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Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm for Best Performance #AFBMC

Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm for Best Performance von Michelle Morgen auf der virtuellen AFBMC.

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Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm for Best Performance #AFBMC

  1. 1. @michellemsem Maximizing Facebook Performance by Leveraging the Algorithm
  2. 2. @michellemsem We Need a Margret Hamilton Makin’ sense of tough stuff since 1936
  3. 3. @michellemsem campaign segmentation
  4. 4. @michellemsem
  5. 5. @michellemsem Our Search Campaigns Are Highly Controlled Keywords Ad Groups Campaigns Running Shoes Blue Running Shoes [blue running shoes] Red Running Shoes [red running shoes] Green Running Shoes [green running shoes]
  6. 6. @michellemsem Too Broad Too Restricted
  7. 7. @michellemsem Three Factors for Campaign Structure • Campaign Objectives • Budget • Target Audience Size
  8. 8. @michellemsem objective optimization
  9. 9. @michellemsem Campaign Types Help Optimize Performance
  10. 10. @michellemsem • Each ad set requires an active conversion action. • This is what the Algorithm will optimize for. The Algorithm’s Focus
  11. 11. @michellemsem Standard Events: Custom Conversion: Leverage Any Goal You Can Create
  12. 12. @michellemsem • When a user signs up on the site, they input the number of employees they expect to manage with the tool. • The more employees, the more money the company makes. USE CASE: B2B Company Trying to Drive Larger Accounts
  13. 13. @michellemsem Use Google Tag Manager to Get Specific
  14. 14. @michellemsem Customize the Facebook Script
  15. 15. @michellemsem Create Custom Conversions • ChangedWebsite Event to our conversion action. • Changed the Rule to Event Parameters > value. • Set up rules for different employee counts.
  16. 16. @michellemsem Conversions Based on Employee Counts
  17. 17. @michellemsem Choose the Action That Best Suits Your Needs • Subscription Levels • Recurring Donations • OrderValue • Number of Items Purchased • Employee Counts • Annual Revenue • Industry Find what is important to the account and find a way to track it so Facebook help you optimize for it.
  18. 18. @michellemsem Think Outside of the Capsule • VideoView Percentage • Button Clicks • Time on Site • Click to Call • Anything GoogleTag Manager can fire for
  19. 19. @michellemsem Balance Volume & Specificity: Ideal Conversion Volume
  20. 20. @michellemsem budgets
  21. 21. @michellemsem
  22. 22. @michellemsem • Grouped all audiences together. • Daily budget decreased from $82.25 to $50. • All audiences and conversion action were the same. Adjustments
  23. 23. @michellemsem Lifetime Budget: Daily Budget: • Amount for the entire run of the ad set. • Spend is balanced out for the duration of the campaign. • Facebook increases/decreases spend based on conversion performance. How Budgets Work on Facebook • Spend limit is set for each day. • Spend is consistent day over day. • Facebook will work to spend the entire daily budget no matter conversion performance.
  24. 24. @michellemsem Lifetime Budget: • Know total spend for a campaign. • Need to use ad scheduling. • Best for fluctuant conversion performance. • Ensure conversion tracking is in place and functioning. • Not ideal for campaigns with changing date ranges or budget fluctuations. How Budgets Work on Facebook
  25. 25. @michellemsem Daily Budget: How Budgets Work on Facebook • No need for ad scheduling. • More consistent ad spend, but budget may fluctuate throughout the run. • Want campaign to be evergreen or have undetermined end date. • Budget Optimization: • Can be used to share spend across ad sets without using lifetime budget.
  26. 26. @michellemsem Budget Optimization
  27. 27. @michellemsem The Learning Phase
  28. 28. @michellemsem Budget Optimization
  29. 29. @michellemsem Budget Best Practices • Ad set daily budget at 5-10x the target CPA. • Ideally shooting for 50 conversions per ad set per week. • No changes to budget over 20% unless absolutely necessary. • Pausing campaigns/ad sets can hurt performance progress.
  30. 30. @michellemsem target audience
  31. 31. @michellemsem Long Hanging Fruit First
  32. 32. @michellemsem Think of Audience as Mission Supplies
  33. 33. @michellemsem Understanding Scale in Audience Building • When we narrow our audience, we make it tougher for Facebook. • Keep track using the side bar as you build audiences.
  34. 34. @michellemsem
  35. 35. @michellemsem When Potential Reach is Unavailable • Being hidden for privacy reasons. • Test removing certain portions of targeting, likely customer lists, until it comes back to get an idea of scale. • Add other targeting back in before launch.
  36. 36. @michellemsem Long Term Success in Audience Targeting • Lowest hanging fruit within target audience. • Expand out to find additional reach. • If audience is limited, those users will see the same ads again. • One easy way to help guard against this: enable Interest Expansion
  37. 37. @michellemsem lookalike audiences
  38. 38. @michellemsem Advertisers vs Facebook
  39. 39. @michellemsem What Can We Generate Lookalikes From? • Engagement Audiences • Website Audiences • Page Audiences • Custom Audience Uploads
  40. 40. @michellemsem Good Data In, Good Data Out Lookalike Algorithm Patterned List No Patterns Strong Modeling
  41. 41. @michellemsem Find Meaningful Segmentation • Thank You Page Visits • Pricing Page Visits • Video Viewers • Company Size • Returning vs One Time • Service Used • Product Category • Job Title • Industry • Geography • Sale vs Regular Price
  42. 42. @michellemsem FIND A HAPPY MEDIUM 10k - 50k500 - 50k
  43. 43. @michellemsem Houston, we have a problem
  44. 44. @michellemsem Houston, We Have a Problem
  45. 45. @michellemsem Low Conversion Volume • Revisit the conversion action you’ve chosen to optimize for. • Is there something with higher volume you can use?
  46. 46. @michellemsem Small Budgets • Look to condense ad sets where possible to combine budgets. • Revisit the type of budget you’re using. • Does a different model make more sense?
  47. 47. @michellemsem Small Target Audience • Lower budget for this group so you don’t over saturate. • Create Lookalikes from converters to have a larger, constantly refreshed audience to target.
  48. 48. @michellemsem When Things Are Going Right
  49. 49. @michellemsem ad testing
  50. 50. @michellemsem Ad Testing on Facebook Has Some Challenges
  51. 51. @michellemsem Relevance Score
  52. 52. @michellemsem Relevance Score & It’s Factors
  53. 53. @michellemsem New Ad Relevance Diagnostics
  54. 54. @michellemsem No Longer Using a Numbered Score
  55. 55. @michellemsem Facebook Does Give Suggestions for Optimization
  56. 56. @michellemsem • Use ads already in your account with strong engagement. Leverage Top Performing Ads
  57. 57. @michellemsem Getting Your Top Post IDs
  58. 58. @michellemsem Use Engagement Campaigns…Then Leverage the ID Don’t tag engagement ads so you can in the Conversion campaign later.
  59. 59. @michellemsem placements
  60. 60. @michellemsem Chance Your Perspective on Placements • Think about what you don’t want to target rather than what you do. • Only exclude if your ad isn’t a good fit, not the person you think is on the other end of the device.
  61. 61. @michellemsem Understand All the Placement Options Before Deciding
  62. 62. @michellemsem “Would My Ads Look OK in This Placement?”
  63. 63. @michellemsem Customize Ads by Placements If Needed
  64. 64.
  65. 65. @michellemsem Ad Copy Testing Presented by: Michelle Morgan MICHELLE MORGAN Whovian Golfer Tea > Coffee @michellemsem @PaidMediaPros Director of Client Services
  66. 66. @michellemsem THANK YOU!