A trusted family-owned business since 1950.Clark Pest Control has remained under the same ownership and brand for over 60 ...
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Clark Pest Control Commercial Services


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Clark Pest Control Commercial Services

  3. 3. A trusted family-owned business since 1950.Clark Pest Control has remained under the same ownership and brand for over 60 years, ararity in today’s business climate. From our original location in the heart of California’s vastCentral Valley, we have expanded to over 20 offices around California. Today, our servicearea covers all of northern California, many areas in central and southern California, andReno, Nevada.As we have grown in size and scope, we’ve also enlarged our commitment to providingthe highest quality pest control you’ll find, anywhere, and we’ve gathered the knowledgeand expertise together to make that commitment a reality. As a result, Clark technicians arecontinuously trained, and they armed with the latest developments and technologies in thepest management industry. 100% No matter what your situation may be, Clark has the skills and resources to meet and exceed your pest management expectations.The pest management professionals here at Clark have deep knowledge and experience in treating manydifferent situations, in all shapes and sizes. Our expertise in pest management involving food safety is withoutpeer; we know how to handle complex pest issues at food processing plants, even organic facilities, pluscommercial kitchens and wineries – and grocery stores, too. We’re also the experts to call for general retail sites,from stand-alone stores to shopping malls, and property management companies can depend on us to servicethe variety of locations they oversee.We service industrial plants, even high-tech facilities and clean rooms, along with hotels, motels, hospitality andevent centers, hospitals and medical offices. Schools and universities can trust our attentive pest management,and so can government facilities, transportation hubs and shipping ports. We’re also the right people to call ifyour building is LEED-certified, or if you want industrial vegetation services.
  4. 4. Clark’s Services Turf & Ornamental Services Termite SolutionsClark Pest Control can help care for your facility’s lawn, Clark Pest Control offers the most progressive butgarden, trees and shrubbery by applying seasonally effective termite control strategies available. Ourappropriate fertilizers and plant nutrients. We also licensed inspectors receive extensive technical trainingprovide weed control, an essential component of throughout the year, and their work is backed by ouran IPM-based pest management regimen. Also, quality assurance team. Treatments may be scheduledour experts will provide expert advice and written outside normal business hours to accommodaterecommendations regarding the best practices for your facility’s busy schedule. And, bottom line – ourmowing, watering and aeration. services come backed with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Bed Bug ServicesClark Pest Control has highly trained personnel, armed with the latest technologies and knowledge, who know preciselyhow to bring a bed bug infestation under control. Our arsenal includes heat remediation, industrial-strength HEPAvacuuming, structural fumigation, conventional treatments and more. Our highly trained technicians will walk your staffthrough bed bug treatment preparations and steps needed to keep them from returning. General Pest Control (IPM) LEED Buildings & FacilitiesClark Pest Control practices integrated pest We understand rigorous LEED protocols, and our IPM-management, which employs regular monitoring and based service can qualify for credits in your facility’srecordkeeping to determine if and when treatments LEED scoring. We inspect each service, then discussshould be performed, and uses chemical pesticides findings with your team to determine appropriateonly when needed. Our IPM approach combines actions, and we document all operational details,inspection strategies and pest control practices to inspection findings and recommendations. We’llkeep pest numbers low and prevent unacceptable address conducive conditions and employ non-damage. chemical certified interventions before any pesticide application. Healthy Schools Act of 2000 We’ve performed pest management within the requirements of HSA 2000 since its enactment to meet its objective of protecting children. We’ll provide inspection reports, recommendations on cultural and behavioral modifications to reduce pest pressure, and we rely on the“exempted from registration” products on the FIFRA 25(b) list select pesticides. Our QA team will provide reviews and assessments.
  5. 5. Bird & Bat Exclusion Rodent ControlClark Pest Control’s experts can tackle those bird or Clark Pest Control’s experts start with IPM-basedbat issues at your facility, by systematically eliminating inspection. Then, we control rats and mice by trappingnesting and roosting sites, and then by taking existing populations, and we block their entry pointsmeasures to prevent disease-carrying droppings from and advise sanitation measures to minimize theaccumulating. These efforts will help to minimize slip rodents’ food, water and harborage. We document ourand fall hazards, and they provide a more aesthetically findings and recommendations. We also can customizepleasing appearance. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied, programs to fit your facility’s needs for gopher, mole ortoo. ground squirrel control. Animal Care FacilitiesAt Clark Pest Control, we’re animal lovers, too. We’ll take every step necessary to safeguard the health of the animalsat your facility, and we’ll prevent exposure to our control measures. We’ll design our pest management program tomeet your facility’s specific needs, and we’ll formulate a customized program for you, using the latest pest controltechnologies. Food Processing Plants High Tech & Clean RoomsWe will partner with you to develop and accomplish Clark Pest Control has extensive experience working insustainable IPM goals for your facility, and we’ll the highly sensitive environments of high-tech facilitiesrecommend improvements for conditions conducive and clean rooms, and we’ll customize a solution thatto pest activity. Our documentation complies with adheres strictly to whatever standards are required.all third-party audit requirements, and it will meet Our technicians are the best trained in the industry,the requirements of all auditing agencies, including and will go to painstaking levels of detail to maintainorganic and kosher standards. Pre-audit preparation the integrity of your unique environment.consultation and audit assistance available. Industrial Vegetation Management Clark Pest Control has extensive experience in weed control solutions, and we’ll customize a program to manage your facility’s vegetation all year long. Unsightly weeds provide fuel for fires, along with harborage for rodents and insects. Our proactive vegetation management not only will make your property look better, but will make pest management a lot easier, too.
  6. 6. THE CLARK ADVANTAGE Communication Quailty Assurance ProgramYou will have a direct connection to the local Our QA program will ensure that pest pressures willoffice, not just a company-wide call center. You’ll be managed at your facility to the high standardsalso have easy access to our team of supervisors you expect from us. Our team of QA specialistsand Quality Assurance staff. inspect what we expect at every level of service. Local Company Flexible Services Hours & Same-Day ServiceClark Pest Control has been family-owned and We will provide service at the times that work bestoperated since 1950 and is based in Northern for you and your business. If the need should arise,California. We have service centers through we do our best to treat any pest infestation theCalifornia and Reno, Nevada. same day. Documentation Continuously Trained TechniciansWe provide detailed service reports that are Clark Pest Control provides weekly training for alltailored to your individual business. Our customer of its service technicians. All Clark employees areportal gives you access to this information 24/7. kept current on advances in industry technologyOur documentation always meets or exceeds 3rd and procedures. You can trust your pestparty auditing requirements. management to Clark Pest Control. 24-Hour Web Access Employee CommitmentOur website is full service; you can make We endeavour to provide your business with theappointments or pay your bill online. It also has same service technician, month in and month out.lots of information on other services that Clark Pest Our service technicians have been employed byControl can provide for your business. Additionally, Clark Pest Control an average of five years andour customer portal gives you access 24/7 to your are screened and trained in accordance with thepest control documentation. standards of QualityPro.
  7. 7. Our Green Initative GreenPro S.M.A.R.T.Clark helped to develop GreenPro, Our S.M.A.R.T.® service and businessa national IPM certification program philosophy is based on IPM (Integratedfor the pest management industry, Pest Management), a sustainableand was one of the first companies in approach to pest management withCalifornia, and nationwide, to become minimal impact to people, propertycertified. Clark Pest Control has and the environment. We consistentlymore GreenPro-certified technicians practice Sustainable Methods andthan any other pest management Responsible Treatments (S.M.A.R.T.) incompany in California. our everyday operations. QualityPro Awarded for IPMClark Pest Control is QualityPro Integrated Pest Management focusescertified, audited by an outside on long-term prevention of pestsagency to ensure we comply with through a combination of techniquesstringent standards. We adhere to that keep environmental concernspractices in sound operation, ethical in mind. We are so committed to IPMhiring, and background checks that we were awarded the 2009 IPMon all hires. Our advertising is straight Innovator Award by CalEPA.forward and we continually train ouremployees.
  8. 8.