for future evaluations. We like the toolwe implemented so much that we’re looking toimplement similar SuccessFactors modules.” 15715 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 202 Miami, FL 33157 Phone 877-362-5348 Email: