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Louise Findlay-Wilson - PR: 30 Online Ideas - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012


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Louise Findlay-Wilson - PR: 30 Online Ideas

From The Fresh Business Thinking Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012

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Louise Findlay-Wilson - PR: 30 Online Ideas - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012

  1. 1. PR: 30 ONLINEIDEAS
  2. 2. What is PR? The planned communication between an organisation and the audiences that matter to it, driving the audiences to behave in a certain way
  3. 3. Let’s Go Back in Time
  4. 4. In the Old DaysMedia relations, events, market reports, printednewsletters, awards..Benefits Being…• Impartial third party endorsement• Brand or product awareness• Authority• Personality• Winning hearts and minds
  5. 5. Measurement• Column inches?• Quality and scale of coverage?• Sales?
  6. 6. Back to Today…
  7. 7. PR = Most Powerful Marketing today is ALL about content & conversations
  8. 8. More Interlinking Tools
  9. 9. …everything is amplified, no effort is wastedAND the benefits are measurable!
  10. 10. PR today delivers All the benefits of the old days PLUS... Improved SEO Relevant traffic directly to your site Web content Other content ideas Product and service ideas Database expansion More, deeper, direct relationships for less Massive economies
  11. 11. 30 IDEAS
  12. 12. Generate masses of relevant trafficKey words• Find your niches• What’s your traffic searching for?• What are the battles you can win that are worth winning?News• Keyword optimise your news releases• Build in relevant links to your website• ‘Sell’ your news into key media
  13. 13. Example
  14. 14. Enhance website• Use same approach creating keyword rich landing pages• Re-use press materials• Use extracts in blogs• Tweet about elements• Share on Facebook• Use as basis for LinkedIn discussions
  15. 15. Example
  16. 16. Build authority and databasee.g. Reports, how to’s, white papers Promote in the media Load as presentations on slideshare Share, tweet, use as basis of LinkedIn discussions Host on site Downloadable with datacapture
  17. 17. Example
  18. 18. More media opportunitiesTwitter:• Follow your key media• Put them into a private list & monitor their tweets• Spot opportunities & build relationships
  19. 19. #journorequest
  20. 20. Create contentE.g. Guides• Ask people on twitter for their top tips• When the guide’s ready, promote it on twitter• Share some of the content as tips on twitter
  21. 21. Create contentOr via LinkedIn:• Ask people in a group for their top tips• Pull together into a branded mini guide• Host it online• Credit all contributors• When it’s ready tell the group• Contributors will share!
  22. 22. Run quick polls on LinkedIn• Post a poll• Ask everyone you know to take part• Promote it in Groups• Tweet about it• Then use the findings in your PR!
  23. 23. Survey Monkey Research• Identify areas that need researching• Drive people to your online survey
  24. 24. Keep on top of the media agenda:Google alerts
  25. 25. Boost your events• Ask for topics you should be covering or content to share• Promote event on twitter and give it a hashtag• During the event, use twitter to identify topics for Q&A sessions• Use existing hashtags to promote your presence• Identify contacts & meet
  26. 26. Connect without eventsLinkedin group• Don’t let in competitors• Promote on twitter and Linkedin• Have initiatives, discussions, promotions
  27. 27. Drive Action
  28. 28. Drive Interaction
  29. 29. Dovetail into sales• Have a catalogue? Get people to tweet a photo of them with the catalogue to get a prize• “@ethicalstore is offering the first person who tweets a picture of themselves with their new #catalogue, £10 to spend”• Have a special code available to twitter followers which unlocks a discount on your e-commerce site
  30. 30. Demonstrate expertise• Create content that can be easily shared• How tos on YouTube• Slideshare• Also host on site• Tweet about them• Tweet tips• Answer questions on LinkedIn
  31. 31. Demonstrate your products
  32. 32. Third party endorsement on steroids!Traditional Media• Still have editorial• But can now share the exposure
  33. 33. Third party endorsement on steroids!New Media• Encourage the audience to talk and share
  34. 34. Third party endorsement on steroids!Bloggers• Treat like journalists• Respect them• Review product• Come to events• Input into your development• Guest blog on your site
  35. 35. Measurement• Forget just column inches…you can now measure PR’s contribution Database additions Followers, sharers Web traffic Time on site See what’s working Put a value on your activity
  36. 36. Google Analytics
  37. 37. Hootsuite
  38. 38. How about this?
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