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Introducing NetworkedBlogs


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NetworkedBlogs allows you to bring your blog to Facebook, and Facebook to your blog. Pull your Feed to your profile and business pages, add widgets to promote your network, and read the news from blogs you follow on the largest community of bloggers and blog lovers on Facebook.

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Introducing NetworkedBlogs

  1. August, 2009 Waleed Abdulla, Founder Ninua, Inc.
  2. Bloggers want readers. Readers are on social networks. We connect them.
  3. Your Blog doesn't want to be alone A lot of blogs: 12 million Americans maintain a blog. Technorati tracks 70 million blogs worldwide. Want Readers: Whether they write a blog for fun, status, or profit, every blogger wants to make sure that someone reads it. Social Proof: A blog is your public identity. It's personal, and it's important. You want your blog to look alive. NetworkedBlogs utilizes the social graph to help bloggers grow on social networks and connect with their readers.
  4. NetworkedBlogs Helps You Grow 600K monthly actives on Facebook, and 200K monthly uniques on our Web site. 215,000 blogs registered, and 500 new ones registered every day. Social proof widget installed on 8000 blogs and generates 2 million impressions a day. Monthly Active Users on Facebook We pull and distribute 50,000 blog posts a day. The largest news community on Facebook. Twitter support coming soon.
  5. Thank you Waleed Abdulla