Fresh Business Thinking Social Media Event - Julie Hall


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Fresh Business Thinking Social Media Event - Julie Hall

  1. 1. For business
  2. 2. Who am I & why should you listen to me?
  4. 4. Most important marketing toolsWebsite 93%Email marketing 92%Facebook 63%In person 62%Event marketing 51%Online advertising 48%Direct Mail 37%Telephone 35%Blogs 33%Twitter 315LinkedIn 29% Source: Constant Contact Small Business Attitudinal SurveyOnline Surveys 24% Nov 23, 2010YouTube 19%Other 20%
  5. 5. Why should you care about Facebook?
  6. 6. Source:
  7. 7. Facebook mastery
  8. 8. Your facebook strategy• What is my objective?• What am I willing to share / be public?• How much time am I willing to spend?• Are my customers / clients on Facebook?• How will this integrate with my other marketing channels?• How will get ‘likes’• What content do I have / do I need to create?• What promotions shall I run on my page?• How will I market my facebook page?• How will I measure results?
  9. 9. Why people will like your page• 40% to get discounts & promotions• 39% to show support for the company• 36% to get “freebies” free samples & coupons• 30% to get updates on coming sales• 29% to be entertained• 25% for access to exclusive content
  10. 10. How much is a fan worth?• According to Synapse report the value of a fan is $136.78 (avg)• Fans report that they spend $71.84 more per year than non fans• No two fans are created equal• A fan is a self segmented group of highly valuable customers• A fan is 28% more likely to use a brand than a non-fan• A fan is 41% more likely to recommend a fan product than a non-fan• Facebook fans are more loyal to the fanned brand than non-fans
  11. 11. Focus on gettingthe like FIRST
  12. 12. 199 out of every 200 interactions happens on THEIR facebook pageSource: Jeff Widman from Brand Glue
  13. 13. Treat your page likeyour brand VIP room
  14. 14. Getting fans to your page• Send an email to your clients, friends and prospects• Put a Find us on Facebook link on your site (social proof!)• Put a page badge on your site• Set up future tweets linking to your facebook page• Invite your Twitter followers to become fans• Ask your fans to recommend you to 5 other people• Encourage your fans to post on your page• Respond to their posts• Add your facebook fan page to your email signature• Talk and link to it in newsletters• Put it on all printed marketing materials and press releases
  15. 15. What’s your content strategy? • Upload photos • Blog posts • Something cool about you • Share news / PR about you • Promote events • What’s happening on the ‘inside’ • News articles • Ask questions • Like comments and shares from your fans • Ask for feedback • Celebrate success – theirs and yours • Encourage them to add photos and content
  16. 16. What tabs are you going to have?• Default: Wall, Info, Photos, Discussion• Shop• Welcome page• Special product page• FAQ’s• Promotions / Competition• Videos• Other...
  17. 17. Thoughts on ads...
  18. 18. Facebook Ads• Targeted ads to the extreme• Select who views based on – Interests – Location (even city) – Keywords – Marital status – Age – Gender
  19. 19. Facebook Ad tips• Check out Facebook’s advertising guidelines• Make sure your ad text isn’t annoying• Find a relevant and attractive image for your ad• Familiarise yourself with the different ways you can target users• Be clear on the main purpose of your advertising campaign• Stay in your budget• Use Facebook’s bid estimator to help you set your bid• Make the most of the advertising space you’re allotted• Have a call to action in every ad• Always test multiple ads at the same time• Don’t be afraid to stop a poor performing ad• Closely monitor click through’s
  20. 20. Thoughts to leave you with• Get to 25 likes and protect your brand• Build a community through your brand• Encourage raving fans• Be authentic• Be bold• Engage, Engage, Engage• Commit for six months (but expect real results in 1 month)• Test and fix, Test and fix, Test and fix• Have fun!
  21. 21. Top Facebook Resources••• marketing-ultimate-guide• media/facebook-fan-pages-customers-want- to-join/ << one of my favourite brand blogs
  22. 22. Thank you• Upcoming Women Unlimited Workshops: – Ask the expert: social media webinar: July 8, 2011 – Social Media Strategy: July 14, 2011 – Wordpress Workshop: September 19, 2011• Business Club: July 5 London Bridge, July 12 Wandsworth (sorry guys, these are for ladies only...)