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Aaron McGrath - Acquirinag Leads Online - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012


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Aaron McGrath - Acquirinag Leads Online - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012

  1. 1. How to promote and manage your resources
  2. 2. and Online Spend
  3. 3. SiteCrawlability StructureOn PageFactors andSiteProduction Link Building
  4. 4. Ad Copy TargetingKeywordsand MatchTypes Budget Bidding
  5. 5. How Bing Delivers For Consumers
  6. 6. What’s in it for me
  7. 7. The Marketing Grail for SMBs Affordable Controllable No wastage Scalable Targeted Qualified leads
  8. 8. BWMT: Getting Started Step 1: Sign up with your LiveID, or get a free LiveID to start Step 2: Set your preferences so we know how to contact you and select which email alert you want to receive from us Step 3: Add your website into the system Step 4: Verify your website using one of the provided options
  9. 9. Easily see which links point to your websiteBroken down by page and number of linksClick on any page to see individual linksData sourced from Bing (& Yahoo)
  10. 10. Add a sitemap to help us find all of yourcontentRequires you have the sitemap hosted onyour serverYou can also insert an RSS feed for us
  11. 11. EmailSupport Support Center CommunityChat Blog
  12. 12. Location Extension – Step by Step GuideStep 1 – In Campaigns view, select manage your business locations Step 4 – In Campaign Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings / Ad extensionsStep 2 – Input your business location details, make sure you enter in your fullbusiness address and phone number. You can also import multiple businesslocations. Select Display the address and phone number from your business location in your text ads • Select this and your text ad will display the address and phone number that you specified in the Business locations page • Note – The user needs to be within a 50 mile radius of your business when he searches for your ad to see your address and phone number Step 3 – Return to Campaigns view and select edit your campaign settings for the campaign that you want to enable ad extensions • Note – If you have multiple business locations in a 50 mile radius where the user searched, he will see the location for the nearest business in your ad15
  13. 13. Device OS Targeting – Overview What It Is Target users by either device (mobile or tablet) and/or OS How It Works By selecting a specific OS, advertisers and app developers can target just those users Value Prop Increased engagement and budget efficient results in higher ROI Available in AdCenter UI and API (v8) in US, UK, CA, and FR Launch Date Desktop Tool support expected June16