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UCB i190 Spring 2014 ICTD in Practice Lect 11_5Mar14


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UCB i190 Spring 2014 ICTD in Practice Lect 11_5Mar14

  1. 1. Class Website: i190 Spring 2014: Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICTD) in Practice University of California Berkeley, School of Information LECTURE 11: 5 Mar 2014 Instructor: San Ng (
  2. 2. Agenda •Guest Lecturer (Ruha) •ICT Policy •Appropriate Technology •Innovation •Theories of International Development •How do we measure it? •Does it work? •Careers in International Conceptual Development Lecturer: Ishita - Guest Week1: Introduction to Course W2: What is Development? - Theories of ICTD W3: What is ICTD - Origins, History and Future W4: Who Does What in Practice? - Does it work? Mapping the ICTD Landscape Technical (Applications) W5: Overarching Issues of Technical Applications W6: Infrastructure, Telecenters, Agriculture, W7: Revisiting Agriculture, Education, W8 /9Health, Microfinance , Governance and Law -Crowdsourcing Exercise: ICTD landscape i190 ICTD in Practice: Core Skills Management W9: Intro to Project Management W10: Break W11: Planning and Assessment W12: Budgeting, Scheduling, Fundraising W13: Implementation W14: Monitoring and Evaluation/ Next Cycle
  3. 3. ICT in Agriculture (continued) •Skew of disciplinary research (econ, ethnographic, ENR, energy, geog…etc) •Jensen work: - neat econ study: •People:=only 2 •Tech: = 1 function •Welfare= income •Burrell et al. – making a mess: •Other players:/relationships auctioneer, fish waste vendor, gender etc •Tech: lots of other usage •Context: n/s, types of terrain, boards •Welfare= WAY more than income •Can it be generalized then? •What to do in practice? •Be cognizant of debates •Local context •Don’t start with tech •Same old foundational factors in design and implementation •Usually dynamic, changing, needs, messy, ‘it’s complicated’ Heeks, ICTD 2.0