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Life360 is your family’s safety and security solution. From keeping track of your kids to protecting your identity and getting back your lost stuff, Life360 is the place you go to manage life’s what-ifs. The company is currently funded by Google ($300,000 grant) and the Facebook Fund. Life360 is in private beta and will be launching to the public this Fall.

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  1. 1. Keeping your family safe, secure, and prepared Contact: Chris Hulls, CEO |(415) 462-0002 x706
  2. 2. a lot of things annoy, frustrate, and scare us What if Amy gets lost at Disneyland? Dad just got in a car accident We aren’t prepared for an earthquake Why was that guy following me Jon missed cu Damn… I left my backpack at the ballpark
  3. 3. A lot of products out there solve these “what ifs”
  4. 4. Who is the leader in family safety and security?
  5. 5. With Life360 tools you can do things like… • Track your family and pets on a map • Recover lost items, like your phone • Get identity theft protection coverage
  6. 6. Pick and choose from Life360 services using an iGoogle style interface
  7. 7. Promising Pre-Revenue Validation: 25%+ conversion Platform 44% > single service $1.20 acquisition cost FIRST PRIZE WINNER
  8. 8. Seed Financing Summary Big Picture 500k / 1 year runway = 50,000 users, 10% paid Profitable user acquisition Cash Flow Break Even
  9. 9. Questions? Chris Hulls (415) 462-0002