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Arena Phone Corporate Presentation


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Arena Phone BD LTD has been providing dedicated development services to the various international and local organizations from Bangladesh in their diverse projects related to Website development, Web application development, Software development, Mobile apps and content development since 2007. Our portfolio speak to the successes of our client engagements — as diverse in size and scope as the clients themselves — from large local and international brand like Neomobile group, Arenamobile and Robi, to smaller and medium size venture, all of whom trust Arena’s extensive experience and commitment to applying best practices in the business.

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Arena Phone Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Arena Phone BD Ltd . Imagination is more important then knowledge-- Albert EinsteinOctober 2012 Arena Phone Bd WWW.ARENA.COM.BD WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  2. 2. About Arena Established in Bangladesh in 2007 as Limited company Experienced management with more than 12 years of experience in Mobile and Web Development Business Has international partners in USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, Thailand, Spain and Panama Has more than 10 international content partners and 5 technology partners Member Of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) Member of BASIS sub committee for Mobile Vas Service Has 3000 square feet office with incessant power supply Dedicated Data server in Dhaka and USA Man power includes 20 developers , 3 support and content personnel and 3 marketing and communication personnel Dedicated personnel for Support and operation WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  3. 3. Service and solution On-deck and off-deck Mobile VAS service Short code based service for large and small business Turn key based Mobile vas platform for implementation with common short code White labelled Wap portal development for Brand and content owner for local telecom billing Customize Telecom Solution related SMS, VAS, MMS Android and Iphone based Mobile application development Website and Web based application development Hosting and Domain registration service Ecommerce and M-commerce SEO , Web and Mobile Marketing service Website and service management and maintenance service IT consultancy service WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  4. 4. Achievement in Mobile arena Working as top and most revenue generated branded and non-branded multimedia content provider with Grameenphone, Robi and Airtel Successfully implemented SMS based RSP commission information broadcasting system in Robi Successfully implemented web-based VAS activation service in Robi Implemented m-commerce based service in Trust bank Published various apps and theme on Android and Blackberry Apps market Deployed own Mobile content management system with Robi (MCMS.MOBI) and Grameenphone ( Successfully Implemented multi-vas activation service Implementation of Short code 16231 with all local telecom operator in Bangladesh. WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  5. 5. Achievement in Web and application development Provided a complete website development and management solution to Robi (3rd largest operator in Bangladesh) Provided complete website and management services to:  IBA (Dhaka university)  EMS Group  Sweden Bangladesh Business council  Bangladesh nature conservation society Provided web based retailer management service to telecom operator Provided call center and customer care manager and development service to various organization WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  6. 6. Achievement in Mobile and Web Marketing Provided Branded SMS service to Various organization in Bangladesh Provided Branded RBT development and implementation service to AB Bank, BTI , EFAD group and other organization Provided white level wap site development service to Ratul properties Provided Facebook and SEO service to the client in USA, PANAMA with a dedicated manpower Provided Social media marketing service for WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  7. 7. Platform WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  8. 8. Arena web content management systemArena Web Content Management System is a content management system (CMS) software, implemented as a Webapplication, for creating and managing content such as HTML, and also includes XML and SVG in particular. It is used tomanage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). ArenaWCMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions. The softwareprovides authoring (and other) tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of programming languages or markuplanguages to create and manage content with relative ease.This systems use a database to store content, metadata, or artifacts that might be needed by the system. The presentationlayer displays the content to Web-site visitors based on a set of templates. The templates are sometimes XSLT files.Technology :PHP , Mysql WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  9. 9. Arena recruitment management systemARENA Recruitment Management System is a web-based automated system for streamlining your recruitment process. Ithelps your recruiters and recruitment Managers to easily manage the candidate resumes, posts jobs to various sources,shortlists eligible candidates, manages candidate Interviews and sends offer letters. ARENA RMS is user friendly supportsmultiple recruitment work flows and supports global recruitment practices. It can accept candidates from various sources(including your website, institutes, and recruitment consultants) and slowly builds up a strong candidate’s database for you,so you are never short of candidates, when you need them.Advantages of ARENA Online recruitment management systemIt handles the recruitment process beginning from a Job requirement to final selection of candidate.It can help you to use your corporate website to collect candidate resumes.Help you to build an internal resume bank. The data collected using ARENA RMS is uniform and easily searchable.Easy Management of Candidate interviews. Complete paperless operations.Automatic generation of Offer Letter / Release Letters.Send Information by sms, emailTechnology :PHP , MysqlClient : Robi WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  10. 10. Arena mobile content management systemARENA content management system (AMCMS) is a type of content management system (CMS) capable of storing anddelivering content and services to mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, and PDAs. This systems can beuse as discrete systems, or may exist as features, modules or add-ons of larger content management systems capable ofmulti-channel content delivery.Mobile device has unique, specific constraints including widely variable device capacities, small screen size, wirelessbandwidth, small storage capacity and comparatively weak device processors. AMCMS can deliver content as per devicerequirement. This platform can be used on the business to consumer mobile market place with ringtones, games, text-messaging, news, and other related content delivery. Also it can be used for any other Business to business or business toemployee situations, allowing companies to provide more timely information and functionality to business partners andmobile workforces in an increasingly efficient manner directly on there mobile..Successfully implemented : ROBI , GrameenphoneTechnology :PHP , Mysql WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  11. 11. Multi Service Activation System (MSAS)Multi Service Activation System (MSAS) is an innovative solution for the multiservice provider telecom operators. Now a dayevery telecom operator is providing more than 15 to 20 core & VAS services which need to be activated or deceived onregular basis by the customers. Most of the time it becomes difficult for the normal subscriber to remember different shortcode & activation syntax for different services. So to facilitate this activation process ARENA has developed the Multi ServiceActivation System which is capable to activate multiservice using same short code and operators agent can also activedifferent services on behalf of the subscriber using it.MSAS Features:Single short code for multi serviceMulti level distributor managementMulti level commission managementCustomizable service notification WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  12. 12. Intelligent SMS Service for new generation (ISSNG)Intelligent SMS service for next generation (ISSNG) is one stop solution for launching and deployment of VAS services. OurPartnership approach helps our customers in getting fast and speedy services along with revenue sharing approach whichallows risks to be shared and for clients to focus on their core business. Currently following services are available in ISSNGplatform. It can be customized according to the market requirementISSNG Features:Tele VotingContent Service (Ringtone/ Mp3 Song/ Animation/ Wallpaper)SMS QuizNewsWeatherCurrency RateSMS-EmailHoroscopeEvent Reminder WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  13. 13. Product WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  14. 14. Mobile CatalogueCheck our catalog and send a gift from to Bangladesh. Sendgifts to your loved ones in Bangladesh on any occasion or day from Bangladeshgiftshop.Browse our selection of gift by category from our mobile catalog together with price andproduct picture. you can also1. Add any product to you favorite list2. Post the product information on facebook or twitter3. Send query about any product from the Apps4. Directly contact to our customer care5. SMS the product information to your friend6. We distribute various gifts such as flowers, cakes, sweets, greeting cards, grocery item to Dhaka and other place in Bangladesh. For similar catalog with more advance feature for your shop please contact with us WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  15. 15. Indian Restaurant Search with recipe You love Indian food, its aroma and test or you are missing Deshi food in a foreign country. What ever is the requirement, Indian Restaurant and Recipe will help you to find the nearest Indian restaurant in your current or any other city which you have planned to visit and you can cook tasty foods by using these recipes. 1. Search Restaurant based on your location 2. Check restaurant details and location maps 3. Add to favorites 4. Call restaurants 5. Indian food Recipes WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  16. 16. Faltu (Social Apps) Share with all your friends through facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Email and SMS.f aLTU is a Social Network App for android platform. Faltu provide this service : 1. Show update from facebook/linkedin/Twitter 2. Post update to facebook/linkedin/Twitter/Email/SMS 3. See the specific friend status by single screen 4. Comment to the friends status 5. Retweet to facebook/linkedin/Twitter 6. Send email and SMS the status from facebook/linkedin/Twitter to their specific friends. 7. Repost from facebook status to Linkedin/Twitter status, SMS and Email or from Linkedin status to facebook /Twitter status, SMS and Email or from Twitter status to facebook / Linkedin status, SMS and Email 8. Change the status display. How many friends display on the screen. 9. User can active facebook/linkedin/Twitter ID or any Two ID or Any single ID 10 .Share update with other installed apps/facebook/twitter/linkedin/email /Bluetooth SMS more feature will add shortly WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  17. 17. •Search Garments from Bangladesh •Check contact detail •Send Enquiry •Visit website www.garmentdirectory.com WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  18. 18. Sales Man •Secured Log in •User based data facing from server •Order Collection •Order Management •Current stock on store collection •Instant report to HQ •Internal messaging •Data transfer through SMS/WEB WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  19. 19. WWW.ARENA.COM.BD
  20. 20. For any Query Phone: +88029861858Arena Phone bd Ltd. Cell: +8801711049638Rupayan center (6th floor) Email: Mohakhali C/A Skype: brightcentralDhaka 1212 Web: WWW.ARENA.COM.BD