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UCB i190 Spring 2014 ICT4D in Practice: Lect 1


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Lecture 1- Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICTD or ICT4D) in Practice, UCB iSchool i190 Spring 2014

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UCB i190 Spring 2014 ICT4D in Practice: Lect 1

  1. 1. i190 Spring 2014: Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICTD) in Practice University of California Berkeley, School of Information Instructor: San Ng (
  2. 2. Agenda      Introductions and Your Goals About our Class Logistics Our Core Values Your Recommendations for Me
  3. 3. Introductions and Your Goals  Name/Department/Year  Your background/ Why your interest in this class?  Top 3 most pressing things you wish to learn
  4. 4. About our Class Conceptual Week1: Introduction to Course W2: What is Development? W3: What is ICTD W4: Who Does What in Practice? Mapping the ICTD Landscape ICTD in Practice: Core Skills Technical (Applications) W5: Overarching Issues of Technical Applications W6: Infrastructure, Telecenters, Agricultur e, W7: Health, Education, Microfinance W8: Governance and Law Management W9: Intro to Project Management W10: Break W11: Planning and Assessment W12: Budgeting, Scheduling, Fundraising W13: Implementation W14: Monitoring and Evaluation/ Next Cycle
  5. 5. About our Class  Overview  Schedule and Course Materials  About the Instructor
  6. 6. Assignments   Possible blog posts    Look at Development blogs as examples Based on upcoming week’s topic in class or a topic of your choice Possible live projects      ICTD Donor landscape (live and interactive?) iSchool’s ICTD Center Donation of global eBooks Social Enterprise for International Development/ROL training e-courses Start up social enterprise for global therapeutic online support
  7. 7. Our Core Values  Open, collaborative, inclusive, community   Ideas and innovation in learning      AGILE method of teaching/learning Learning in all directions (not just instructor to students) failure ok Tech Curious   Share class resources (especially) with developing world Walk the talk- try technology and social networks, see what sticks FUN and interesting WHAT ABOUT YOU?
  8. 8. Our Core Values (from you)  Mindful development ICTD? Being Realistic
  9. 9. Logistics  Class Ecosystem      Class Website, ICTD Blog, Email lists, Facebook, Twitter, Project collaboration platforms, project/time management tools Videos and class materials Uganda MUBS (Makerere University Business School) ICTD Communities MDP and others with conflict (Mon/Wed schedules)
  10. 10. Your Recommendations  Suggestions to make this one of the best courses you have ever taken? 
  11. 11. Summary      Introductions and Your Goals About our Class Our Core Values Logistics Your Recommendations for Me
  12. 12. Next Week      More introductions and ice breakers Sign up for email list and Facebook closed group Read Week 2 readings on International Development Look out for announcements Help market this course virtually (and at Cal)!
  13. 13. Questions?