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About fbnc


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What's about FBNC TV Channel

Published in: Economy & Finance
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About fbnc

  1. 1. FBNCVIETNAM’S LEADINGALL BUSINESS NEWSTV CHANNEL Ho Chi Minh City‐based Financial Business News Channel is the ONLY station in the market that broadcasts daily original financial news by a team of experienced journalists in both English and Vietnamese. Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC  Tel: +84 (0) 903 827880
  2. 2. THE NUMBERS 2009 FBNC launched in Ho Chi Minh City 20 experienced broadcast Journalists 24 cable systems across the country  carry the channel. 2.3 million households 4 hours of exclusive, original programming produced each day Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 2 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  3. 3. STRONG FOUNDATIONFBNC is backed by a group of Vietnam’s most experienced media companiesand early-stage investment firms including: photo photo photoThế Sáng Media Co. Ltd. BHD Vietnam IDG Ventures VietnamHo Chi Minh City‐based Thế Sáng BHD Co., Ltd is one of Vietnam’s  IDG Ventures Vietnam (IDGVV) is the Media Company Limited is dedicated to  leading entertainment media  first technology venture capital fund in building Vietnam’s emerging media  companies and its most experienced. In  Vietnam. Since 2004, IDGVV has been sector through early‐round  working with entrepreneurs to grow  1996, BHD was the first private investments and management advisory services. company authorized to co‐produce  innovative and market‐leading  programs with state‐owned Vietnam  companies. IDGVV currently has $100  Television (VTV) network. Since then,  million under management, with Thế Sáng Media’s focus extends  investments in over 40 companies in  BHD has expanded its operations to beyond television to include mobile, internet and print media. include foreign film distribution,  the technology, media,  television production and much more.  telecommunications, and consumer  Today, BHD produces 600 hours of  sectors.  televised entertainment content and  300 hours of local dramas.  Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 3 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  4. 4. BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESSFBNC is THE source for business news in Vietnam with the most comprehensive TV coverage of the country’s markets, real estate & technology sectors. Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 4 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION24 cable operators throughout Vietnam distribute FBNC to 2.3 million homes.Through its partnership with HTV,  FBNC has near universal cable distribution in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.Major cable distributors include:• HTVC • VNPT (MyTV)• BTS Cable of Hanoi TV • VSTV (K+)• Song Thu Cable  • VTC• Danang • Nha Trang Cable Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 5 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  6. 6. PROFILE FBNC reaches two of Vietnam’s most coveted demographicsAffluent business professionals rely on FBNC for insight and analysis on Vietnamese market trends Young, aspirational viewers turn to FBNC to improve their career skills and learn how to succeed in business. Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 6 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  7. 7. VIEWER PROFILE Affluent, accomplished, well-informed decision-maker Age: 57 City: Ho Chi Minh City Family: Married/1 child/1 cat Home: Owns 2 bedroom apartment Profession: Risk management lead at major financial services company. Monthly income: $5,200 Auto: 2009 Toyota Camry Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII Media: TV, newspaper, Web and mobileWhy FBNC? “I watch FBNC to find out where the economy is going. I enjoy the talkshows where I can learn firsthand about market sentiments in other sectors.” Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 7 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  8. 8. VIEWER PROFILE Young, ambitious and an aspirational consumer Age: 27 City: Hue Family: Unmarried, lives with parents Education: 2003 graduate of Hue University Profession: Management trainee agricultural export processing company Monthly income: $325 Phone: HTC Dream Media: TV, Web, mobileWhy FBNC? “This is the only channel that has business programs in English. Theshows on FBNC feel like they are made for young people and will help us advanceour careers.” Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 8 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  9. 9. PROGRAMMINGFBNC produces four hours a day of exclusive news, analysis and sectorspecific programming.English-language Technology Real Estate Market NewsFBNC’s daily English- Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in Few other countries have a From Ho Chi Minh Citylanguage shows are particular, is fast becoming real estate market as to Hanover, FBNC’samong the channel’s one of Asia’s most important dynamic as Vietnam’s. daily market coveragemost popular. Each technology centers. FBNC’s Each day FBNC produces spans the world. Ledweek on programs such daily tech shows cover original news and talk by a team of Vietnam’sas Vietnam & Me, FBNC everything from the latest in shows to help keep viewers most experiencedgives viewers a truly hardware manufacturing, informed on the latest business journalists,global perspective on software trends and online trends in this fast-changing FBNC producesVietnamese business services – both here in market. From residential to original, balancedwith one-on-one of Vietnam and around the industrial to office space, reports on the latestleading international world. FBNC offers unrivaled TV news from the worldsexecutives. coverage of this vital of business, finance economic sector. and economics. Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 9 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  10. 10. PROGRAM GUIDE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday6:00 AM 24/7 News FBNC Domestic News 24/7 News 6:00 AM6:30 AM Tech News Vietnam & Me Business Story 6:30 AM7:00 AM Real Estate 360 Property News Commodity News FBNC Zoom Commodity News Banking News 7:00 AM7:30 AM Showbiz‐Culture Banking News Tech News Property News Business Story FBNC World News 24/7 News 7:30 AM8:00 AM FBNC Zoom Showbiz‐Culture FBNC Zoom Vietnam & Me FBNC Zoom Top CEO 8:00 AM8:30 AM Banking News Business Story Property News Top CEO 8:30 AM9:00 AM Business Story Commodity News Showbiz‐Culture Banking News Showbiz‐Culture Vietnam & Me Banking News 9:00 AM9:30 AM Property News Saigon Café Commodity News Vietnam & Me 9:30 AM10:00 AM Showbiz‐Culture World Wonders of Biz FBNC Zoom Tech News Businessman Style Business Story 10:00 AM10:30 AM Vietnam & Me World Wonders of Biz Property News Real Estate Story Business Story Banking News Real Estate 360 10:30 AM11:00 AM Commodity News Banking News Vietnam & Me World Wonders of Biz Banking News Business Story Share to success 11:00 AM11:30 AM FBNC Zoom Property News Real Estate Story World Wonders of Biz FBNC Zoom Property News 11:30 AM12:00 PM Business Story Vietnam & Me FBNC Zoom Vietnam & Me 24/7 News Weekend News 12:00 PM12:30 PM Showbiz‐Culture 12:30 PM 1:00 PM Vietnam & Me Business Story Vietnam & Me Business Story Commodity News Vietnam & Me Businessman Style 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 24/7 News Tech News Property News FBNC Zoom 24/7 News 1:30 PM 2:00 PM Property News Banking News Real Estate Story Vietnam & Me Real Estate Story Vietnam & Me 2:00 PM Top CEO 2:30 PM FBNC Zoom Vietnam & Me Business Story Tech News Showbiz‐Culture 2:30 PM 3:00 PM Commodity News FBNC Zoom World Wonders of Biz Showbiz‐Culture FBNC Zoom Real Estate 360 3:00 PM 3:30 PM FBNC Zoom Property News World Wonders of Biz Tech News Real Estate 360 Businessman Style FBNC Zoom 3:30 PM 4:00 PM Tech News Business Story World Wonders of Biz Vietnam & Me Commodity News 24/7 News 4:00 PM 4:30 PM World Wonders of Biz Property News Showbiz‐Culture Commodity News Vietnam & Me FBNC Zoom Business Story 4:30 PM 5:00 PM World Wonders of Biz Business Story FBNC Zoom Property News Showbiz‐Culture 5:00 PM 5:30 PM Banking News Tech News Commodity News Property News Commodity News Tech News Commodity News 5:30 PM 6:00 PM World News from HTV 6:00 PM 6:10 PM Trailer Real Estate Story Vietnam & Me 6:10 PM 6:15 PM Domestic News from HTV 6:15 PM 6:30 PM Business Story Banking News Vietnam & Me Commodity News Business Story Vietnam & Me Banking News 6:30 PM 7:00 PM Commodity News FBNC Zoom Banking News Showbiz‐Culture Tech News FBNC Zoom 7:00 PM 7:30 PM Property News Commodity News Tech News Real Estate 360 Banking News 7:30 PM 45 Minutes 8:00 PM FBNC Domestic News 24/7 News 8:00 PM 8:30 PM FBNC World News Commodity News Showbiz‐Culture 8:30 PM 9:00 PM Business Story Real Estate Story FBNC Zoom Real Estate Story 9:00 PM 45 Minutes Top CEO Top CEO 9:30 PM Vietnam & Me Commodity News Businessman Style Commodity News 9:30 PM10:00 PM FBNC Domestic News Showbiz‐Culture Real Estate Story 10:00 PM10:30 PM FBNC World News Banking News 10:30 PM11:00 PM World Wonders of Biz Vietnam & Me Property News Banking News Real Estate Story Business Story 11:00 PM11:30 PM World Wonders of Biz FBNC Zoom Vietnam & Me FBNC Zoom Tech News 11:30 PM12:00 AM Property News Banking News Tech News Commodity News Banking News 24/7 News FBNC Zoom 12:00 AM12:30 AM Showbiz‐Culture 12:30 AM 1:00 AM News Tech News Show Business English Language Real Estate Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 10 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  11. 11. USAddress Google Map2nd Floor, Orient Building331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMCMr. Bao Nguyen Phone+84 (0) 903 914 086Email+ Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 11 of 12 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC Tel:  +84 (0) 903 827 880
  12. 12. THANK YOU Contact Mr. Bao Nguyen 2nd Floor, Orient Building 331 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC  Tel: +84 (0) 903 827880