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PTOLEMUS presentation Argus finale


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PTOLEMUS presentation Argus finale

  1. 1. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group L’assurance auto connectée en Europe Argus de l’Assurance - Paris -18 octobre 2016 PTOLEMUS intellectual property Conférence Assurance Auto Connectée
  2. 2. PTOLEMUS PTOLEMUS in a nutshell The consulting & research firm for the connected world 2 Strategy definition Investment assistance Innovation management Business development Consulting services Procurement strategy Deployment Usage-based charging Connected insurance, driving behaviour monitoring & analytics, road charging / electronic tolling, fleet leasing & rental, car sharing, Car As A Service, etc. Telematics & Intelligent Transport Systems ADAS, connected vehicle, crowd-sourcing, fleet management, eCall, bCall, SVR, tracking, vehicle data analytics (OBD / CAN-bus), VRM, V2X, xFCD Positioning / Location enablement M2M & connectivity Fields of expertise Car infotainment & navigation Connected services (traffic information, fuel prices, speed cameras, parking, POIs), maps, navigation Research services
  3. 3. PTOLEMUS PTOLEMUS in a nutshell Clients across the mobility ecosystem 3 Applications providers Analytics providers ITS operators, regulators & fleets Insurers, aggregators & assistance providers Device/locationsuppliers Automotive manufacturers & suppliers Mobile telecom operators Banks & private equity investors 2012 Directors’ report (translation from the Italian original which remains the definitive version) Financial Statements of the Company and the Group at 31 December 2012 27 March 2013 OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle basic compatible car models Telematics solution providers
  4. 4. PTOLEMUS 3 • 1,100 pages of analysis using: - 286 interviews in 28 countries - 5 years of research performed by 6 consultants in 4 countries - Insights from 30 consulting projects - 350+ figures (charts, tables, etc.) • 42 case studies including Allianz, AllState, Carrot Insurance, Vodafone Auto, Ingenie, OnStar- Progressive, Discovery Insure, Liberty Mutual, Octo Telematics, Renault-Amaguiz, State Farm, Unipol, Zurich • A handbook of 60 suppliers' solutions including our own evaluation and rankings of TSPs, TTPs and analytics providers • 30 insurance markets profiled • 2020 & 2030 market forecasts - Canada, US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, India, Chinese and Japan - Personal line / commercial line - Aftermarket / OEM • Analyses of the disruptive forces at play - ADAS and autonomous vehicles - eCall & ERA Glonass mandates - The rise of smartphone apps - Big Data & analytics •Targeted recommendations to insurers, regulators, TSP, OEMs and operators * A free 125-page abstract can be downloaded from The analysis presented today comes from this report… The reference report on the subject, quoted by The Economist, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal Sources
  5. 5. PTOLEMUS 3 • Dissected the pricing and data management policies of the 27 largest UBI programmes: Admiral, Allianz, Allstate, American Family, AXA, Generali, Desjardins, Direct Line Group, Discovery Insure, Groupama, Ingenie, Insure the Box (Aioi Nissay Dowa), Intact Insurance, Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, Liberty Mutual, Mapfre, Metromile, National General, Nationwide, Progressive, Reale Mutua, Sara Assicurazioni, State Farm, The Hartford, UnipolSai, Uniqa and Zurich • Conducted 40 in-depth interviews with Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), analytics providers and insurers • Reviewed more than 150 academic papers • Consulted and appraised the solutions of 12 advanced analytics suppliers active in UBI, including Accenture, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Cognizant, HERE, IBM, IMS, Lexis-Nexis / Wunelli, Octo Telematics, SAS, The Floow, Verisk Analytics and Willis Towers Watson * A free abstract can be downloaded from … this new report… Sources The most comprehensive analysis of the connected insurance analytics market and solutions
  6. 6. PTOLEMUS … and our quarterly dashboard of the UBI market 6 • 100-page barometer of the global UBI industry - Covers over 200 insurers, TSPs and device providers - Covers the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK - Now also Russia, China, Benelux, Latam & rest of Asia - Issued on a quarterly basis - 250+ charts, tables & figures •Leverages both public information and primary research - A large set of public information collected from conferences, desk research, etc. - Supplemented and validated by primary research & data (Interviews, supplier questionnaires, own market forecasts, etc.) •Brings most important market news •Estimates UBI volumes and sales for all main players -Insurance companies -TSPs -Technology providers • Deciphers the key market trends -UBI penetration -Number of programmes -Mix by business model (PAYD, PHYD, TBYB, etc.) -Market share of all main insurers, TSPs and device makers -Technology mix (Black boxes, OBD, apps, etc.) -Business line mix -Segment mix (Young drivers, mature drivers, etc.) -Channel mix aftermarket / OEM The hard data you need to define & adjust your strategy Sources
  7. 7. PTOLEMUS Trends A maelstrom of trends will impact insurance companies 7 Insurtech Insurance telematics Sharing economy Autonomous cars Connected cars Smartphonisation Usage-based everything Digitalisation Online Direct Gamification Big Data Predictive analytics AI Machine learning IoT
  8. 8. PTOLEMUS Text A maelstrom of trends will impact AXA 8 ESTIMATED IMPACT ON AUTO INSURANCE MARKET TODAY AI Machine learning Insurtech Sharing economy ADAS & autonomous vehicles Connected cars Usage-based everything Online Direct Gamification Big Data Predictive analytics Insurance telematics Smartphonisation Digitalisation IoT TIME Trends …but not at the same time and with the same intensity The waves - Impact of major trends on the auto insurance business
  9. 9. PTOLEMUSPTOLEMUS Connected auto insurance: over 250 programmes globally 9 Towards usage-based everything Source: PTOLEMUS quarterly UBI dashboard Number of active UBI programmes worldwide by quarter since 2009
  10. 10. PTOLEMUS Source: PTOLEMUS quarterly UBI dashboard 10 UBI has reached all continents Number of active UBI programmes by country Towards usage-based everything
  11. 11. PTOLEMUS Global market dashboard Source: PTOLEMUS - Note: * Excluding trials ** Excluding Try-Before-You-Buy schemes 11 The global UBI market grew to 14.1 million policies in Q2 Q2 2016
  12. 12. PTOLEMUS 12 Italian market evolution In Italy, telematics has become mainstream Source: PTOLEMUS quarterly UBI market dashboard estimates Q2 2016
  13. 13. PTOLEMUS 13 UK & Ireland market evolution The UK market is now growing beyond the young driver niche Q2 2016 Source: PTOLEMUS quarterly UBI market dashboard estimates
  14. 14. PTOLEMUS 14 German market evolution The German market is starting to move too Q2 2016 Source: PTOLEMUS quarterly UBI market dashboard estimates
  15. 15. PTOLEMUS 15 Factors of successes Insurers 1 Don’t be stopped by failure, try again Amaguiz, Direct Line, Progressive, Liberty Mutual 2 Test, test and… test Allstate, Progressive 3 Build a simple, attractive and customer-centric experience Insure the Box 4 Bring a solution that addresses the key actuarial weaknesses of your market Drivelikeagirl, Unipol 5 Do not copy, innovate Discovery, Genertel, Progressive 6 Collect less personal data and get more customers! Allianz France, Progressive 7 Don’t hide the box, make a benefit of it! Allianz Italy, Progressive, Reale Mutua Understanding UBI successes What are the best practices? Source: PTOLEMUS analysis of more than 100 UBI programmes
  16. 16. PTOLEMUS 16 Factors of successes Insurers 8 Heavily promote your telematics programme through advertising once it is ready Progressive 9 Make a nice business case for your internal / external physical channels and convince them! Intact, Progressive, Unipol 10 Be pragmatic, do not fall in love with your technology Allstate, Desjardins, Discovery 11 Conduct a structured technology sourcing process Generali, Progressive 12 Bring your top management onboard for the long haul Progressive, Unipol 13 Invest to understand & control the technology and the analytics Allstate, AXA, Generali, Progressive 14 Launch different models and see what sticks! Allianz, AXA, Generali, Liberty Mutual Understanding UBI successes What are the best practices? Source: PTOLEMUS analysis of more than 100 UBI programmes
  17. 17. PTOLEMUS Source: PTOLEMUS analysis - Note: * Evaluation criteria detailed in the Connected Insurance Analytics Study In the future, making sense of data will become critical 17 Sophistication of analytics* Very highVery low Volume of data collected Very low Very high BIG DATANALYTICS Towards usage-based everything
  18. 18. PTOLEMUS Source: PTOLEMUS UBI market forecasts We expect UBI to reach 100 million policies by 2020 and even 600 million by 2030! 18 Towards usage-based everything
  19. 19. PTOLEMUS Conclusion Insurers should anticipate the highest upcoming waves Merci ! • Most insurers are confused by the multiplicity of waves and… tend to doubt all of them • Once insurers will have handled smartphonisation then the major waves to catch will be Usage-based Everything, Connected Mobility and Autonomous • Waiting is the best way to be hit by the wave • The auto insurance business will be fully redefined and may not exist as such in 15 years • The new paradigm still needs to be redefined 19
  20. 20. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group S t r a t e g i e s f o r M o b i l e C o m p a n i e s Brussels - Boston - Chicago - Hanover - London Milan - New York - Moscow - Paris @PTOLEMUS Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director +32 4 87 96 19 02