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Bordeaux Tradition presentation

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Bordeaux Tradition presentation

  1. 1. A century of know-how at the service of wine professionals
  2. 2. philosophy Our philosophy Bordeaux Tradition is above all a team to serve its customers and the Chateaux with whom the company has developed a privileged relationship for many years. Our concern is your satisfaction. Indeed, our policy is based on listening and transparency to ensure quality service through an authentic know-how, based on the values of sharing and tradition. For this, we have developed an extremely rigorous selection: all our wines are analyzed by a private laboratory and bottled at the Château; on the other hand, these wines are tracked from year to year which gives our customers the opportunity to build their own marketing. We really want the best for our customers by purchasing for example, the Classified growths at the same prices as the biggest wine merchants. Our wines portfolios are known as the best value for money of the “Place de Bordeaux”. Bordeaux Tradition also guarantees a stable shareholding of 100% shared between Frédéric BERNARD (50%) and family CRUSE Ivan. We work in a spirit of trust and hope that all our partners feel supported. So we always choose to make the most of our relationship with the different Châteaux and also with our clients, so that this partnership can still be the guarantee of more benefits. Be your reference can offer a service specifically adapted to your needs, because it is in the knowledge that we will evolve to better our relations. 2
  3. 3. Bordeaux Tradition, your trustful partner quot;Wine merchant from wine portfolios, at the best price / quality ratio, to the first classified growth” classified In over 31 countries worldwide.quot; A renowned know-how ... know- True to the tradition of Bordeaux wines for over 200 years, families Bernard and Cruse have a strong knowledge of wine, thanks to many properties belonging to them such as: • Domaine de Chevalier • Château Laffitte Laujac • Château Guiraud • Château Le Menaudat • Château d’Issan • Château du Taillan ...Sharing ...Sharing our heritage These family relationships give us a large professional network that give us the opportunity today to find the rarest vintages. Each year we buy more than 20 000 cases of the most prestigious classified growths. We share our experience and expertise to ensure full information and provide transparency at each stage of our relationship, from the production place to the product destination. 3
  4. 4. A wide choice that fits your needs Monitoring quality ... To meet your requirements, we guarantee a quality monitoring throughout our relationship at every stage of our development, our commercials control the quality of wines from many wine tastings and rigorous analyses. Our efforts have enabled us to establish many partnerships and exclusive contracts. Bordeaux Tradition is the link between your needs and its own experience in guaranteeing you a wide choice of wines from Bordeaux, from wine portfolios, at the best price / quality ratio, to “the first classified growth”. ... Information and transparency ... Each wine selected is the subject of a study and we are always looking for to develop products that we offer. Thanks to detailed data files and a rich database with our software Navision, Microsoft ERP, we can offer a dynamic and attractive information about our wines. To help you in your sales process: a download data file is available, or by sending us a simple request for visual labels and bottles we can send it to you in high definition. frequently! ... Special offers frequently! Each month we provide our customers special offers thanks to our privileged relationships with some Châteaux and their trust for years. These promotional offers reflect the Bordeaux Tradition state of mind, always attentive to the market and its customers and suppliers’ needs. 4
  5. 5. Keep the link! Listening and reactivity ... Bordeaux tradition is represented by a dynamic team which puts its expertise to your satisfaction. The employees, multilingual, understand your needs and respond as soon as possible, through an efficient internal organization and a strong knowledge of the market. ... The website, your ease tool ... This reactivity is reinforced by the integration of modern communication tools such as our website, to always keep in touch with our customers and the Châteaux by offering a personal access to your monitoring orders. You want to contact one of our staff? Visit our website to find contact information by country. Or by sending an email to: Otherwise, find us at our headquartered in Bordeaux: Rue Edouard Faure 33083 Bordeaux Cedex. …Discover the latest news on our blog ! Bordeaux Tradition tells you about the current wine environment as well as classified growths marketing, but also new wines we have decided to follow, through our blog on: Interactive and dynamic, Bordeaux Tradition Blog is updated frequently to ensure the information news of the moment! With space for expression through the comments, our blog is definitely the winning tool that gives you the opportunity to find any bargains! 5