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Domino Support ServicesUnparalleled support defined by the ultimate in service standardsDomino is all about ‘doing more’. ...
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Range of Domino Laser and Inkjet Printers

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Range.brochure r3

  1. 1. Domino A320i ink jet Printer G-Series: Thermal Ink Jet Printer The A320i is the first ink jet printer in the industry to eliminate the Domino’s G-Series range of printers offers the only Thermal Ink Jet service routine, while guaranteeing predictable start-up, reduced costs (TIJ) solution with the ability to print with solvent and water based and less waste. fluids onto a variety of substratesFrom Product to Pallet – ♦ Qube change can be done in 10 minutes or less. The procedure is 8 steps and there is no need to have a trained Domino ♦ ♦ High Speed, High Resolution Thermal Ink Jet printing (up to 600dpi) Solvent and water based fluids onto a variety of substratesthe integrated coding solution. technician to perform a Qube change ♦ i -Tech monitors print volume and determines the life of the ♦ Machine readable codes including bar codes and Qube base on printer usage. Qube life is extended to up to Data Matrix (2D) codes one year ♦ Simple to use, maitenance free, minimum operator ♦ Unique nozzle seal on our SureStart print head allows the training required A320i to be started after extended shut downs without having to clean the print headDomino D620i Laser Printer C-Series: Drop on Demand Ink JetThe optimum combination of high performance, speed and flexibility The C-Series coders will improve overall equipment effectiveness –♦ High Performance 60w laser tube providing increased power. overcome the inefficiencies incurred using old, mechanical or manual V320i: Thermal TransferPrinter or labeling systems♦ Compact i-Tech scan 10 fast scan head is the fastest of its kind With the largest ribbon rolls in the industry and unique ribbon save ♦ For coding high quality text and graphics directly onto cartons♦ I-Tech RapidScan technology ensures Domino lasers are 20% faster features, the V320i also delivers the lowest cost of ownership of all than other scribing lasers thermal transfer printers. ♦ Centralized control of factory-wide printing♦ Applications include high speed beverage packaging or serialization ♦ 1400m ribbon rolls for the longest production runs ♦ Remote head option for full flexibility requirements, both human readable and 2D data matrix coding. without replacement ♦ Large volume ink systems available for multiple♦ The i-Tech scan head is thefastest scan head of its kind ♦ Two print head width options (53mm and 128mm) print head applications offer a wide range of print areas at 300 dpi ♦ Prints complex data clearly and consistently – with an impressive speed range (from 10 to 1400mm/sec) and a high print repeat rate (up to six prints per second)Domino D120/D320i Laser PrinterThe optimum combination of small footprint and big benefits! M-Series: Print & Apply Labeling♦ The D120i (10W) and D320i (30W) lasers are ideal for coding V120i/ V220i: Thermal Transfer Printer The M-Series plus range of print and apply labellers offers a fully modular solution on a wide variety of materials at low to high line speeds to meet the many and varying needs of manufacturers today. Delivering accurate The V120i & V220i print high resolution codes, text and images onto flexible information and label placement without compromising production line speeds foils, films and labels. Unlike other thermal transfer coders, Domino’s♦ i-Tech scan head offers a significantly smaller footprint saving ensures maximum productivity, flexibility and therefore profitability. Thermal Transfer printers use intelligent Technology to meet yourcoding space and makes it simple to integrate the lasers needs while keeping your costs as low as possible. ♦ Flexible Print & Apply solutions♦ IP65 option for more protection ♦ Revolutionary new i-Tech ribbon drive uses up to 60% less ribbon ♦ Seamless integration♦ Controller module that can hidden under the production line, compared to competitive coders - without sacrificing print quality or rack mounted, to save space ♦ Supply chain compliance ♦ Proven “Dancing Arm” technology ensures no ribbon break-related downtime ♦ Quick and easy consumable changes ♦ Continuous and intermittent mode functionality in the same printer – suitable for all Domino. Do more.
  2. 2. Domino Support ServicesUnparalleled support defined by the ultimate in service standardsDomino is all about ‘doing more’. Our approach is apparent in how we support Coding Solutions from Product to Palletour customers, with a focus on developing partnerships for mutual success throughpersonal ownership of customer satisfaction. This support nurtures a high level ofinterdependence for maximum efficiency.The Domino Service StandardDomino’s global service team standard ensures consistent quality service.Benchmarked and regularly audited against customer service levels requiredto deliver this standard is paramount to how Domino supports our customers. Founded in 1978, Domino is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital printing solutions. Our products are used for date coding, product marking, serialization and variable printing. Among our customers are the most significant brands in healthcare, food, manufacturing and print. ♦ Innovative solutions, relevant to your sectorThe “do more” North American service based on Domino’s significant industry experienceexperience brings you any one of the following, ♦ Total solutions approach for coding and markingtailored to meet your needs: from product to pallet, encompassing primary, secondary and tertiary packagingMaximum Uptime ♦ Full coding capability♦ Regionalized support teams located coast-to-coast from best before dates and barcodes to Data Matrix / 2D codes♦ Product Specialists whom are trained and certified across Domino’s complete product range ♦ Full substrate capability through our industry-leading ink technology♦ 24/7/365 In-House Technical Support Specialists Flexibility to meet your needs, not ours♦ North American sample test lab to emulate real-life ♦ Service, support, consumables and training developed ♦ Surpassing Industry requirements applications to ensure the perfect technology to optimize your Domino Solutions for legislation, traceability and best before dates recommendation, based on your specifications! ♦ Extended Warranty Programs to minimize future♦ New! Web portal for remote support unplanned costs ♦ Customized training to allow for maximized up-time of your Domino printer, reduction of both operator errors and unplanned service calls. ♦ Online ordering 24/7 ♦ Flexible Service Agreements Cert o. XXX-XXX-00000 n 0 Domino. Do more. Tel: 1.800.486.7414 Domino. Do more. Domino. Do more.